Diskets Star Small Round White Pill

Melany Says:

Supposed to be 5mg methadone. It says DISKETS and has a star where the word meets. Blank on other side.

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David Says:

Hi Melany,

I've yet to see any pills that fit this description, but from what I've researched, Diskets is reportedly a brand of Methadone that is made to be dissolved in water. In my findings, they're often referred to by the FDA as "Diskets dispersible tablets". So based off this intel, I think it's safe to say that what you have is "supposed to be" Methadone. I'm not sure of the dosage, but depending on where or how you came about obtaining the tablet could also determine its legitimacy.

Hope this helps!

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Melany Says:


Thank you. I looked online and couldn't find anything like it. Is there any other kinds of meds that are called Diskets?

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David Says:

From what I can tell, the name "Diskets" is solely being referred to as Methadone when I go about running a search for it on google. The only thing that I'm not seeing is a pill that specifically fits your description, which does seem a bit strange.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to take it into a local pharmacy and see if they recognize the pill as being something different? If they don't recognize it, my thoughts would lead me to believe that it may have originated from another country or could be counterfeit, but that's all speculative at this point… Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

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Tim Says:

I have found the same type of pill, actually 16 of them. They came in a small glass tube with a metal screw on cap. They seem to be old, i think we found them cleaning a great uncles house when he passed. Also there was the same kind of glass tube with 9 capsules the tip top of the capsule was white, next was green, and then the bottom half was white as well. No imprint on them. They were in an unmarked case with 3 empty vials with no markings either. I would like some help figuring out what they are of possible. I've looked everywhere.

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