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I just moved to Anchorage about 2 months ago, I have had terrible social anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia since childhood. I received extensive counseling throughout my life which has helped but the best treatment I receieved was Xanax, I had some anti depressants with it but my doctors told me my depression was coming from my anxiety.

Since I have no mental health coverage in my insurance I can only see general practice doctors, and I gt treated like a drug addict every time I go to an appointment, I need this to function at my job, I went through, and am still going through withdrawl (anti depressants cause much more side effects then xanax, and they cause withdrawl as well)

Can anybody please give me some information to lead me to a general practice doctor who will help me. Since I have been off my xanax my deoression is coming back, I force myself to work, can barely enter a store, and I cant sleep...the sleep paralysis has returned,

Someone please help.

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Hi Zach,

If your only option is to see a general practice doctor, some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any given medication right off the bat. Make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you. Then, the best approach (in my opinion) is to discuss what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. Most doctors will take it under consideration if you approach them in this manner. I don't think a lot of patients get the medications they hope for, due to how up front and "needy" they may come off as to doctors. I hope this makes sense.

Although I wasn't able to locate a doctor in your area who will prescribe Xanax, I would personally suggest turning to the nearest medical facility who can possibly refer you to a list or local directory of general practitioners. The city hall might also have access to things of this nature.

Have you tried checking any directories as a last resort?

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Thank you for your response, Im currently trying to get my medical files from my previous physicians, it is just taking time and I already work over 40 hours a week but I am doing my best, I just don't understand, my fiance has had no problem getting xanax from general physicians, she has very similar problems in regards to panic and anxiety, she also has other mental health issues such a personality disorder and something else. I was already going through the phone book, calling and being up front. Again thank you for your suggestions.

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Lemon tree family medicine bro

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Doctor/Xanax problems in Anchorage Alaska. Need a new doctor because my doctor cut me all the way off my Xanax because I lost mine. Now I can't find another doctor I need Xanax suggestion.

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I am in Anchorage Alaska and I’m very sick. I’ve been looking for a psychiatrist that uses Xanax to treat anxiety. This works the best for my high anxiety. It’s very debilitating to have such high anxiety. I've been given 2mg Xanax my entire adult life. 2mg 4 times per day. Every psychiatrist and doctor I’ve seen agree that the best treatment for me is Xanax.

I lost a prescription of my Xanax and a physician assistant took over as my doctor. Now he’s taken me off xanax because in his words "he doesn’t believe that I lost them". It's the one time that I didn’t put them right back in my safe, they disappeared. I don’t deserve what I’m going through. I am human and made a mistake, but this is horrible. I was in the hospital emergency room yesterday because I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. They told me that if a doctor is weaning me off or has weaned me off a medication then they cannot even give me a dose of that medication. They gave me Clonazepam which did help.

I need a psychiatrist to help me.. ..desperately. Can anyone help me? I’m so very sick and I’ve been taking Xanax since my early 20’s. I am 64 yrs old now. I’m being treated like a criminal because this one doctor didn’t like me from the first time that I met him so he wants to make me suffer. I honestly believe that!

Please help me get rid of this doctor, well-being just fired me anyways. Help me find someone who could help me, please. Thank you so much.

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My doctor was giving me 2mg xanax 4 times daily. He quit his practice leaving me with a PA who immediately thought and treated me like a drug addict. He won’t fill it for me anymore. I’ve seen psychiatrists and doctors who believe I need Xanax to help me. Does anyone know a doctor or psychiatrist in Alaska who prescribes Xanax? Please help me. Xanax is a great medication for people who have severe anxiety. Plus I’m going through horrid withdrawals. Was in ER because I thought I was having a heart attack, the doctor said it was anxiety. Can anyone please give me advice? Thank you very much.

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Re: Suzy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry you are experiencing problems. Xanax is NOT a great medicine, especially when on a super high dose? The medicine itself rewires your brain, and the rebound anxiety from 8 mg a day can make you sicker than not being on it at all. With that said did you lose your pills, or are you being weaned off of them. Why not just find a different provider. The medicine they gave you in the hospital is just like Xanax

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Re: Tex (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for your reply.
You may email me if you’d like.

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Re: EDDY (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I did reply to you, explaining everything… then hit the wrong button and it all disappeared. I’ll have to wait til I’m feeling better to re-type it. Just wanted you to know that.
Hope someone can help me. My entire life has been taken from me. I’m not exaggerating. Please, if a doctor is reading this who isn’t afraid to write for Xanax or can help me in any way I would owe you my life. Sorry. Pretty desperate.

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Re: Suzy (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry you lost your message, I hate when that happens. Try the Lemon Tree people, their website looks like they want to help people. I know Alaska is having a serious Opioid death problem, including Fentanyl. This has messed it up for everyone who seek legal safe access to their medications. It's just going to get worse, possibly seeing Benzo's banned in the future? With that said, Benzo's aren't so safe either, very addictive and over time will make your condition that much worse. I'm on my 34th year with this stuff and not proud to say it.

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Re: EDDY (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Eddy, thank you for replying. I promise on everything my medication went missing when I didn’t put it in my safe, (the first time ever that I left them out)
I told my doctor to please give me a lie detector test! Nope. I have textes dated and sent to my sister telling her that “I’m STILL looking for my Xanax, but it’s hard with only one leg.” (I’m disabled)
Thank you so much for helping me. I truly believe he’s just going to let me die. He used the fact that I lost them as an excuse to cover his own butt.
He told me he was clearing the clinic of benzo’s and narcotics due to the fact that the DEA was warning them. It had nothing to do with the fact that I lost them! I have an open mind and would’ve worked with him on weaning down on them. However he took me off way too quickly. And he loves to see me suffer. I think he IS a DEA agent himself. I’m sick. Thank you for replying to me.

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Re: Suzy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Who is your Doctor?

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I am looking for a doctor who prescribes clonazepam for severe panic disorder as well as agoraphobia in the Anchorage/Wasilla area of Alaska. My current provider is trying to take me off the drug completely although it is the only medication that works for the panic. I'm on Avery low dose but she only prescribes 3 per month which doesn't help during stressful times. Anything will help.

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Re: Suzy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I finally found a dr to prescribe me Xanax and klonopins again and seen her one month got into car accident in McDonald’s parking lot truck hit me was his fault cops even checked to make sure I was sober n not high. My meds were in a pharmacy bag under seat Made police report took it in she said she’d refill my Xanax n anticdepressants. Then changed her mind now five days later she sent me a letter cut me as a patient just for asking to refill them. Cause police told me to do that n file report I did now this I need this medication where else can I get benzo diazapines in anchorage

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