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I have mouth cancer that is very painfull and have been taking opioids/pain meds for many years. My tolerance is extremely high, so to have the meds actually work on the pain i'm needing a lot more than most. Just a guide of what i thank would help me and my history with pain meds: About 360 roxys 30mg, 180-240 lortabs 10mg, 90 morphine er mg, 150 xanax 2mgs, and 180 somas, which is not a lot to me. Is there any Dr. in las vegas, NV willing to write like this any more? #CANCER PAIN IN VEGAS

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Ali Says:
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Hi I am originally from Tx where pain mgmt is compassionate but since moving to Hawaii (on Oahu) for my job I have had the worst time finding a Dr who is not afraid to prescribe. I have 6 herniated disks from a car accident in the neck and lower back and live in constant pain and sleepless nights without meds. Does anyone know Of a Dr. I can try here? I'm only on 4 -10mg hydrocodone a day.

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Leigh Says:
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I know this post is from a long time ago, but I saw you finally has gotten a good doc. I have Crohns dz, Fibromyalgia, nerve damage, migraines and bulging disks. I cannot find anyone to treat me even though I have years of records, have never abused medication nor drugs of any kind. I am at my wits end and hopeless. I finally got Medicaid so I can see a pain Dr. No one on the posts have the name of a Dr so it didn't help because I can't call! If you get this and either still see the sane Dr or have any others that have treated you fairly and were caring and managed your pain and you don't want post public, my email is {edited for privacy}. My name is Leigh and I would really appreciate it so much. Hope you are doing alright. I know you deal with a lot of pain and from one to another, my heart goes out to you. Hope to hear from you. Thank you!

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GT Says:
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What doctor are you seeing. I'm seeing doc Sharma but I have a script for 4 micro 20/325 per day been on for 6 months. But not working anymore I have to take 2 at a time. How's your doc

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sarah Says:

which doctor are u going to? so I can see if my insurance will take there.

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Jan Says:

I've had two failed lumbar surgery's. Living with 6 bolts and screw in my back, and one has broken off and just floating around. I was going to same pain Doctor last 5 years, he quit seeing patients, due to him just doing epidurals and hired a Nurse Practitioner. She said I was an addict and starting cutting down on my meds. I was taking 6 Roxicodine 30 mg daily. The first month with her, she cut me down to 5 a day. I did pretty ok with the 5 daily. The next month, it was down to 4 daily, I didn't do so well, I called the office and told them, I was taking 5 some days, and she didn't really say much, but we changed my appointment for 10 days early this month. I go in and I was 4 days short, she lost it, told me it was not their fault, I was addicted to the drugs, I had signed a release form and they (Doctor) was not responsible. She fired me, told me to leave the office, gave me a script for 5 pills a day and said she would never see me again, to find another Doctor. I couldn't believe it, I left the office in tears freaking out. I had also said to her, what Doctor will take me after what your writing on my medical report, she replied "Too Bad." So, $450.00 dollars later, I have found a new Doctor. I don't know if I like him or not, I was so desperate. I was impressed, he spent 40 minutes with my Husband and myself. He gave me 4, 30 mg of Roxy's a day and 2 Morphine ER 30 mg a day. My next appointment is in 22 days. So far, I've done pretty OK, there has been 3 days, I took an extra Roxy. I'm actually keeping a journal of the times I take my meds, so new Doctor can see, I'm not taking to make myself feel high. After 5 years on these meds, well Roxy's anyway, I don't feel any thing except, pain relief. My reason for writing, does anyone have a suggestion of what maybe you take for chronic pain that actually works. I was forced into retirement, which I am still very MAD about. I miss working a lot. I've been a Hairdresser for 35 years, so I should have known from the first surgery, I wouldn't work again, SIGH ! The reason I had the first surgery I was told, I have spinal stenosis (spelling, sorry), I always thought it was because, I thought I looked cute wearing high heels cutting hair all those years. I now can't be on my feet longer than 20 minutes nor can I sit longer than 20 minutes. Since new Doctor, I have been having nerve pain straight down my legs, they feel like they are going to sleep, tingling, and numbing feeling. I refuse to have another surgery and I am upset, this Doctor isn't on my Insurance Network. I'm in Woodstock, Georgia, about 20 minutes from Atlanta. I appreciate any reply's I get, I want to know your thoughts, thank you very much for taking the time to read this !

