Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medicine In Arkansas


I am located in Arkansas near Little Rock and I need to find a doctor willing to prescribe pain medicine. Please help if you know of any doctors in my area. Thank you.

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Hello community: I wrote yesterday and got back this morning good information. Vicoprofen and it's elimination process sounds just great for my need. I will start a search for a doctor near Little Rock Arkansas area who will see me as a patient in need of this drug. In the mean time any natural remedys for pain that is liver friendly would be much appreciated. Have a good-day, community.

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Hi Kay,

I wanted to help to you out by posting a list of pain management doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas that may be able to help get you started on Vicoprofen or some other drug that is more liver friendly than Acetaminophen:

2201 Wildwood Avenue
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72120
1 Riverfront Place #525
N. Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72114

RobertÂÂValentine, Jr.,ÂM.D.
1 Riverfront Place #525
N. Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72114
1401 South University Ave
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72204
8908 Kanis Rd
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72205
4001 Valley View Drive
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72212
#9 Carmel Lane
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72212
650 S. Shackelford #314
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72211
18 Edenfield Cove
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72212
10 Office Park Drive
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72211

LawrenceÂCÂAult, III,ÂM.D.
5 Ridgehaven CT
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72211

8907 Kanis Rd
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72205

9501 Lile Drive
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72205

8907 Kanis Road
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72205

500 S. University Avenue
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72205

4301 W. Slot 500
Little Rock,ÂArkansasÂ72205

Unfortunately I don't have a phone number to these doctors, but maybe you could look each one of them up to see which doctor might be best for your specific needs.

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on your search! If anyone else can recommend a doctor or alternative medicine, that would be great too!

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my condition is that i have vascular necrosis, osteoporosis, and crohns disease. i have had both hips replaced, i have chronic pain and can not get a pcp due to medical history. i am told that i have a complex dx and need to look elsewhere. i have been to several pain management clinics and have been tpld that they only do intraventional therapy with nerve blocks, etc. and this type of treatment would not benefit me, that i need long term pain medicine pain management. and no one is willing to help me find such a doctor. i am 39 yo and since 2005 i have had 18 surgeries, bowel resection and joint replacement. i live near jonesboro, ar. but i am willing to travel as far as neesed. please help me.

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What part of Arkansas are y'all located? It's almost impossible to find a good pain management doctor here. There is a few good ones in northwest Arkansas. The biggest thing is you need a referral to see any pain doctor and trying to find a Pcp that will refer you is hard. I would share names of doctors but I'm a little sceptic as this is the first time I've ever responded.

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Hello Country Chick! I read your post regarding pain management in NW Arkansas. I live in Mountain Home AR (north-central AR) & my driver is willing to take me as far as necessary to find pain relief. I am 63 yo & have had 2 lumbar surgeries & one C-spine surgery, none of which has worked. I moved to Mountain Home from California a year ago to be with my sister (and best friend). Three months after my last lumbar surgery (in California) I was doing great thanks to meds that controlled my pain & an excellent physical therapist. Since I moved to Arkansas & ran out of my California meds, I haven't been able to find a good pain management doctor. There is only one doctor here and he treats me like I'm a drug addict despite the fact that I have all my medical & surgery records, MRI & X-ray films, and my original med containers from California. He is rude & abusive...I have never experienced anything like this before! I am in chronic, agonizing pain & am unable to walk or function in any meaningful way. The only time I leave the house is for doctor appts. I was taking MSContin, Soma and oxycodone for "breakthrough" pain. I sometimes think of suicide just to get away from the pain. If you could help me with some doctors' names I would greatly appreciate it. You would be saving my life! Thank you in advance. Calgirl

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Cathy Lou in Fayetteville...she's awesome..her # is 479-587-8753...Dr. Gordon Sasser in ft. smith..his # is 479-441-5475 and I've not been to him.....Dr. Piechel in Fayetteville gives good meds but He's an arrogant jerk.....Dr. Lou is a sweetheart and would keep you on what works for you...hope this helps

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Candace, thanx so much for the doctor suggestions. Hope one of them will see me...I have no problem getting a referral if one is needed. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high since I have been living in hell since I came to Arkansas from California. I live in Mountain Home now & it's like living in the twilight zone as far as medical care goes! Thanx again for your input & for taking the time to help. :)

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Kay-although not a pain med, MILK THISTLE extract soothes the liver and helps offset drug damage.

Buy in liquid for at the health food store. Place one dropper full under tongue twice daily.

If you can't tolerate the taste, place in 1 oz. Tepid water and drink.

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Hello all,

I just moved here from Oceanside CA recently got out of the Marine Corps , and I am taking norcos 10 mg/ tramadol 100s am oxcy 10s. however im running out and need to find a new doc who will help me with my pain management asap before my supply runs out. kay if you don't mind can you let me know what you find please . and I will do the same . thank you in advance!!!!!!!

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Tracy, the post Kay did is from June 2012.

