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Lissa Says:

I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADD and have been prescribed Amphetamine Salts (Generic for Adderall) for a few months now. The initial dosage was one 10mg tablet/ three times a day and recently my Doctor upped the dosage to one 30mg tablet/ twice a day. I know that overall this has been very beneficial for me but I cant help but wonder if the generic brand (IR Amphetamine Salts) has less of the active ingredient, and more unnecessary side effects(irritability, fatigue). I know that while the active ingredients are likely to be the same, the "fillers" usually are not and even the active ingredients can vary up to 10%. I also know that everybody reacts differently depending on their bodies' make-up as well as the drugs and I have always reacted sensitively to any kind of drug. The more I "google" the more I want to stay away from the generic form. Also- almost every pharmacy around has little to no Adderall Brand IR tablets in stock, they only have the generic brands and possibly Adderall brand but only the Extended-Release. My Doctor seems to firmly believe that there is no difference between Adderall XR and Adderall IR, and because she prescribed me the generic form (Amphetamine Salts), she probably doesn't see a difference there either. I don't have the time to ask 10 doctors what they think so if anyone has any information or experiences please share! Thank you!

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ADDme Says:

Yes, I just took my first dose, and I was scared what if they were wrong about the diagnosis and I ended up all tripped out from the upper?
I am starting at 2.5 mg bid. I felt weird for a while, but then I did settle into a good period of focused work.
I think the effects lasted more like 8 hours, rather than 6, so I did not take the 2nd dose. I will be using it only when needed for focus.
Some of these doses are much bigger. If you are strggling with side effects, try a lower dose, at least temporarily.

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cricket2789 Says:
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My daughter was on vyvanse it seemed to be helping at first but due to she is on another medicine it counter reacted. My advice to you would be if your son is on any other type of med check the effects of a stimulant mixed with it or see how a non stimulant will react with it. I say. this bc my daughter is on a mood stabilizer called lamictal for bipolarism and was put on vyvanse 30 mgs for adhd and BC ur not suppose to put a stimulant with lamictal at all it caused a manic break and she had to be admitted to a facility to be evaluated by a new Dr. So do as much research as u can on the diagnosis and also what meds are used to treat that then talk with the Dr about ur concerns and so on. But the answer to ur other about did anyone feel like u did nervous about taking the meds the answer is yes I was very scared bc I never knew I had adhd so when I began taking the Med I really didn't know what was supposed to happen however after a few weeks I noticed I was staying sleepy which is not a. positive so I spoke with my Dr and he thought it was bc I needed a higher dose so we tried that no better response actually it got worse and I was on vyvanse a stimulant so Tuesday I spoke with my Dr again and we as a team decided that I should try the other medicine in the same class which is adderall however I get the generic which is amphetamine salts I'm only taking 15 mgs a day but now without a doubt I see and feel a major difference b4 I felt like my brain was going a 1000 MPH and my body was in slow motion and no matter how hard I tried I never could get them in sync. But finally they are in sync and I feel so much better I know that the dosage may not be perfect but we will get there all I can say is I feel like I have control of my disorder now my disorder isn't controlling me anymore like it was.

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ADDme Says:

I think those side effects sound more like those from the drug itself. I don't know how often it's the inactive ingredients, but sometimes ISTM that the distrust of generics I see is from a generally suspicious attitude toward healthcare. But maybe I'm too trusting. I used to be a nurse, and we gave generics all the time.
I like the way my doctor started me on such a low dose. I did have funny feelings after my first 2.5mg dose of amphetamine salts/ generic Adderall, but nothing like that since. In a few more days, I will increase to 5 mg bid. It helps lower the soundtrack noises so I can focus better, but - as they keep reminding us - the drugs are not magic, and they are not a cure. They are a tool to be used in conjunction with the other stuff.
I don't think my ADD is as bad as so many others, and I had no idea I even had it, but this is HARD.

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Amanda Says:

Are you in the field of medicine or have you studied the brain? There is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AMPHETAMINE AND METHAMPHETAMINE. Look it up bc they do not effect the brain the same at all, other than they are both stimulants. We all know which one is worse. . I am speaking with complete honesty when I say I haven't touched a street drug, never will. However, in Texas it is required that a child or adult be seen by a neuropsychologist who performs an automated Battery test for cognitive assessment -ranging in all areas before ever prescribing Adderall if they do need it.. Its FDA approved where speed is not. For you to say and judge people bc they may have a chemical imbalance and need medication is ridiculous especially coming from a Christian. You are a hypocrite with zero knowledge about how each person was made. For you to make the assumption that God made us, and gave you the right to judge people for their personal life is a disorder you may have. Disorders are everywhere, starting from birth, my friend. And let me ask you a question.... Does Adam and Eve have navels? If so, can prove that there is a god and that everyone was born mentally stable and without any type of defects? Hope to hear back!

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Visions Says:

Just wanted to mention that methamphetamine is in fact approved for ADHD and narcolepsy in the Usa. It's called Desoxyn and is very safe and effective when used properly. It is considered a dinosaur drug and rarely used any more, but available for use when other stimulants have failed.