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Liz Says:
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Have u found any good new dr??? Same prob desperate

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Kira Says:
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having moved to Vegas recently I cannot find a doctor who is willing to keep me on the meds that I have been on for 5 years I'm a previous Dr I'm scared to death of withdrawals nevermind the pain of interstitial cystitis that I have. Is there any doctor out here that has the compassion and is willing to give out the right

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lunablue Says:

Please help, any one? I have been taking the exact same dose of Kadian, which is 100mg, twice daily for about 7 yrs. now, so no wonder it no longer helps me?!!! I also cannot find a breakthrough medication that will help at all. I am on SSI, I have straight medicaid and live in Las Vegas. I go see my pain management Dr. tomorrow, but he seems so unwilling to change anything & I have never been so depressed in my life. I have no quality of life any more, I'm only 45, female. I feel like I'm in a convalescent home and about 90 yrs. old. I can't do anything w/my 20 yr. old daughter any more, whom happens to be my is there anybody in Las Vegas that can email me before 7:00 am Pacific time to give me any ideas as to what else is out there for breakthrough pain & how do I (or can I even, in Las vegas) ask to up the mgs. of my kadian? Does any one know if it's true that straight medicaid in Las Vegas won't pay for MSContin, or Avinza? Someone told me that; don't believe them. Please help me if you can, Dr. asks what I want for breakthrough pain & he's the one w/knowledge of the drugs!! These are what we've tried: 4mg dilaudid five times a day. I can take all 5 at once, no help whatsoever. Also, msir 30 mg. five a day. Neither of these work for me. I definitely need to know if straight medicaid will pay for stronger mgs. of my main medication. If not, something similar? I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me...also, I will be up all night since I can never sleep, especially before going to see this doctor. I feel all of your pain; every one here, I hope I have finally found a place where people understand me. I did not know this existed before tonight. Thank you so much, just for being here. I love all of yas.. =o)

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Code3Ron Says:
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I also was in so much pain that oral opiates weren't the answer. Doctors in Arizona told my family that I wasn't going to survive. I layed in bed in a darkened room waiting to die. I was then referred to the pain management center at UCLA. After confirming my eligibility they implanted an intrathecal pain pump. Because the morphine and other drugs go directly to the nerves in my spine. I am again lucid and have my life back. I still see pain management doctors and must fight this insane battle to get prescriptions for oral opiates filled, but it's all less desperate now since it isn't life and death anymore, rather quality of life. My assist dog helps me walk, get up stairs, and on airplanes. Life is so much better. Our lawmakers need to stop playing doctor and realize that not everyone taking pain medication is a junkie! I've had pain specialists in two states tell me that some patients have turned to buying H off the street because it was easier to get. I hope this excessive legislative involvement in our personal lives is fixed soon! I agree with some changes, like requiring the involvement of a pain specialist when prescription levels reach a certain level. It makes sense to have state databases to catch the doctor and pharmacy shoppers. Checks and balances are a good idea, just keep it all balanced. We just moved from Washington state and left an excellent doctor because the pharmacies weren't able fill my prescriptions reliably. Now we're encountering the same problems in Nevada. We moved to both States hoping to buy a house, but don't dare until this mess is resolved. By the way, I was a police officer for 30 years, injured on the job. I retired as a Police Chief and hoped to teach when I retired. Now I just want to live. CA Workers Compensation has been given way too much control of my life, but that's an entire story of its own.

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chichi855 Says:
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Does anyone know a low cost pain management dr here in Vegas?

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Robert Says:
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Please refer me to good dr just moved to Vegas and have chron's lots of pain

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RN J Says:
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I'm hoping that this will help many of you. First, I know severe pain. I have had over 30 surgeries for kidney stones, have had a total hysterectomy for severe endometriosis, suffered a tubal pregnancy and had a leaking appendix for 9 months. I was in a bad car accident in 2003 and saw a pain doctor for 11 months. Even 40mg of morphine, 40mg of straight Percocet, and several different types of anti-anxiety medications did not help. I weigh just over 100lbs. I went through monthly spinal injections and weekly B vitamin infusions that did help some. My doctor would not see me if I did not keep my physical therapy 3 to 5 times a week. Where I got my best pain relief was by trying non-traditional medications such as anti-depressants and anti-seizure medications. There are several options when dealing with severe pain. Opiate medications work best for a short period of time; however, to get the same level of pain relief you will require higher doses until it stops working altogether and doses can't go up because of risk for liver damage and overdose.

I have read a lot of you have doctors who have decided to retire, refused higher dosages, or have sent you on your way with no referral. You have options!

First, see a neurologist. This doctor knows how the brain works and understands how the nerves work. This doctor can prescribe anti-seizure amongst other classes of medications that help with pain.

Second, keep seeing your primary care doctor and make sure that this doctor has all records of the other specialists you are seeing...I know for most this is true already because you had to have referrals; however, those on MEDICAID are sometimes not required to get a referral prior to seeing a specialist. This is the most important doctor to keep on your side!

Third, see a psychologist who can prescribe your anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and even anti-seizure meds that help with pain disorders.

Fourth is only obtain opiate medications from (1) ONE AND ONLY (1) doctor. This is critical. Inform this doctor of the other things you are doing to try to get yourself out of pain.

Fifth, alternative therapies: massage, physical therapy, Chinese medicine, creams, guided imagery, distraction....make a journal and keep receipts and records of what you are doing IN ADDITION to the opiate medication.

