Doctor That Writes Scripts For Methadone As An Alternative To Going Clinic Daily Bradenton Fl

precious Says:

I live in Bradenton FL and I have been going to the local methadone clinic here for almost 2yrs now and I'm OVER IT!!! Yesterday I was forced to miss my best friends funeral in GO solely because this clinic would not give me travel doses only guest dosing 80 mile round trip from where I wld be at. I am on medicaid and it doesn't cover out of state so we were going to have to pay $110 for both my husband and I for only 2 days!!!! On top of that they wouldn't even accept credit card so I was unable to go.

I need to find a doctor locally who would be willing to write me a script of methadone monthly and aide me in tapering off my dose. I was on 177 mg a day and started tapering after this last Christmas 6 months ago. I am now at 66 mg and counting. (This was one of the reasons they wouldn't allow me travel doses also because "I'm not stable!" What a joke!!! PLEASE HELP! I am prepared to pay out of pocket for the doctor visits because medicaid will still cover the scripts.

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Cats68 Says:

Hi Precious! If u have been going 2 a clinic 4 addiction, it is against the law 4 a doctor 2 prescribe u methadone. They r not allowed 2 do it.

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oneminuszero Says:

You are in a pickle. If you went to a pain clinic (I know a GREAT, HONEST one, but its in Lake Mary--Seminole County) and said you had just moved down, didn't know anywhere to go so you went to a methadone clinic you found in a yellow pages they MIGHT give you methadone pills. You'd have to have SOMETHING to back it up...I'm so sorry, you're in a tough spot I know how those places treat you.

ALWAYS remember they have STATE oversight, and you can make OFFICIAL (not clinic) complaints for stuff like you mentioned. They don't want to let you go, and want you to stay as you are a $ on legs to them. Keep going SLOW and LOW and if the pain clinic thing doesn't work (mine charges $125/month but the initial visit is $300), KEEP going down. When you get to 5mg, take as many take-outs as they'll give you. (They may not have given you anything because it was your friend and not family; may be a clause, but there shouldn't be! its like taking vacation! what? you can't take your family on vacation because you'd have to play "find a clinic" the whole time!?) Anyway, at 5mg buy up all the Loperamide (OTC for diarrhea aka Immodium), as its related to opiates and structurally related to methadone. Some folks say huge doses (followed by a LOT of fiber pills to reverse the blockage its gonna cause) helps A LOT. Try to get your pcp to give you a month of Ativan. That helps A LOT. The lack of sleep is the worst symptom, but that's evil stuff. You need to get low (like 20mg) and transfer to Suboxone. Medicaid will pay for it.

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Talking Truth Says:

That's typical Bradenton. You should hear what they're doing to me. I'm not going to say it because if they read it they know it's going to be me that said it. They like to play God there. They are very unprofessional. They don't care about your needs ,the counselors there aren't even counselors and there's two that are there as of February 2022 that get high when they're working there. If you can get anything from my review or anybody else's review do not get sucked in they will mess your life up. If you choose to go there they're supposed to wean you off methadone they do not do that they just keep pumping you full of it more and more and more so if you go there make sure you have a plan to get off methadone because they sure as hell won't help.

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Bradentongirl Says:

Here's the problem. Only a licensed state addiction specialist/clinic can prescribe methadone for addiction purposes.

If you have real legitimate injuries you could go to a pain management Dr but then you face problem #2. Lack of pharmacies who will fill your rx.

I attended the clinic for 4 years for addiction from 2006 to 2010 but I also had documented injuries. I left the clinic in 2010 and went to a pain management Dr. I was on 200mg daily so that equates to 600 pills per month.

The pharmacies kept turning me away because they refused to fill my rx.

Then I even got down to where you are (60 mg daily so that's 180 tablets per month )

They STILL gave me s*** and wouldn't fill. I ended up going to a mom and pop pharmacy that refused to take my medicaid and they charged me $1 per tablet. So $180 for a 1 month supply.

Someone above said they don't let people go down. That is absolute lie. They may try to talk you out of going down but they cannot even give you an increase without you signing for it. So they cannot just "pump you full" as stated without your written consent.

Also, if you are a model patient even with weening down you most certainly can get travel doses.

You don't have to be honest with anyone else but be honest with yourself. You didn't get travel doses for a real legitimate reason. IE did something to warrant them refusing you those doses. I know a couple that is always showing up there smelling of marijuana and test positive for benzos often and they always complain about how the clinic did them wrong. No. They don't know how to follow basic rules.

A pain management Dr has far more strict rules regarding distribution of methadone so good luck if you do find a doc. They will boot you in a heartbeat.

I have had negative drug screens for all 5 years since returning to the clinic. The only time they deny travel/takehomes is if you tested positive for marijuana without a license, tested positive for another drug or tested positive for alcohol.

They require a 7 day advance notice for travel requests but in extreme emergency they will still allow them.

I had a major emergency and had to leave town in a few hours ..very last minute. I had no vehicle to drive to a clinic in the town I was going to and they supplied me with 3 days worth even though I gave no advanced notice and at that time, I was still raising my dose hence I was considered not stable. They look at your history when making a determination and you cannot fault the clinic. These are STATE MANDATED GUIDELINES. They MUST follow their rules or else they lose their govt funding.

Best of luck to you.

Oh and .... the pain clinic that you go to if you decide to go will pull up all of your records from par so even if you don't tell them that you were prescribed Methadone for the last several years, they will find out.

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Bradentongirl Says:

Re: Talking Truth (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

They can't pump you full of anything you don't sign off on. You have to sign a paper to go up past 80 and prior to 80 you have to ask for an increase.

You can lie to others but stop lying to yourself. Your statements aren't even true at all.

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Splifchic Says:

Re: oneminuszero (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Can you recommend a good pain management Dr in or around the central FL area ? I take 60mg methadone, soma 5mg, Oxycodone with all current reports. Kindly

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