Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication In Columbus Ohio Or Springfield Ohio

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My doctor had a stoke and was prescribing me 30 mg a day of methadone for a chronic pain syndrome..I am a 51 yr old that has never abused drugs!! Does anyone know a dr. or pain dr. that is willing to prescribe this to me..Either in Col, ohio, or Springfield ohio!! Thanks for your time!!

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Verwon Says:

You'll most likely need to see a pain management specialist, due to the new regulations that were put in place at the beginning of the year.

Due to the increased rates of over prescribing and improper prescribing, the DEA and FDA are making it harder for general practitioners and surgeons to prescribe such medications for long-term use and most people that need them must be referred to pain management.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Additionally, you'll need to stick with a doctor that lives near you and you'll also have to use a pharmacy that is close by, in order for them to keep better track of controlled substance prescriptions.

Have you tried pain management, yet?

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RedheadMama1972 Says:
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I have had the worst of times with Pain Mgmt., that is until my PM doc lost his license and the DEA shut him down for good for being too greedy. Long story-if u wanna look it up-it's Dr. Chirban of Phoenix, AZ.
Anyhow, I had been prescribed 200mg per day of methadone-that was and is the only narcotic I was being prescribed (it is a bit high, as I am now only on 110mg). I have multiple pain problems but unfortunately there are those who ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT FOR A GOOD SYSTEM THAT WAS PUT INPLACE FOR ALL OF WHO ARE TRULY SUFFERING-pain management! Long story short, I ended up going to a METHADONE CLINIC (where I have very strict rules to follow and if I mess one up I don't get to keep privileges such as take-home doses). They also forced me off of the benzo I was on for panic disorder for 15 years-something I was dealing with way prior to my pain issues. It's either get some pain relief or freak out in public or vice-versa cuz u ain't gettin' both, baby!
Frankly, I'm tired of being treated like a junkie and a freak when I am a decent person, at least I know that! Plus, methadone tabs vs. liquid form are a total different animal. Especially here in Phoenix. The cherry flavored Methdose (generic form) is totally different from the Methadone (name brand) which is a white powder that the nurses mix with water-lasts all day as opposed to the cherry flavored Methadose, which seems to taper off after a couple hrs., at least to me it does. I had experienced the "real" Methadone at a clinic in FL that I was guest dosing at.
Well, everyone is different and has their own way of metabolizing things.

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NunyahBidness Says:

I'm sorry but I am have a real hard time finding anything in your post that answers the original post/question.

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Meranda Says:

Does anyone know of any good pain docotrs in ohio? Cincinnati or even up by columbus. I have been to two pain doctors and they have retired now and i have to find a doctor. I want to find a dr that will write anything and who is laid back. I am on roxy 30's 5/day, for my back. I have herniated discs and nerve damage in both legs from car accidents. Does anyone know of any doctors out here in ohio? Any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you!!