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I like you moved here and the Doc you refer must be Tilley. I have been seeing PM since my injury in 2003, since moving to mountain home i have had the worst treatment period in all my yrs from Tilley. The doc you want is Chatman however they Will NOT allow you to change doctor. what a crock of s***, since when does the paying patient not allowed to change docs? Tilley is useless so if folk could change he would have no patients

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just letting you know it usually takes 6 month to get into a pain treatment center after you've been referred by your primary doc

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Tell me about Chatman please. I need to get a pain management Dr. The family doctor I have is thrilled every time he can turn my Vicodin script down. I have chronic knee pain ,and multi level DG of L5 that is causing near constant back pain. My feet are numb most of the time. And now my neck is starting to feel the same way. We don't even have a spine dr in mountain home ar. I am hoping a good pain dr can refer me to a good spine dr and we can work together.

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gary, not all insurance companies require referrals. Check with yours to be sure they do.

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I see that Dr. Casallis is one of the Dr.'s on your list. THE IS A METHADONE CLINIC! NOT A PAIN CLINIC! HE ONLY PRESCRIBES METHADONE AND SUBOXONE! VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE. Took $460 a month from me for 15 yrs. Not a good place to go.

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I went to see Dr. Murphy at little rock pain management yesterday and she was very kind and compassionate. I had all my records sent beforehand. Their website is 501-372-7246. If you have chronic pain they can help. Good luck

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Candice can u send me a list of updated dr.s in little rock who prescribe; or Memphis.. {edited for privacy}

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I've used Dr. Lou for the past year with no problems until I caught my brother stealing my pills and kicked him out of the house so in retaliation he and his wife started calling Dr. Lou's office anonamously and telling her we were selling our pills which we aren't and she didn't even give us the benefit of doubt. She just canceled us. We had always passed her drug panels which she does at every visit.

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Arkansas pain management is a scam. The doctor wants to only do injections. No meds. I was referred to him, I have blue cross. He tried to get me to let him do injections for my degenerative disc disease. Insurance will not cover. Cost me $1400 to start plus on going billing. Now, have to find another doc, I just want my meds. Wish there was a good pain doctor in Hot Springs, but, there is not.

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I have been to Dr G. Sasser! Don't waste your time. He is very rude and treated me badly. I no longer see him, but I'm also looking for Dr in the Fort Smith area. Take care

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Re: KayKay (# 110) Expand Referenced Message

You are so right. I have spinal stenosis bulging disc bone spurs deterioration and I have severe restless leg syndrome at night I'm lucky some nights to even get an hour of sleep and then I go to work and work 8 to 10 hours a day and can't get any doctor to help me. Right now I can't even get a doctor to give me Tramadol for my restless leg syndrome if I take one at night before I go to bed I don't have the Restless Leg.

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I've been seeing a pain management doctor for about 4 years and finally got to a combo that worked for me. I have a broken back bone, 3 bulged discs with one on a nerve. Neuropathy which is on right side had to toe and constant non stop pain. I was taking a benzo before going to this pain doctor and he was made aware but all the sudden with all the dosage drops, I'm being told I have to pick the benzo or pain meds but can't have both. Even though it's not enforced like the reduction he all the sudden is doing this. I have tried other meds for anxiety and SAD but non benzos don't work and this will affect my career. It's not fair. Any one taking a benzo and their doc still allowing pain meds with the benzo?

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Re: Appliance guy (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

None in Hot Springs is correct. This town sucks. Been here 12 years. Have to go to Little Rock.

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My husband has been struggling with back pain for almost 3 years after unloading granite and a whole slab fell on top of him....damaging vertebrae in the lower lumbar part of his spine. Does anyone know an Arkansas dr or pain management dr that will prescribe Roxicodone 30mgs?

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Re: Mitzi (# 103) Expand Referenced Message

I am seeing a dr in mt home Arkansas and he told me that a law has be passed that they can only prescribe 4 pain pills a day. Im down to 3- 7.5 hydros and 1 tram a day. I hurt all night when im in bed. Us that truly need meds and hurt cant seem to get anything but the other people that are taking advantage get all kinds.

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I am looking for a decent doctor around Northeast AR or Central AR, honestly I will drive if I have to. I am 28 years old and only take Tramadol and have taken it for 10 years. My dr is not willing to work with me. I was on a dosage that was perfect and then due to "new guidelines" he has decreased it. I am in agonizing pain and not able to function. I can't work anymore or take care of my 6 year old. Any suggestions?

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Re: Sam (# 87) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Dr Lou, Dr Thurman, Dr paschal, all need referrals but all take insurance. They r locking the drs down. Maybe 60 oxy 30mgs and 2 oxycontin 10s and don't like to but do let xanax float to certain folks. Hope it helps.

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Re: Kay (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Did you find one? I'm looking too. Waiting on pain management

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Re: calgirl (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

What is the name of your current doctor so that I know to skip him entirely when I begin my search for a doctor.

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Pain management Dr. In or around Benton, Arkansas. My husband has had 3 back surgeries, a knee replacement, severe migraines and multiple other problems. Can anyone recommend a good Dr in saline county.

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