Doctors In New York Or New Jersey That Prescribe Roxicodone 30mg

mikey Says:

hello so heres my question i am looking for a new pain management doctor in either the 5 borrows or in new jersey that prescribe roxycodone/oxycodone 30mg i currently have a doctor in staten island who was prescribing me 45 roxys bi weekly then uped me to 60 30mg roxys bi weekly now he has me coming in every week and lowered me to 20mg oxycodone 30 a week i told him this is not enough for me but he dosent listen to anything anybody says also i have a job and work 5 days a week he wants me to come in every friday but i cant because of work but when i tell him i cant come in every week because i have work let me come on a day i have off im going to loose my job he ignores me and just says its ok just come next week like im just some jerk off i also told him the 20s are not enough its not working im still in pain again he ignores me and says its ok just come in next week this guy does care he wants me to come in every week cause hes banking my insurance out with these weekly visits i never heard of any doctors prescibing this medication weekly or bi weekly almost every doctor does monthly visits... so what i need is a new doctor that is willing to prescribe me 30mg roxys and thats not going to judge me or just try to give me some other type of medication because i litterley have tryed every pain meds known to man and this is the only thing that acually works. i was in a bad car accident in 2008 and i have a slipped disk 3 buldging disks and a herniated disk in my lower back and with my job im on my feet all day long so my pain has got so much worse since then i cant stand longer then 2 hours at a time because mt whole back just starts locking up and the pain is there for hours even when i take my meds it takes a while to go away it sucks.. so another problem of me finding a new doc is because i am only 22 and most doctors are not willing to prescribe someone my age this medication so i need a doctor that will give me what i need without judgement and without trying to give me non narcotic pain meds or very low dose pain meds because there not going to workand i dont even want to waste my time and my insurances money. i am willing to travel to any of the 5 borrows, long island and even jersey as long as i can get a monthly script ill even do bi weekly but i cant do this with my current doctor i have an appointment friday and i dont feel like loosing a half day of work for 30 20mg oxys thats going to be finished in 3 days its not even worth it anymore i tryed talking to my doctor but dont listen to s*** that i say and it gets me really annoyed so please if anybody can help me with a new doc you dont know how much that would help thank you very very much any answers are greatly appreciated..thanks

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David Says:

I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in locating pain management doctors in your general area.

All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another:

Many of the results you find (in one or both of the links above) also list a phone number for that specific doctor; I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients; some aren't, but most usually are.

Unfortunately, no one can know ahead of time what a doctor is or is not willing to prescribe, as that is based on the doctor's discretion and not solely on someone else's previous appointment.

Some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any 'specific medication' when you see a new doctor. Make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you. Then, the best approach is to discuss up front and honestly what has or hasn't worked for you in the past. Most doctors will take it under consideration and hear you out if you approach them in this manner. I believe a lot of patients don't get the medication they need because they are approaching the doctor in such a needy way that they are being viewed as addicts and not patients. So as awkward as that may seem, it is something to consider...

I hope this info helps. Good luck on your search!

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PhillyB Says:

hi I live in staten island myself and am looking for someone in staten island b/c i dont have a car currently i was hoping you could possibly tell me where you go in staten island? please get back to me im in serious pain and i cant seem to find a pain managment doctor whos taking new patients.

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Lisa Matteo Says:

I'm in the same situation, except I am able to do weekly visits because I work at night. I have 4 bulging discs and a slipped disc and the oxy 30 is the only thing that works. If you can give me the name of that doctor, i would really appreciate it!!

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Lisa Matteo Says:

Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I've been seeing this doctor for a few months and he will give you the Oxy 30's. His name is Dr. Feygin on Foster ave Brooklyn 718 854-3005 You will need to bring your script list and physical therapy is a must. I hope this helps! Please let me know the doctor you had to see once a week in Staten Island. I think that may work for me.

