Doctors Who Prescribe Methadone In Houston Tx

Lori Says:

Moving to Houston, Tx and looking for a doctor who will prescribe methadone. I have been on Methadone for Intractable Pain for over 10 years. I saw a psychiatrist/Intractable pain, oncologist for 8years and another for almost 8 yrs. Both doctors were in Houston, Tx. I moved back to Beaumont, Tx area and have been without proper medical and pain management. I am moving back to Houston next month and am dreading the whole start over ordeal...PLEASE HELP LOCATE a doctor in the Houston, Tx. area

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Heather Says:

I am also in Houston, looking for the same thing. All the private doctors I have called only do Suboxone. Let me know if you find anything out.

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Verwon Says:

Heather, if you're looking for Methadone for addiction treatment, then private doctors can't prescribe it for you. A private doctor is only allowed to prescribe Methadone, for pain.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Lori, have you considered seeing a pain management specialist?

That is most likely the best way for you to get the help you need.

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Texan Says:

Edmondson, Everton A in the Texas Medical Center . He helped me with pain. He is a legitimate doctor not a quack. You will need a referral or records.

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Tinker Says:

Hi, Im searching for any good pain management doctor in the Beaumont area for my sister who has just moved there. Was there any there that you recommend to help her? I hope your ordeal is straighten out I see it is real hard to move away from your doctor.

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Kathy Says:

Please tell me the doctor's name who prescribed methadone for pain in the Beaumont area. I have been taking methadone for 6 years for chronic pain and it is the only thing that helps. I live in Liberty, Texas, between Beaumont and Houston. My local doctor has retired and I am desperately trying to find a doctor who will prescribe the same medicine for me. Thank you. I appreciate any help you can give.

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Ally Hopeton Says:

Hi everyone, I am from Ga and have been lucky that I have seen a wonderful pain management Doctor from a bad accident riding horses that left me with serious pain in my neck and back in 2000. I was given many different pain meds and ended up with a problem and had never heard of methadone but my Dr suggested we try it an I did starting Nov 2004 an it has worked very well since. My husband recently got out of the military and has family who own a fracking company near San Antonio Texas we have 2 children and are going to be moving in the next week. I was hoping someone will read my situation and be able to recommend a good pain management Dr who is licensed to prescribe methadone for anywhere in or near San Antonio Tx?

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JohnnyLee Says:

Well said - everyone go see a pain clinic group and they are better equipped to treat your condition (if you need methadone) as opposed to a general practitioner. However if all comes to fail go to a methadone clinic, if possible and pretend to an opiate addict. But first try a specialized pain clinic.

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pegasus Says:

I got fired from my clinic because they said I broke my contact. I had surgery on my shoulder and he gave me vidcodin. That was two months ago, now I can't find anyone else to get my normal meds which is Talwin of which I have been on for over 6 years. I am in Houston, write to me if you can help me with a new clinic

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Kim Says:

I saw Dr Skaribas who is a pain management dr until I moved. He's on the west side of Houston. He is wonderful, he actually listens and gets to know you as a person. He does NOT schedule appointments on top of each other. I don't know if he will prescribe Methadone but I highly recommend him. Be aware though if you are more than 5 minutes late he will not see you that day because he will not be late for your appointment.

Only Dr I've ever had that I've heard sware. If I could move him to OKC I would definitely be his patient again.

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John Says:

I was released from a pain management Doctor 2 weeks ago. Her officed phoned on a Friday arternoon and without any prior warning told me she lost her license. I live in Beaumont, Texas. I need to locate a Doctor who will prescribe methadone for my back pain. I have full medical records with mri's. Hard work starting at an early age has left me with a worn-out back. I have a great job and dont plan on loosing it. Does anyone know a pain doctor that will help me?

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debi Says:

I just started seeing Dr. Christie Colbert in January 2017. She is located in the professional building behind The Medical Center in the PA area. She's listed w/ Southeast Texas Physicians Group. SHE ALSO TAKES Insurance even Medicare/Medicade. She prescribed me something I've never heard of & being disabled dealing with chronic pain daily, I was willing to try it (hysingla). It has not given me any relief, but the referring friend was prescribed Narco, Methadone. No one can enjoy life having any type of chronic pain. I am willing to try something new. I am unsure why it didn't help to even ease my pain. Not sure why it did not work for me. There are numerous medications I'm allergic to or have the opposite reaction on me. If anyone can help me with locating a physician that is OK with prescribing Oxycodone, I'd be so thankful. {edited for privacy}.

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Ed Says:

Could you please tell me hi phone number? I have been taking methadone for 20 years, never had a problem. Now in the State I live in they will no longer give it out

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Flossy Says:

Just wondering if u found a doctor tht wud prescribe what u need because I have the same problem.i am south of Houston in Angleton but I have yet to find a doctor. I need an apt by the 26th of may.

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Flossy Says:

Just wondering if u found a doctor tht wud prescribe what u need because I have the same problem.i am south of Houston in Angleton. Suboxone wud work for me tho

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Lori Says:

Looking for a doctor in Houston or surrounding areas to prescribe methadone for chronic intractable pain. I am 56 and have been taking Methadone for 16 years and have been a pain patient for 26 years.

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Barbie Says:

I need a private Dr in Houston Texas that writes Methadone (a 30-day prescription) for someone that's already in a clinic on the maintenance program.

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Re: Barbie (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Hi I'm in Houston as well been on methadone for 10 yrs my dad passed away last week he would provide it for me I havent had since sunday I'm having bad withdrawls I can pay 40 a pill

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