Dizziness And Vomiting From Suboxone

New girl 99 Says:

Hi Guys. Tuesday night was the last time I had taken opiates. I was taking around 480mg Codiene per day. Yesterday (Wednesday) at 9am I took 4mg Suboxone, then an hour later I felt dizzy and sick. At around 6pm I took the last 4mg and felt the same. Today (Thursday), the pharmacist gave me the whole 8mg to take at once. Well, once again, after an hour the dizziness was very mild but the sickness was horrendous and I couldn't stop. I can only describe it as being on a fair ride and not being able to get off. My pharmacist said that this could be due to me starting the subs too soon (*not sure what this means). My question is - has anyone else suffered this, and if so, how long am I looking at? I've had to take time off work, and Christmas is in a few days. This is very new to me and I am ashamed I am here, so any help is much appreciated.

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VerFree Says:
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Taking this medication too soon after taking opiates can throw you into precipitated withdrawals, because Buprenorphine takes a stronger hold on your opiate receptors, which causes the other opiates to be kicked out. You may not be on a high enough dose to stave off the withdrawal symptoms. Usually, you have to wait until you are in full withdrawals, before taking anything containing Buprenorphine.

Additionally, since it is also an opioid, it can cause side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and headache, according to DailyMed.

Thus, it could be either issue, or both, causing your symptoms. There is, however, no reason to be ashamed, we all make mistakes, and there are things we all need help with, at one time, or another. The most important thing is that you have faced your problem, and are getting it under control, which is something to be proud of, it's more than some people ever try to do. :-)

It’s been a few days, since your post, how are you doing?

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Allison Says:

Hi! I’ve been on Suboxone for three years. You have to wait 12 to 24 hours before you can start taking Suboxone after taking opiates. I remember when I first started taking it it felt like I had taken a Lortab or something. Sometimes my neck gets tense when I take Suboxone and gives me headaches. That is the only issues I have with it. Just give it a little while keep taking your Suboxone just don’t take as much you may have to start off with a smaller dose at first

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jim Says:

It means you didn't stop taking the codiene long enough before starting to take the Suboxone.You should stop any opiates for 24 to 36 hours before starting Suboxone. This should of been told to you by the health provider or doctor that prescribes the Suboxone. When I was on a them, both times I was told several times that I couldn't take any opiates at least 24 to 36 hours before my Suboxone Intake.

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XoMel Says:

Hey, hope you're feeling better by now. First of all, don't let this incident discourage you from suboxone if used properly. But that worst feeling in the world you described is what happens when you're not in complete withdrawal when you take your first suboxone dosage. I know it sucks, I've been there. Don't feel ashamed because you need help and you're doing the right thing by reaching out and trying to educate yourself. There's a shelf life on most narcotics. Even if you feel sick (especially if you have a high tolerance) you might not be in full withdrawal. The best way to detox is thru a trusted program. Make sure you don't jump into any rehab and you look into a place before signing in. But if you have to do it on your own... 8mgs 1st day, 6 on 2nd, 4 on 3rd, 2 on 4th, 1 on 5th day, 1/2 on 6th and nothing on the 7th. You'll be physically free from withdrawal via suboxone, however, the mental aspect of withdrawal is the real trial. Anytime I would detox I would just relapse again. I started going to a clinic which isn't for everybody but I live a normal life and I don't have cravings and haven't relapsed in 4 years. I needed to relearn living a normal life not through the eyes of an addict and that takes time. Good luck sincerely.

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Phantomsucker Says:

I haven't personally taken suboxone - but I'm somewhat familiar with the concept & experiences a few friends have had. They say if you don't wait long enough in between stopping opioids & taking suboxone it sort throws you into a painful, rapid detox, or it feels similar to those effects, is how they've described it. Also, idk if the codeine dose you mentioned is considered a lot or how frequently you were taking it but, for instance -if you're used to taking it every 4 hours I would think by 8-12 hours you could certainly be feeling the effects of withdrawal even if they're mild at that point. As far as 4mg/8mg of suboxone- as with anything: everyone is different although if it was me I would absolutely only try 2mg and gradually increase the dose as opposed to 4 then 8 so quickly. Honestly that's my first thought as far as your symptoms of feeling dizzy & sick.

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RayRayPR Says:

Re: Phantomsucker (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Take 2mgs in the morning when you get up (the same as when you would your fix) and 2mgs before going to bed the first day and if your feeling sick just go up 2mgs the next day as 4mgs in the morning and 4mgs when you go to bed

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Nuwasa Gold Says:

Re: Phantomsucker (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

She is absolutely right about Suboxone throwing you into detox if you have any opiate in your system.

