Doctor Who Will Prescribe Xanax In Cincinnati Ohio

britt Says:

I have been prescribed xanax for ten years and my recent doctor cut me off. Does anyone know of any doctors that will prescribe benzodiazepine in Cincinnati ohio or Harrison Ohio? Thank you

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jim Says:

{removed for policy reasons}

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britt Says:

So where is that at? U said you know where they can be " got" ..? Please explain

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Dustin Says:


Hey any luck finding a doc? I just moved to the area recently and I'm looking for one myself. I know is kind of an old post but maybe you can help. Thanks.


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Courtney1408 Says:

I'm in cincinnati ohio and i need to find a dr to prescribe zannys or klonopins. I hate how drs now a days treat you like ur drug searching even tho you really need the s***. If anyone has info on a dr that will prescribe them plz let me know asap!!!

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Sam Says:

I'm in need of a Dr who will prescribe xanax. I've been taking it for years and now they stopped giving it to me. I have such anxiety and my Dr. treats me like a seeker. Someone please respond with a Dr. Courtney1408 did you get a doctor for the nerve meds by any chance? I'm urgently needing one myself urgently. Please share if so. Thanks Sam.

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DiamondADay Says:

I may have someone but you MUST have a documentable condition and a consistent prescription history printout.
Short of that your odds of finding a legit prescriber for any benzo family drug for anything short of PTSD,Severe panic attacks or unrelenting anxiety disorders will be impossible to find. I work in an industry that hears and sees these tragic stories 9-5 40 hrs a week to say it's a crisis would be a understatement

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Baby g Says:

Im going through the same thing.i can get the prescription printouts,& im sure my file will show the ptsd & severe anxiety.please help

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Baby g Says:

Diamond D,will you help me?im going through the same exact same thing,& i have documentation, & printouts where ive been prescribed 7 years

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Baby g Says:

DiamondAday,will you help me?im going through the same exact same thing,& i have documentation, & printouts where ive been prescribed 7 years

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Ellen Thompson Says:

I am trying to get some Xanax. I have tried all my doctors and they are against it. I am willing to do whatever it takes

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EDDY Says:

What are you willing to do? I know my Doctor has something on his State License about a possible improper Patient/Doctor relationship. I have never been to a doctor that said no although my first doctor in this area only gave me 40 pills and an uncomfortable feeling.

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amanda Says:

I have a documentable condition and proof of prior xanax prescriptions for many many years.. me having to get them through other means has made everything I've worked for in my life pointless.. I really need a Dr.. please can you give me a name?

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Donna Says:

Re: jim (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Where is that doctor? I've been having severe panic attacks for over a year and I've had anxiety since I've been about 12 I feel like I can't breathe like I'm being crushed I can't make it through the day without going through this 10 times a day I have talked and talked and talked to my primary care physician and he is very old-fashioned he's prescribed me some antidepressants I'm not depressed I just have anxiety and it's beginning to affect my daily life if you're able to help me find a doctor please please Dussault

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Amissa Says:

I have just made an emergency move to Cincinnati, OH from the state of Maine where I had a regular prescriber for my psych medication including 6 mg of Xanax, 400 mg of Gabapentin 1 pill every four hours, 300 mg of Lithium twice a day and 150 mg of Trazodone for sleep. I need help asap.

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Tessa Says:

Hi. I've been on 1 mg Xanax since I was in my early 20s. I am now 40 years old & my doctor in Northern Kentucky cut me off. I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I am trying to find a doctor who will re-prescribe my Xanax. I cannot live a life without my nerve medicine. I have an extreme panic disorder and nothing works besides Xanax.

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Prettyeyes285 Says:

I have recently been cut off of my Xanax and am looking for a doctor in Lawrenceburg/Cincinnati area. Help please

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GusBear Says:

Re: jim (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Where can these Xanax be bought? I need them for panic attack and to actually be able to function as a normal person not for abuse and not long term use.

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Lisa Says:

Re: jim (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Jim. Can you tell me. I have panic attacks and anxiety. My family dr cut me off after 8 years. I have kids and can’t function. Can you help me. How can I get you to help?

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Sam Says:

Re: jim (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Can you tell me where? I am a vet that cannot get proper care through the va or civilian drs.

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Lexie Says:

Re: DiamondADay (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I'm with an addiction psychiatrist. Just got to 3 years with him. Legit. He has an armed accurate security guard and takes cash only. $300 dollars for 2 to 3 scripts and it only takes like 30 mins with a room full of people...I have tried other places but no one will prescribe xanax and subutex together Iike he does, and I need help in finding one. He's not worth going to. He doesn't help mentally, just gives out drugs. He didn't even run lab work ... well randomly he does.

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