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leann Says:

I live in ga. Me and my husband have been going to pain management for several year but every few months dea shuts them down. If anyone knows of a pain management clinic anywhere in ga that prescribes 120-180 oxycodone (30mg), 60-90 xanax (2mg) and 60-90 adderall (30mg) please let me know the name and number of it. My husband has been out of his meds for a week and we both really need to find a dr asap.

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swedyon81 Says:

Try a pain management location in acworth. Where are you located in Georgia? Its always good to know a few people who take the same medication you do so if you run out or some other emergency situation happens they can possibly help you with a few till you can get your meds. I know of a few other Drs. Unfortunately you can't leave your email on here to talk privately because alot of people dont want to advertise which drs prescribe those meds.

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Sharon Says:

I am in the same situation! Looking for help and don't know what to do.

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AMP141 Says:

Hey I live in Ga as well and am often seeking other locals with simular experiences to be able to talk to ! I live in Gainesville and need to find a doctor for XANAX and Adderall very soon as my old one retired :( {edited for privacy}

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5yrsclean Says:

Dr stokes roswell ga does I don't take them but alot of ppl I know go to him.. these doctors r getting shut down for a reason! Word from the wise... go to a real clinic . Get off all that s*** ;) good luck. He's expensive!

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DillonLove Says:

Hi. I really need to know where to find a doctor in Georgia that will prescribe me at least two to three to milligram xanax per day because I have been on that dose or higher for the past 20 years and I would also like to find a doctor that takes well care because I don't have much money please get back to me as soon as possible thank you!!!!

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Comment Says:

Try Suwanee Pain Management. They've been open for many years and will write your scripts, but you have to have legit reasons and a recent more than 2 or 3 years old. And they will do drug panels to make sure you have the correct meds in your system ...and NOTHING ELSE!!

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Erik Says:

I live in Milledgeville Georgia and I am trying to find a doctor that will help me with my pain medication. I have previously been with the same doctor for over 32 years and he retired in October since then I have had a horrible time trying to find a doctor that will help me. If you can tell me anybody in Georgia that can help me I will be so grateful thank you

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Shay Says:

I am getting off methadone 120 mg and I do not like suboxone as it makes me have panic attacks. Does anyone know a subutex doctor in Georgia who possibly takes medicaid that would please help me? {edited for privacy}. Please let me know. Thank you.

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Howard Says:

I need to find a doctor in Atlanta, GA asap who will prescribed pain meds for my spinal injury. I've been in pain for years and am transferring from New York and Alpharetta, GA.

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savannag Says:

Did you find a Dr? Im looking for an adderall doc.

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Anxious Ashley Says:

Someone please guide me to a doctor near Cherokee County Georgia who treats anxiety, is okay prescribing Xanax, and doesn't care that I'm also taking 55 mg of methadone.

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