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Nuwasa Gold Says:

I got addicted to pain pills after being hit by a car and going thru 12 surgeries. I tried Suboxone but for some reason it just did not work for me. I was always sick, couldn't sleep, it was like I was constantly in withdrawals. I checked into Methadone and I'm so glad I did. After getting on a clinic I was able to go to work and live a life that I was always feeling like I needed a drug. I'm am so grateful that I found the Clinic that I did because it helped me get my life back. I haven't touched a drug in many years. Good luck to you!

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New girl 99 Says:

Hi Guys,

Rather than reply to everyone individually ill do it to everyone. First of all, thank you so much for your messages. I only realized yesterday I had replies, could have seen with them sooner but my email sent them to spam. After my initial post my symptoms did not get better, i was off work, couldn't drive, stand up or do anything. I was desperate and 10 minutes away from jacking it in and getting back on codeine. On the 23rd of December when i went to get my tablets from the chemist I broke down saying i cant take it anymore due to being sick, dizzy etc... He advised that i am probably on too much of a high dose and to contact the clinic. I did this on xmas eve as the thought of me being ill on xmas day scared me. I called my support worker at the clinic and explained my symptoms and the fact these only came on once i had taken my 8mg dose. The doctor in the clinic denied this being the case and i had probably picked up a virus. I explained that how can it be a virus if it only happened when i took the tablets? By this point i had been on them 6 days. He said well i have never come across this before. I said maybe not but it is with me. Well after 2 hours of phone calls and me breaking down, he dropped me to 6mg. I took this on xmas eve night and low and behold i was sick again but nowhere near as bad, so i decided with xmas day and said I would wait until late in the afternoon. So i took them after my xmas dinner and i was fine. The next day sick again, i realized taking them on an empty stomach was making it worse. I didnt feel any immediate withdrawal symptoms dropping by 2mg except excessive yawning which can be annoying having tears rolling down your eyes but i coped. After 4 U/A's and passing them all last Monday my support worker has put me on pickups of Monday, Wednesday and Fridays now which is great and i have dropped to 5.2mg again with no withdrawal symptoms but still feeling sick so i am going to drop again and hopefully in a couple of months be off them as i can't take the side effects for much longer but they are better than codiene. I am less tired and i have more energy. I am getting my emotions back which is quite scary and not being rude but my libido is back. Also, i didnt realize how much opiates controlled my life. Below, i have put my side effects. The doctor said it's rare but just in case someone else suffers from them you're not alone.

-Dizzy/Vertigo feeling
-Sickness/upset tummy.

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Allison Says:

Re: New girl 99 (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I figured that’s what it was. Some people are just sensitive to other drugs. I’m glad you figured it out

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Dexter Says:

Did you honestly think that suboxone was going to be all butterflies and baby treatment? It’s designed to taper you off without crawling out of your skin. It’s only your brain thoughts that are bringing you to those old dreams. Suboxone works if you want it to. Need an enhancement then 5 mg methadone. If you honestly trying to quit. Suboxone is not intended to feather you down to the ground. Remember that you screwed up in the first place. NO one ever promised an easy rise Cus it’s not.

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New girl 99 Says:

Re: Dexter (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

How Rude!!! No i didnt expect it to be easy but i don't expect to be throwing up for 3 months either. Not sure if your a medical professional but according to the doctor who is prescribing me i can taper right down to 0.4mg which is what usually happens so that's what i will do, as i do not wish to go on Methadone and once again the professionals said this is too high for me to take coming off codeine.

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Leah Says:

Yes, u might have taken them too soon or a whole one might be too much s***. If I took a whole one I’d be puking all day, no lie. That stuff does make you sick though but it could be that you took it too early and it’s your first time to take it in. Once it starts getting in your system you’ll get used to it as I have found in the past.

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Sondra Says:

?? OMG!!! This Dr is wacked. U were having naloxone induced withdrawals! Ever wonder why Subutex and Suboxone were invented? Subutex is what u should have been given first because naloxone causes ur body to force receptor blockers so ur meds build up a tolerance in the brain. That's why naloxone is given during over dose. Subutex is an opiate that doesn't completely cap receptors allowing you to rid ur whole body and brain of toxins while half capping, then the doctor should start u on Suboxone only after ur body and brain are adjusted. This varies person to person but one to two weeks usually is safe. Now the Suboxone has buprenorphine an naloxone so no matter how much opiate u have ur never gonna be able to feel high. The longer ur on Suboxone the stronger it will be in effect and block certain other meds. Some say can't feel benzos like valium, xanax, klonopin an sleep pills like ambien and lunesta.

If u haven't already gotten clean see a few doc have them explain the treatment plan and ask if this doc is going to treat u with Subutex to start then later on Suboxone. Because Suboxone does prevent opioid effects every time u try. I hope you do find a treatment that works - good luck!

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Sondra Says:

Starting ur Suboxone to soon means u have to detox at least ten days to prevent the withdrawal from hell!!! A good Dr will ask u if you are ready for the next step an that's were u will then be switched to Suboxone so never should feel such hell during ur healing hope this helps u good luck!

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