Love Lisa

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barry Says:

Hey everyone, I used to have a doctor in the bronx that would prescribe me the roxy 30s and these doctors think everyone is lying when you are honestly telling them what sincerely works for them. I have not been able to find a doctor at all going on over a year now and i am asking for one of your guy's help. I am 26 and i was in a 5alarm fire when i was 4 years old and recieved 3rd degree burns to 40 percent of my body my arms,face,neck,back and hands are covered in burns and my rinf hand is deformed with a broken pinky and webbing on my hands. they lock up and i also work in the union(contruction) and took a bad fall of a 15 ft wall we were pouring. The pain killers are the only thing that helps loosen my hands and other burns that tightly grip my body. My old doctor moved and i can not find a dr who will help me and it is very stressful. If somebody can please lead me towards a doctor who can possibly help me i will send you pictures of me and my hands etc.. to proove i am 100 percent serious. It annoys me when i hear about people with no problems what so ever getting them no problem and making it hard for me to get a needed medication. All help is sincerely appreciated ,thank you very much, Barry!

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Kristen Says:

Where is there a good roxicodine 30 doc in south Carolina

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Frank F. Says:

If you know of a doctor to prescribe 30mg oxycodone for my condition in NJ/NY area please email me {edited for privacy}

My old doctor freely writes prescriptions for 30mg oxycodone however he took me off of them recently because I tested negative on "1" drug test after 2 years. It ridiculous, I don't take them if I don't NEED them but now I have Percocet 10mg and it just doesn't do that job.. Again if you know of any doctor that will freely write 15 or 30mg oxycodone please email me


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Jay Says:

What Dr. were you seeing? and they drug test you to make sure you are taking your medication? I am 24 years old and have nerve problems, which no doctoor in Westchester Medical Denter or NYU can figure out what it is and it's been 2 years. My latest script was for oxycodone 20 mg 4x/day, which aren't working well, and I need a Dr who is willing to help maintain my pain and figure this out. Please if anyone knows any NY doctors that I can try Please reply or email me at {edited for privacy} Thank You

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Elizabeth Says:

I think we can help each other as I need a new dr in new york. i have 2 i could give you.

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Nuckyt2121 Says:

Just lost my dr of 4 years without notice. Was getting 30mg plus neurotin. I need a dr in staten island/ ny area . If you can help email me
At.... {edited for privacy}

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Nuckyt2121 Says:

I can help with a dr on ny/Nj area but need a new one asap. Preferably on staten island.

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Matt89 Says:

Do you have paper work/m.r.i

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ToooooMuchhhhPAINN Says:

Dr. Sylvester Hanna, D.O.
455 East Bay Drive, Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 897-1320

Amazing doctor...Will Not judge you...Only listens and helps you
30's x 4day ALWAYS

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BILL P Says:

I have been seeing doctor in new york for several years but I just moved to weehawken new jersey and can't seem to find a dr to tight 30mg... I still go to my dr in new york can I get a jersey dr? Any information will be greatly appreciated feel free to email me {edited for privacy}

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Jaraden Says:

In need of new Dr. ASAP in nj, si, or ny who writes for 30s n methadone if possible. Been going to same dr for two years where i was getting 180 30s and 450 methadone monthly and he up n left the practice. Don't know how to find but Im single mom of 4 and can't afford to be in pain or GO THROUGH WITHDRAWL.please help I'm scared of what's to come if I don't get there ASAP.

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Jaraden Says:

Can you please give me name n number. In desperate need of dr ASAP.

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Bill P Says:

try to email me....{edited for privacy}

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Ken Says:

Hey I'm looking for a doctor in nj mainly in northern jersey help ! Thanks email is {edited for privacy}

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please help me find one ive been searching for months and getting no where.have all good papperwork and conditon,just need a doc referal.thanks for your help.and god bless

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jill Says:

Hey Bill how are you? IM not sure if you were responding to mybpost but if so I greatly appreciate it. Can you give me drs n numbers you were talking about. I've been suffering so badly n needs to end. Thank you soooo much.

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