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Karen Humphrey Says:
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Hi this is Karen , I've only posted a few messages trying. 2 get pain relief in columbus area.All they want 2 do is give you those pain shots! Be careful, didn't help me & there's sites on the web now of course saying they yes it's true they don't help many patients they've cause more harm. I've bin dealing with this 4 3 yrs. Now. They've had me on tramadol hcl 50 mg. that was given 2 me at 1 of many ER trips. doesn't work & it changes your mood. As I've been told (3 times a day,)plus flexerol (also 3 times a day ) & that's no go good just keeps barely relaxed.then it's hard 2 move 2 do anything.then there's the meloxicam 2 help with inflammation.i don't seem 2 benefit from it.& a post I did earlier warning about a drug savilla , for fibromyalgia & who knows wat else It Is a VERY DANGEROUS DRUG have read now they want that drug looked into & now the say as of August. 18th they will b listing tramadol as a narcotic. I'm in withdrawal from the tramadol that doesn't won't work any better than aspirin. We all want 2 get better & need 2 . I've also tried that lexopro , getting off that 2. & they want 2 try the cymbalta . All this when I just need out of pain. & bad nite terrors something only 4 this anxiety . That's all I need. Wow not 2 mention THE WEIGHT GAIN! Not these drugs that cause so many problems. Thank god my ins. Says no because of it's effects. 2 the CYMBALTA. We want 2 b out & b productive ! I'm in the process of loosing my home because I've not been able 2 hold a job ! & tried all the steps & hoops the agencies want you. I bless you all who r goin through this. Please b careful. Doctors sometimes don't help at all.i no what works & it's even been said in other forums that these new do it all drugs haven proven 2 have caused more problems.when u have pain you only need something 4 pain. It simple. I even had a try a lexopro & again withdraw from that .no sleep etc. Wishing you all the best, hope u find help. & it takes forever & a day 2 c a pain management & the cost. Then they wanta do the shots. That sent my diabetes back. I wasn't on meds for that. Bless u all again & let me no if u do find help. I no I could use it. This pain causing depression & loss of some of my family they don't no what 2 do. Karen trying 2 find peace & get my life back . Like everyone & we deserve it. Oh & Obama can suck a big 1. Not just him but government they could all help. I f I or u could just touch the hand of any of these doctors. Believe me they'd b the first ones 2 get a script JUST for the PAIN . Not all this other crap. I've been on & off of stuff so many times. WE ARE NOT GUINIPIGS! . . Sorry if I misspell. Stay safe please. Ask as many questions as u need 2. Althought they've heard it all or won't listen as mine. Till you can show them & even then they don't seem 2 care. It's in the news & on sites on the web about these so called helpful drugs. Not 2 ramble on but will. There was a scientific study between scientist from different areas around the world who did studies that they say that the older drugs ment 4 curing AN (1) ailment was by far better than these other multiple lv goes out 2 you all. I'm not sure about me.these withdrawals r BAD.b careful.i feel my worst because I can't even take care of myself. But it's my pets I miss.& would enjoy 2 take better care of.

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Jim Bass Says:

Any VA Doctor .

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trmernst Says:
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I live in Hamilton Ohio. I also asked for help finding a family doctor that will also prescribe pain meds with no results. I do not drive and cannot afford transportation to 5 different docs. Was in a bad car accident 10 years ago. Have had many surguries to correct my broken bones, but still in pain. Primary care physicians won't prescribe for pain. Guess I am just supposed to lay down and die already

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Chris Says:

Hi my name is Chris. I'm new Here. I got introduced to Suboxone. And my life has taken a turn for the GOOD but when I went to the Dr they said it will be $300 for my first visit then $ 200 each month then almost a $1000 to get it filled WTF. They call themselves trying to help someone but really they know that people that want good for themselves will do it. I have been on A DO RIGHT PROGRAM for about three weeks now and would really like to keep it up. I'm disabled and can't work. My buddy that was helping me each month lost his dad. The next day he couldn't take it and took his own life, GOD BLESS him. PLEASE HELP ME. I want more out of life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH call to get info. {edited for privacy}

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Kitzabu Says:
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I can't get medication from the VA because I lost my DD -214 and my records were destroyed in the St Louis fire. I did 2 tours in Vietnam and was in the Force for 8 years. I'm just screwed

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Elenor Says:

I live near Columbus Ohio and I'm in desperate need of a doctor who will write me a script for pain meds to help with the pain caused by peripheral neuropathy. I need these pills every thirty days and would require a script every month. I have suffered with this horrible pain for almost twenty years and it's getting worse with each passing year. It's getting more and more difficult to locate a doctor as the laws are getting stricter as time goes by. I'd be eternally grateful for any help you could offer me as was just released from from the hospital plus a five week stay at a nursing home where I received PT for a broken ankle on top of everything else. Grrrr these new pain laws are becoming ridiculous for chronic pain sufferers as myself. I've never abused drugs and don't look favorably on those who do, but I have compassion on those inviduals who suffer unnecessarily. I'm willing to travel if necessary and would appreciate a doctor that accepts Medicaid. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.

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P450 Says:

Elenor most of this is due to the FDA 120 mg. morphine equivalent; I am a professional nurse and was seeing the top physician in the country in California I traveled five years from Texas; prior to that my specialist in Texas handled me for ten years he died unexpectedly.

