Doctor Did Not Advice To Have Dental Work Before Reclast

Tila Says:

I had reclast in September. That's when I got the information about doing dental work prior to infusion. Now in November I had a dental check up and have the beginnings of periodontal desease! I am 68 and never had my wisdom teeth removed. They are filled with bacteria and endangering my other teeth next to them but now I can't remove them. If I had been advised to get my dental work done prior to infusion by my doctor, I would have taken care of my teeth first. What can I do now? Is there an amount of time after infusion when it is safer to have this done? I have no other illness or desease and have had no after effects from the Reclast so far.


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LynK Says:

I had Reclast a couple years a go after breast cancer treatment caused me to have mild osteoporosis issues. I had it in the infusion room and was supposed to get a teach talk on it before. The nurse couldn't find pamphlet and told me a few things such as flulike symptoms and bone pain. Never did doctor or nurse say anything about dental work needing to be done before or not allowing after. I just happened to mention to dentist when I went in a year later as I read something about it online. He asked for me to cal oncologist and he said I couldn't have any work done just extras and soft cleaning. I was pretty mad about the lack of prior information given.

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David Says:

According to Reclast's drug detail page here on MedsChat, the avoidance of invasive dental procedures for those who develop osteonecrosis of the jaw is recommended. It also goes on to note the following: "A rare complication that has been recently observed in cancer patients being treated with bisphosphonates is osteonecrosis of the jaw. This has mainly been seen in patients with multiple myeloma treated with zoledronate who have had dental extractions."

With that said, there's no clear information as to "how long one should wait?" - So perhaps it may be best to get a second opinion from another dentist.

And since the text quoted above doesn't necessarily imply that osteonecrosis of the jaw is imminent after an extraction, I would also bring into question whether the infected wisdom teeth are a greater risk to one's health by not taking action? Antibiotics can only help for so long...

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