Do Hydrocodone And Other Meds Require Prescriptions?

Jean Says:

I would like to know if you have to have a prescription for Acetaminophen, Caffeine, Chlorpheniramine, Hydrocodone,or Phenylephrine?

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Rick Says:

Well for a couple of the individual ingredients (such as Caffeine and Acetaminophen) you don't because they are over the counter. But for Hydrocodone or this actual combination of meds then I would say yes, definitely...

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Cat Says:

The Doctors are so scared of abuse here that in our small town they will not give you narcotics unless you have been in a serious wreck or have bad kidney stones. I had a stone once and was given just Darvocet. My husband has Degenerative Disc Disease and an irritated joint that flares up every now and again in being treated with Lortab 10's and Diazepam. but he lost his job to cut-backs and his insurance, so he lost his Nero-Surgon. So he was forced to be seen by local Doctors. But nope, they gave him Flexeril and Tramadol. Which is a FAR cry from what he was used to, so he sucks it up and keeps trying to work as a handyman. I know I shouldn't have, but out of desperation I ordered overseas Soma's and Darvocets to help him. They cost alot more, but at least he gets a lil bit relief. I see sites that sell narcotics, but waaay to scared to buy, too pricy and not sure what I would get also. What is recommended?

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JJ Says:

Be wary of buying any kind of narcotic online, many of these sites are known to be scam sites anyway. I know some one personally that was scammed while trying to buy online. I do feel for you and your husband though, I know something of what you are going through. Some doctors have gotten to that point today, where narcotics are just off limits unless you are going to die or something. I have panic disorder and suffer from severe panic attacks, the only thing that helps are benzos, klonopin, xanax, etc. The doctor I used to see put me on everything else but those, and I mean something in the neiborhood of 20 different kinds of meds. Needless to say I no longer see him, I now receive klonopin, and it has made my life much easier. It all depends on the doctors you see really, I have a friend who on his first visit to his family doctor had received 1 mg xanax. So best advise is to stay away from income based clinics which usually have nurse practicioner, they don't like to prescribe any narcotic. Visiting a doctor that doesn't treat based on income is kind of grasping at straws, sometimes you get lucky and get the right one and sometimes you get the stubborn ones. It just all depends on doctors personality or preference. If you don't succeed first try, try again as the saying goes.

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Cat Says:

I also have panic disorders too...I order the meds you get, overseas. I have been doing it now for a year. So far so good. I get Soma's also for my husband. The other (docs) here are the ones trying to get their degree's, and they base your visit price by income only, but first before they will see us, we both have to get a hard copy paper from Dept. of Labor (out-of-town) proving our income, then wait a month to be seen. We have one vehicle and my husband works alot and I cannot drive his truck, stick shift, and it's old. My husband works ALL the time. We he does get a break, he rests, or I make him rest because of his back pain is so bad at times. We has woken up screaming from pain just because of the day he had and he moved wrong at night. He hates doctors! After what he goes thru and has been thru with most docs, some wont even see his records or MRI's, or exam him, they just ask us why we came to THEIR office. Then he is given only strong Iburophen types. We have moved and now my son had a bleeding sinus infection, he is on state like medicaid, but the nurse here was very mean and when my son finally couldn't take it, I called early enough before the docs would have left and asked if they would take a couple minutes and look at his symptoms and prescribe him the antibiotics, she asked if I could get there in ten minutes, I said maybe just a lil over, then she said well, maybe tomorrow, I said why can't you just see him today? Then she said next week! They were not scheduled to leave for an hour! She was not very nice. I was so mad, and told her I guess I will just have to take him to an E.R. and hung up! Why make a child suffer when they could have waited for a few more minutes? So we changed his provider that day and went to an old doctor's place, that cannot see me or my husband, but they saw my son first thing the next morning, and even got him in right away, loaded him up on meds for relief. But again, when we had insurance, we went the these same doc's. They are also the same ones that are vey strict about narcotic's or even the panic meds. So, I'am forced at the moment to look elsewhere, and I have found meds, except hydrocodone, for our needs. But sometimes the overseas places get backed-up and you have to prepare for not having the meds for a week or more. I learned the hard way. But I bet if you are a doc you will be able to get what you want when you want!

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Neal Says:

Just a word to the wise, you are probably aware that buying those online is really really a dicey proposition. Did you recieve the meds? What country were these coming from? I know of folks that buy in Canada, either by bus trip or dealing with pharmacies. There are several very big pharms up there that specialize in filling orders for USA. Many meds require no prescription including codeine, Soma, Valium, and s few others. Don't know about schedule 3 painkillers. If you know people or have relatives up there this simplifies matters, unless privacy is a concern. I think if you want to help your husband, easiest thing is (I don't know your age) go to your OB/GYN and tell him you have severe dismehnorea. (Very painful cycles) and ask for Fiorinal 3. This is a very effective paikiller, most commonly used for tension headaches. It's usually written as fiorinal, which contains aspirin, caffiene, and butalbital, a short acting barbituate. This acts as a sedative, and is excellent for headaches. Most people aren't aware it's available as Fiorinal 3, which contains the above ingredients plus 30 mg. codiene. I've used this for years, it's effective and less habit forming than hydrocodone.

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Dustin king Says:

I have setvere back pain.was born without 2bones in spine and got 3 slipped disc pushing on my siatic nerve.doctors been subscribe hydrocodone 10

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