I ran support and continue since the 90's when I was injured and it is a catastrophic injury. Ohio used to allow family doctors to prescribe and many have. In certain rural areas as long as you got in a door you left with a goody bag. One of my referrals up there did end up on Medicaid and that is a different issue. In Ohio they started restricting what Medicaid claimants could have. They first removed Duragesic, then Oxycontin. I hope by now you have something when discharged from the LTC facility.

What medications do you normally take for your pain?

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P450 Says:

Kitz, you have no records at all?

What do you suffer from requiring pain management. I know the VA is picking up on doing more pain management now.

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P450 Says:

Chris I'm sorry to hear of your situation but in all honesty these drugs (addiction) are destroying people. Many innocent pain clients who become physically tolerant to their medications meaning they need an increase, are being labeled addicts; the withdrawal and suffering from these addiction medications and the fact that they are taunted to kill pain (which they do not do) tell me there is a better way.

I am sure in Ohio they have Methadone clinics and most will work with you if you evolve trust. I would rather (and Methadone is one of the cheapest but best LA medications for pain and to think Hitler created it) but again this particular drug also has heinous extended withdrawals like Duragesic which I must be on or I can die (Central Pain Syndrome).

Try a Methadone clinic I think it might be cheaper and more to what you seek.

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P450 Says:

This may or may not be good information I did a Methodone Publica search (good through 2012)

Hamilton | Ohio |

Stow | Ohio | 44224

Dayton | Ohio | 45432

Marion | Ohio | 43302

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SH Says:
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To redheadmama1972
I have been without a pm of May15th. Of course , I was on my last script . He changed me from Fentanyl 100's every 48hrs +oxycodone 15_mg to ms contin 120 mg +same short acting Roxy. Then my pick gave me one script for morphine and decreased to 60 mg a day . Decreased oxy to nothing over several weeks. That was my taper off meds after 15 years. Gee thanks for excruciating pain and withdrawal that's ongoing . Drs did find an artery blockage and got a stent. That was on my "good' side.Most pain on right side.Thank God my pain decreases from 8-9 walking bent to 3-4 sitting. I got a new PCP that gives me vicoden once a month, but my body was used to long acting meds. On methadone for 13 yrs. So, I am in process of getting on methadone at local clinic.Probably 2 weeks away. Cost $0 thru Dr but $180 thru clinic !My boyfriend has been on methadone for yrs; I know it's wrong but he gave me some. Went to what I thought was my new pm Dr, was scheduled for epidural because he lied and said he does not give narcotics. A man was ahead of me at receptionist picking up script for opana! Dr said he didn't write it when he is the only Dr in practice!! And cannot have epidural for 3 months due to taking a blood thinner. So waiting on call for appt for intake at clinic. I too have been on a benzo for 21 years . Klonopin. Guess have to come off. Called about suboxone too. Don't know what to do. Guess trying drinking methadone every morning! I am frightened by my increasingly worse pain! I was kinda given a death sentence Have lost 40 lbs without trying. I needed to lose this, but not from stress of chronic pain. So liquid methadone wears off quickly?

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SH Says:
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Hi, I have been in drs offices a lot for 2wks. I had the stent put in on left side. My pain is much concentrated in right! So no help with pain. And that Dr said I had the max of all they give prior to stent As soon as I woke up, pain returned within 15 minutes. Would not give anything for pain because it was my chronic pain.

Thought I had a new pm Dr but no they just had me getting an epidural. Could not even get that due to blood thinners. The Dr had a group in Norfolk Virginia in 2000. Went to another Dr in his group. When I got started on Methadone cause cheap. He had not even given a urine 2000 was a different time period! This Dr lied. And said he didn't give narcotics. Had sign about not calling in hydrocodone. Sign about participating in Va monitoring program. MSN was picking up script for opana before me! Bold face lie, Dr said he didn't write that script! He is the only. Dr.

