Diltiazem Lingering Side Effects

Patty Says:

How long does it take for the side effects to go away after discontinuing the drug? I stopped it one week ago and continue to have severe anxiety, vasodilation (red blotchy skin), and GI upset including bloating and gas.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Patty,

There is no solid literature that states the length of the side effects. What the NIH does state is that if you are experiencing these symptoms that you should notify your doctor. I am certain that your physician will have a much better timeline of how long your symptoms will last based on their severity.

I apologize that I wasn't able to find an exact answer but I hope that your doctor will have a good estimate.

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Patty Says:

Thank you for your comments. Side effects are lessening by baby steps each day. I've been told that if you have a serious side effect that it can take 2-4 weeks before feeling relief. It's like a hurricane - it comes in and goes out -- even tho it's out of your system it has left behind a lot of damage to your system just as the hurricane has left its damage.

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Spitfire Says:

I came of them after 4 years. 3 months later still bad. I'm normally working in gym everyday ect but I didn't even have the strength to play with the kids. The symptoms did get easier after 3 week. But the general fever,,/infection felling was still present n sweats in night and the freezing feet. Worst of all I developed random twitching n spasms that still didn't clear up. They have stayed to the point I've got to use them again, but lost my source. The mistake I made was dropping of 20 mill. The irony is I use to work in the substance misuse field. It all depends on the mill n how long you've been on them. I've come of them before and a week later I was up and about.

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JohnnyBlanco Says:

Re: Spitfire (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I took 240 mg ER for 5 years and my doctor stopped them because my blood pressure was fine for the last 4 visits in the last year and I had no SVT attacks or hospitalizations during that time. He kept me on Losartan 100/Hctz 12.5 and Clonidine .1 x 3. So last month I had severe anxiety and had almost no energy, extreme fatigue and no ambition. Well, I relapsed after 5 years clean and started doing H. My anxiety is gone and my energy has returned. I told my doctor and he says the 2 things aren't related. So, I am looking for a new doctor. My advice is to everyone is , stay on your Diltiazem forever.

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