Doctors Who Will Prescribe Xanax In San Antonio, Tx


I recently moved to San Antonio, TX and need to find a local doctor that will prescribe me xanax for my anxiety.

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I am not familiar with doctors in that area, but one piece of advice I can offer is not to call doctors and ask if they will prescribe a certain medication.

When you do this, you will usually just get told no immediately, because most doctors see it as drug seeking behavior.

The best thing you can do, if someone does recommend a doctor, is to set up and appointment and make sure that they get a full copy of your medical records. Most doctors are more apt to follow the prescribing practices of their colleagues, when they can see the documented information.

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alamo mental health. dr earl stenger. My first visit I requested them for anxiety theywork great. however he eill notprescribe anythingover 1 mg.

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It is unbelievable to have to go through so much trouble to get a prescription for xanax when people such as myself have a true medical condition that warrants this drug. Seems we are all linked with those who abuse xanax. Do these Dr.s not realize that these medications were created for certain patients whom would respond and benefit from this med. Frustrated in San Antonio.

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Do they make you take a drug panel on your first visit? (I would only fail for marijuana). Also just moved to Texas and have been prescribed xanax for about 4 years now and now that I'm in Texas I don't know where to go.

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Beth, I know of a very very "liberal" prescribing doctor here in San Antonio Texas, however I don't want to put his name all over the Internet as he works with patients that are established with him. You have to have a referral from a patient no buts or ifs due to people selling Xanax. I'm currently prescribed 2 mg 4 x daily 120 pills a month and 30 10 mg valiums a month for my extreme anxiety. Good luck !

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If I give you my email could you possibly email his info to me? And how do I get a referral? Every place I've called is either booked thru September or does not prescribe controlled substances which I understand people abusing them but I already have been on them 4 years and I'm just at a standstill who to go toto or what the next step is :(

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Same here I'm looking for a doctor that will prescribe me my Xanax anxiety medication. I just moved here from California and was taking 2mg X 3 times a day. If I could get ahold of you somehow to get that doctors name that would be greatly appreciated. I'm not going to do it the illegal way it's a doctor or I guess I'll have to fly back to California to handle my anxiety which is even more expensive.

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I don't want to have to make trips back to my doctor in California Everytime I need refills. I have severe panic attacks and anxiety and am prescribed 2mg 3 times a day

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I am in the same boat my old dr was giving me the same amount but she retired. Is there any way you could give me your doctor's contact info please?

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Re: Gcubed (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Can u help me out as well? My dr passed and I'm seeing a new dr and he refuses to give me my rx.. He's giving me clonazapam instead and it doesn't help at all!! {edited for privacy}

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I'm just getting back from a visit at North clinic (My pcp was prescribing 1mg 3x a day I was doing so good to the point of,sometimes only at night was okay then she took me off completely and said I had to get them from a psychiatrist that she would prescribe them because pcp are not allowed anymore. When I went to the NP not even M.D. psychiatrist and explained the situation she told me,the clinic isn't allowed to prescribe it at all put me,on klonapin but now I'm at 1mg 2x a day it isn't working I'm having horrible attacks before I was on xanax,for 5 years and was under control now I'm suffering and she wants to add rispordal to help with severe anxity which I've read is terrible I'm scarred I need someone who's M.D. and will get me back to,the way I was please help I feel like it's over powering I even do breathing techniques walks outside to try and help because I'm not a over baring medication person but they had a great treatment then to take it a way because of others saying it's their policy. Help please gcubed

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Hello I'm looking for a dr who will prescribe me adderall without having to go to a psychiatrist everyone I've been to wants me to see one and I cannot afford a physchiatrist. I have undiagnosed adhd have had it since I was younger but was never diagnosed as my parents wouldn't listen to me now as an adult it affects my home and work life. Both brothers were diagnosed. Recently my brother had me try adderall and I was almost in tears at how much it helped me focus and I was able to actually think before making a decision..
Your referral would greatly be appreciated

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Beth, dos you ever get a response? I know this thread is a year old but my panic attacks are killing me and I'm almost becoming home bound since my social phobia has gotten so out of control...

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Hey, my doc just left for the VA and i would like to find a doc who will keep to my current medications and possibley up my dosage. Inhope this post is still somewhat current.

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Can u point me in the right direction to ur "liberal doc" I need serious help go agoraphobia and the docs won't help me

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Can u please email his name nfo... i suffer chronic agoraphobia and severe spinal pain

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Hi I'm moving from South Florida to Phoenix and I need to find a doctor that will prescribe me my Xanax I'm currently taking 2mg 3x a day. Can anyone refer me to a doctor in Phoenix for direct me I would highly appreciate it i've been on Xanax for over five years and my anxiety is really high even thinking about how to find a doctor that they're so any advice would help thank you.

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Hi! I am moving to San Antonio in a few months and have been prescribed xanax for about 3 years for my panic and anxiety. In TN it was very hard to find someone who would prescribe. I'm worried about finding someone in San Antonio. Do you still go to that doctor?

{edited for privacy}

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Please help me. {edited for privacy}. I went to nurse practitioner associates on W Laurel and they somehow made a mistake for the past 2 years charging me 30$ for co-pay and they charged me 75$ today. I need to find a new psychiatrist. I'm currently prescribed 2mg xanax 3 times a day but need to find a new psychiatrist because I couldn't even get a refill due to lack of funds and withdrawals are terrible.

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Hi I'm moving from South Florida to Phoenix and I need to find a doctor that will prescribe me my Xanax I'm currently taking 2mg 3x a day. Can anyone refer me to a doctor in Phoenix for direct me I would highly appreciate it i've been on Xanax for over five years and my anxiety is really high even thinking about how to find a doctor that they're so any advice would help thank you.

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Re: Gcubed (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. Can you please help me? I'd like to know the doctor's name, as I too need a prescription. My original doctor went to a different network. Thank you.

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I have severe anxiety and need medication

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Re: Nika (# 141) Expand Referenced Message

Hello what dr do you go to I can't find any dr

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Re: Kyle (# 148) Expand Referenced Message

Beth is Post 4. You quoted the poster in comment 5 which was edited by management almost 10 years ago

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Re: Gcubed (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I ma'am could you please share this doctor's information please? {edited for privacy}

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Re: Hamilton (# 146) Expand Referenced Message

So true Hamilton. The withdrawal feature of this class of medicine, if not performed correctly, and that's if you don't stroke out first can be quite an experience!

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Re: Momica (# 145) Expand Referenced Message

All legitimate Drs. - here in San Antonio and most other major cities- will use an escalation process of meds before you get to Xanax prescribed. I would estimate at least 3 to 4 visits before a script can be written. If written… if so, stay on it as briefly as you can. Literally, this drug is can be fatal in the withdrawal process. Proceed with caution

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Im needing xanax. I luve in corpus christi and noone will prescrive us xanax ty for ur hina

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Re: Mike (# 139) Expand Referenced Message

Trying to see if you know a doctor in sa that can help with my anxiety look to take Xanax that’s the only thing that works .

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Re: Momica (# 142) Expand Referenced Message

No, they can not help you, frankly I'm not sure who can. I have heard of patients having affairs with Doctors

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