What was the site-Va Republica. Anyway, going into methadone clinic. Did 4 wks of treatment readiness. Now intake. Cost $180 a month. But I think I have to come off Klonopin. I took klonopin when on methadone for 13 yrs. I heard they don't let you take benzos. Mine are prescribed by psy. Dr PA. How are you? Found a Dr? What is problem with SSDI? I get SSA disability. Meds cost 1.20 generic or 3.60 brand. If I reach certain amount, no copay, like now! I did the next right thing until @10 days ago. A friend of a friend had Fentanyl patches that I wore on/off since2008. I have been adamant about not selling meds! But I got 6 that were strength I wore, 100s. Not real helpful, that's scary. They had me hurting till I wonder if anything will work on the pain! Still trying for a Dr. Be sure that meds won't cost a thing!

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Tina Says:

needing either pain management or family dr who will prescribe oxycodone in the Dayton ohio area.I live in chronic pain have had 4 neck surgeries requiring 2 more herniated disc bone spur on spinal cord and my head is falling forward. Now I believe if you have enough medical reason to take oxycodone in order to have a semi quality of life you should be able to get it so please some one can you give some names of family dr or pain management that would help me.

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P450 Says:


I am sorry you need to be seen at one of the university hospitals (ask for their top orthosurgeon the one in charge who is a professor for example) in order for your neck and cervical area to be evaluated immediately.

Have you had anterior or posterior cervical fusions? I am presuming they are posterior if so please tell me if the same surgeon did this and what discs; I hope it was below C4. I have real concerns about the status of your neck falling forward especially with breathing and apneic events that can occur with this type of damage.

I have had (top ortho in America and likely Europe now too) with the head of Orthosurgery at Baylor Methodist here in Texas and NEVER would anyone have four FBS on a cervical area, you need evaluation FIRST. I am deeply concerned for you and need you to respond:

1. That you are still around and suffering. I know you hurt, I do and sympathize. I am suffering. I feel you.
2. That you are getting with that surgeon asap. With what you sound like an admission through the ER in this case might be best--this way you get to see him or her immediately you really need this.

A surgeon who fails and repeats is a danger a real danger. He or she for even the great surgeons cannot fix pain at certain levels of dysfunction they can fix neuro function not pain should have referred you to who they use when one of their surgery clients needs continued pain control.

Tina do this ok? This is your life. I'd rather see this functional deficit addressed and then your pain for prior to my hardware, natural bone (he broke a huge ostephyte that formed between C 5 and C 5 and harvested that as well, 4 screw fixation I was becoming apneic. I'd stop breathing during the day and not know it.)

As you know when we are on opioids that is not a good thing ok. Please do this. I am glad I saw this and pray you are well enough to read this and move forward with a good surgical consultation.


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P450 Says:

SH, DO NOT USE ADDICTION DRUGS OR SEE AN ADDICTION PHYSICIAN. It will destroy chances of seeing a PM ever again, do you hear me, just try to do what I said to you.

When you woke up from surgery you state you are in pain from the STENT and get as much as you can from the PCA pump. You know this as you will soon be at the Methadone clinic. A PM will better understand a nurse referring you to a Methadone clinic to save your life until you can get proper help but not Suboxone ever NEVER!!!

The physician writing your drug is not going to do so without doing the epidurals and NO ONE CAN BE ASKED, the new FDA ruling has them all going nuts. Use common sense here, you must listen to me. If you go through all the trending posts you will be able to read up on me. Unfortunately I may not be long in this world, my time is very short.

Do what I say and utilize one or two physicians ONLY. The more you have the less responsible they will feel. Use that good common sense.

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated in our forums is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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P450 Says:


I am allergic to that drug (Methadone) and as a professional nurse won't take it even if not too much stigma.

The SSDI is popped due to a work attempt, comp did not pay my mileage for close to 20 years, you can figure that out when I went to California 5 years and 10 years to Houston from 700 miles away. I won this in court but had one work attempt to lay me off in less than 5 weeks, yes DON job but SGA means also that you stay working not fired.

I've heard that it works very well but you may need adjustments I am glad we have some answer if not the perfect one the best for now..

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