Doctors In Houston, Tx That Will Prescribe Hydrocodone

DelilahBeth Says:

I recently moved to Houston and have no idea where to look for a doctor, especially one who will write a prescription for pain medication without making you feel like a drug head. Just like many many other people I have sciatica & a degenerative disc in my back. I can usually tolerate the occasional flair ups with just Motrin but the pain that usually lasts for a day or so has been constant for over a week and Motrin and Tylenol around the clock have not helped at all. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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KADE Says:

Hi , I myself am new here and found a great doctor at houston pain centers in Sugar Land Texas. By great I mean, he listens, reviewed my records, visited with my previous Dr. Was very thorough and agreed to continue my pain management.

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Kk Says:

Texas pain solutions on 1960- when you call tell them you want the first or last appointment- even at that plan on being there for an hour- I got what I needed but I have not had to go bk in 3 months- I only take it when I really need it

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cat Says:

Could you share a doctor's name? I have two bad disk on one side and one on the other also scoliosis and a disk on a root nerve.

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Dustin Says:

Can you share with me the doctor's info? {edited for privacy}. My mom is in dire need.

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debi Says:

I just read your post about a pain doctor you have in Katy. I was hospitalized for 6 months last year. Hospital told me follow up with both my GP & PM doctors. I was lucky to have contacting them when I did. I was unable to make a f/u appt. Dr. Retired. The day I called was the last day anyone could request records. Since this has happened, I haven't been able to locate a Doctor that is or willing to write anything stronger than a Norco. Having my physical limitations, my other physician does not want me taking as many needed to control my level of pain. I am not sure if you were saying that the office was called Katy something? Could you give me the name and number? In case this office has also closed, do you have any other recommendations? I would be so grateful. Also, I currently live in the Beaumont area if that helps. {edited for privacy}

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Karen Jebril Says:

I have been on hydrocodone 10 -325 and Soma for 15 years my doctor has just out if the blue shut down and i am serve pain

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Geneva Says:

Re: Karen Jebril (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I suffer with severe arthritis, herniated dis, nerves pinching on spinal, neck injury, dislocated ankle and right knee pan. I really needs some pain pills to get some relief.

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