The key is to build a scrap book that shows you are not simply trying to medicate yourself with opiates! Your doctor will see that you are trying everything you can to cure your pain. This will discredit any doctor who tried to call you a simple drug addict!

Lastly, if you have no other choice or you are addicted to opiates: go to a methadone clinic. Start their program. They typically prescribe by giving you a dose every 20 minutes until you nod off and that is where your dose is determined. It is based off of your physical tolerance and will prevent you from going into withdrawals. This type if program is often free or low fee and anonymous. They see patients whose pain doctors have simply dumped them as drug addicts even when the real problem is pain.

My 11 months at the pain clinic were the WORST of my life. I stopped all of medications cold turkey to prove that I wasn't simply a drug addict. I have had many surgeries since then and have never had a problem coming off of opiates since. I also often request TRAMADOL/ULTRAM, for pain because it is less physically addictive and works well for me.

For those of you who are dying, seek care through hospice programs. These doctors are not as scrutinized as bad as pain clinic doctors are for prescribing high dosages of pain medications for the palliative treatment for end of life care.

Good luck to all of you! May you find what you need and live happy and full lives.

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Ron Says:
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Quick follow up.. I can't say this strongly enough. Do not take more meds than you are prescribed and expect your doctor to understand that you were having a bad day. You could end up without a doctor. Remain in close partnership with your pain doctor. The objective is to keep you out of pain. The entire system is broken right now and without extreme caution you will make your situation worse. It isn't a car repair business where you can just take your business elsewhere. These doctors are under so much scrutiny now that they often don't care if you go elsewhere. Until we get some leadership who will fight FOR pain patients things will likely get worse before they get better.Best of luck!

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moving to Texas Says:
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What Dr were you seeing in Texas? I'm moving there and I need a good dr. Please!

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Tom Says:

I too have had chronic pain for over ten years, perm disabled and retired from disability, and i am only 40. Had multiple back surgeries and knee surgeries all from athletics. I had been on ungodly amounts of opiates and many types. The pain caused me to get worse both physically and mentally. Every doc I would see just prescribed more meds and said I should be dead from the amount I was taking. But, they continue to prescribe them. My best advice came from Dr. Mel Pohl when I went to a place called Las Vegas Recovery Center. They specialize in pain management with many modalities and getting you off the meds. The biggest breakthrough came after I was off the meds for about a month and began taking Effexor. I am on a high dose, but the way the drug works, it has balanced my brain out so even though I still have pain everyday, I don't focus on it. My brain isn't hardwired to my pain any longer. I am still required to take something every couple of months when I have a really bad flare up, but find if I take it more than three days my pain becomes much worse because my body begins to crave the opiates again. May not work for everyone, but I am somebody that tried EVERYTHING and found this by chance. Give it a shot, you never know. The freedom of not having to wake up feeling sick and having to take a med just to get outta bed is amazing and life altering.

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David Says:

I have been going to the same pain management doctor for 6 years. Receiving a script for Norco (5 a day). I started on Naproxen, then muscle relaxers, eventually working up to Hydrocodone within the first 6 months or so and once I got to Norco 5x a day, it was perfect. And I've never needed to step it up.

Well, now the pain management clinic is no longer prescribing meds to anyone, period. They are only doing procedures. They informed all of their patients to return to their primary physician and get a referral to another PM clinic.

I met with the new PM doctor and he disagrees with my former PM doctor's diagnosis and treatment plan. He is strongly against opiates, and I know it is the only thing that has worked for me.

Can anyone recommend a Las Vegas/Henderson area PM doctor that would likely just continue with the Hydrocodone? Please let me know if you have a suggested PM doctor that isn't dead set against opiate treatment.

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Troubledred03 Says:
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Could you give me name of drs and # please?

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sam Says:

I am from Michigan. Now traveling in mexico. I have severe back problems. I am running low on my methadone for pain and xanax for anxiety. They do not have methadone here or anything close. I have to go back to u.s. and find pain clinic near border. I currently prescribed 300 10mg. Methadone per month and 90 xanax. And 60 loritabs for breackthru pain. Can anyone tell me a dr. I can see.

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Stacey Says:
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I also have ssme issues except they are leaning more towards MS. I am also on medicaid. I go to Las Vegas Pain Institute. They have primary care, urgent care, pain clinic that takes walk ins. I'm on fentynol 25mcgs patch, percocet 10, and zanaflex 4 mgs. I have had multiple procedures for migraines, bulging disk, and pain in my arms and legs from eithier fybro or ms pain. They are all wonderful people in their offices. They have radiology, physical therapy, & surgical centers all in same building. You will have to give them an UA. on the first visit.
Good luck to you!

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BL Says:

lunablue, Nevada Medicaid does pay for MS Contin which is Morphine Sulfate Extended Release.

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