Doctors Prescribed Me Concor5mg Iam Taking The Pillls Irregularly For Past Three Years And I Was Feeding My Child Side By Until Two Months Why They Me


doctors prescribed me concor5mg iam taking the pillls irregularly for for the past three years and i was and i was feeding my child side by side until past two months why they why they prescribed the medicine for a lactating mother because in that medicine details they ahve written as not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers which i dont know previously and i am worrying about my child.anyside effects will it come to my child?

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I got muscular pain on left side of my chest.I was prescribed some antibiotic medicines for lung infection.Pain subsided and reappeared when the medicine was over.Again I went to the doctor he prescribed another antibiotic medicine for lung infection. Pain disappeared once the medicine was taken and reappeared when the medicine wa over. Gabantin 100 was prescribed by another doctor.but reult is the same. Is the prescrpton in line with Medical ethics? Even now if I stop taking the medicine I get discomforts.Why it i so?

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Don't you know to tell your doctor that your breasfeeding? Ask him, not on here for heavens sake!

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Nierontin (gabapentin) is NOT an antibiotic. I visited a friend in a sych ward and 'knew' she was about five minutes from a grand mal seizure. She had taken Xanax and Valium for 30 years and was down to .5mg-1.0mg of Xanax daily. When I got s*** about preventing this seizure, I called that hospitals Chief of Staff (whom I knew and told Im Id explain later; give me full Visiting Privileges now if he wants to have this hospital open after every inspecting agency i know crawls up his a-s like a tapeworm. I personally administer a 20mg dose of IV Valium (decent but not great generic) and oral Klonopin. Then I went through her chart and found out what jerks wrote for what and were they ALL absent when bees withdrawal was covered in Med School, Rotations and Residencies. I saw this when I was in med school and I couldn't directly intervene, but knowing this friends overall state of heath, I wasn't sure she could survive a Grand Mal Seizure.

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