Do You Have To Wait To Eat Or Drink After Suboxone?

Cats68 Says:

Hello, everyone! I have heard from different people that they can eat and drink right after taking subs. Others have said 2 wait a half hour. Does anyone know which is true? Different Drs say different things. Thank u 4 your input.

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jolter Says:

Hi cats, my dr. says don't eat, drink or smoke 15mins before or after taking sub but its alright to rinse with water before taking.

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jolter Says:

answerd twice but both needed to be reviewed.

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Cats68 Says:

Hey Jolter, would it b ok if I give u my e mail address when I get home? So, we can just talk as friends.

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jolter Says:

Its ok with me but they won't let you send an email address on this site.

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Cats68 Says:

Hi Jolter, I'll just try when I get home. Have a good one.

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David Says:

Hi Cats,

I don't know if you're still looking for anymore opinions on the matter, but I've also heard different things regarding how long you should wait to eat or drink around your dosing schedule.

Jolter's Dr. may very well be correct too in his own right, but some rehab centers state that patients should not eat, drink or smoke for 30 minutes before or after their dose of Suboxone. Apparently food, beverages, and even nicotine are known to inhibit the absorption of Suboxone. So the emptier your stomach is, the better.

I hope this helps!

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Cats68 Says:

Hi David! Thank you for the information. It is very helpful to know. I was still a bit confused on the matter so I have been waiting an hour before eating and drinking. But , smoking a cigarette right before taking the suboxone. Thank you, again

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John Says:

15 mins before half hour after seems to work perfect just like the directions say

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jd13601 Says:

Hey, I take suboxone and yesterday when I burped I could taste this rotten bile stuff and now I had severe cramps and puking up some vile stuff. Was it the suboxone? This same thing happened a week ago.

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DaveFROMOhio Says:

I would def. Inform your doctor or even the nurse. I have never heard this amd i have been on suboxone films and pills over the last 7 years. The worst thing i have had suboxone do is give ypu headaches, very tired, a high (which you shouldnt do), and give you a horrible withdraw because you wanted to tale pills and not be in a withdraw state before taling the suboxone. Good luck.

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Salesmaster Says:

10 to 15 minutes is the normal amount of time you should wait after taking a sublingual dose of Suboxone. It has nothing to do with the amount of drink or food in your stomach. It's not absorbed through the stomach wall, it's absorbed in the buccal cavity. Therefore you don't want to wash the medicine out with food or drink while it's trying to absorb in the buccal mucosa. It takes only a few minutes to completely absorb through the lining of the mouth but just to be safe you should wait about 10 minutes or 15 minutes to make sure any residual medication is not washed down the throat.

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trace Says:

I never do wait, but why do you have to?

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Johnybakersmana Says:

Perfect example of too much naloxone when I first started I was taking 2 mg in the am,and two in the afternoon swallowing all the saliva and the next mornings I would be puking up nasty naloxone

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Julz Says:

Hi, I take suboxone everyday and I smoke during my dose and does not affect my dosage. I feel the same if I do or don't. No smoking cigarettes does not affect the absorption.

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Mark Says:

I know they all say to wait on smoking, food, etc. But I chase my Sub with a coffee and a smoke... Love the rush!

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Rainy days Says:

Well i been taking subs for past 3 years and i could careless as long as i dont run

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Kelli Says:

I have been on subs for a long time and a few times before this last stretch!! Truth is, a nurse explained the best method of taking subs for it to be MOST effective!!!! It's best not to eat or drink or smoke at least 15 minutes after taking the sub film!!!

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Wadd Says:

I was told by my doctor before u take it, it's ok too eat or drink but wait about a half hour after it dissolves. So u get the full affect

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Chrisj Says:

I feel it's different for all but it's through the blood stream not your stomach I always leave absorb in my mouth for 20-30 mins and time it then swallow the remaining with water never sick and always seems to work well on a 10 to 12mg dose waiting 10-20 mins after most the time to eat and enjoy coffee and I been taking for years

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SteveTx Says:

The time restrictions are to prevent an acidic environment. The active chemicals prefer and alkaline environment that's why it's sublingual and not swallowed.

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