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Rob Says:

Logan: I am almost 40 and was on Ritalin from about 8 till the middle of college 17 when I decided to stop taking it. One of the side effects was stunting of growth supposedly, however how can you truly tell...I am 5'11" and my Dad is 6'1"...but my mom is 5'7"...so how tall was I supposed to be... It did certainly improve my ability to focus and organize my thoughts better. However like you, over the years I was able to learn to cope and overcome my feeling of lost focus until about 35 years of age when being in a very busy job felt overwhelming and very hard to find that focus and feeling of being able to organize my thoughts...at which point I went back on Metylphenidate (Generic Ritalin) which recently became impossible to get so my Dr. put me on 20MG Vyvanse 1 pill / day which seemed to work for me even better than the Methylphenidate except with my Insurance the Methylphenidate is $10.00 per 30pills and the Vyvanse is $180.00 for 30 pills. I saw the Dr. today and switching to the 20MG Amphetimine Salts 2 x per day...that cost me $84.00 for 60 pills...Hoping I don't have the side effects the others above speak about...Good thing though Logan is that if it does not seem to work for you in a way that makes you feel better in terms of focus, let them know and make a change till you find the right solution for you with your Dr's help.

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CRBY Says:

Margarita, I am astounded that you are so ignorant to assume that people would take adderall are both stupid and addicts. I am offended by your comments on here regarding the issue. I was looking for guidance on the medication I'm taking not to be insulted by your rude stupidity. You may speak from your own experience but that does not apply to everyone. It is not like taking cocaine, in fact I tried that in my early years, so yes I speak from experience.

It has taken me many years to be diagnosed correctly, and to find treatment that helps me with my symptoms. I finally have my life back on track, and I am able to focus on my goals, complete tasks, and become organized. I am back in school, in fact I got an A in both organic chemistry and anatomy that my adviser told me would be too difficult to accomplish. Well I did well in them, despite the fact that I have ADHD. It took 30 years to figure out why I am the way I am, and if there is a medication that can give me the same opportunities as everyone else, then so be it. ADHD has nothing to do with being less intelligent, as my IQ is actually above average. I'm not bragging I'm just trying to illustrate that perhaps you should do some research on topics you are not familiar with prior to giving advice to others.

It is people like you that give mental illness a bad name. It is just like any other medical ailment. It requires treatment, usually involving pharmaceuticals. So before you go lashing out at the community with your unprofessional advice, I suggest you should possibly go resume your weekly NA meetings.

Thank you.

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dancingdream Says:

Well, I've been taking 15 mgs of the amphetamine salts (insurance won't cover the brand Adderall) and to be honest, I don't feel any different. In fact, the vivarin still works better for me. My doctor even suggested I try 20 mgs. and still.......... vivarin works better. Interesting, huh? Any thoughts from anyone?

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layla Says:

CRB, well said

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layla Says:

AADme, that's how I use it just for work not on the weekends but my doctor is freaking out about it and can't comprehend why I wouldn't take it every day but the side effects for me are much less I'm able to eat and sleep on the weekend. M y doctor almost wouldn't prescribe it to me. Got any ideas

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layla Says:

ADDme, that's how I use it just for work not on the weekends but my doctor is freaking out about it and can't comprehend why I wouldn't take it every day but the side effects for me are much less I'm able to eat and sleep on the weekend. M y doctor almost wouldn't prescribe it to me. Got any ideas

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ADD me Says:

Nope, nothing to suggest. I have decided to use the short acting form regularly. When I don't take it, I am in a neuro fog, can't think or act. Love the focus w the med. No side effects so far, exc an increase in my BP that we are tracking.
I just use it twice a day, in the morning, sometime between 8 and 10, and afternoon, between 4 and 6.

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The Butler Says:

Margarita, has a point, people. I am astonished at the lack of propriety some posters show. ("Lack of propriety" means "the absence of manners", a clearly foreign concept to some on this site, I see). Take responsibility for yourselves, or suffer the consequences of handing over that task to the pharmaceuticals. Ointments, potions, pills, whatever you use, will only act as a crutch. In the end it is still up to you. Read "Your Owner's Manual" for more info.

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sinjibear Says:

the new generic is so awful it isnt worth getting. It is made by teva. They really do make a difference, yes.
I am so frustrated that I am going to switch to dexedrine as adderall is a major clusterf***.

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jennifer Says:

just because you have ADD or ADHD does not mean that you are stupid or dumb in fact usually people with this are extremely intelligent one of the reasons why you end up with ADHD or ADD because of the way your brain works.

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Peggy Says:

being smart or not has nothing to do with the need to take this medicine, my son has been having alot of behavioral problems and now that he is on a low dose adderall he has improved tremendously, its all about the chemical balance not about brain smarts! This medicine has been known to help thousands of people, yes some people do choose to abuse it and thats their choice but for the responsible ones out there who just want to be able to stay focused this medicine truely helps.

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Justin Tyme Says:

Margarita, you need to do a little bit more research before you open your mouth. Adderall is prescribed by doctors to treat ADHD. It is low dosage and closely monitored. I have been taking the generic amphetamine salts for years without having the desire to go on to more addictive drugs like methamphetamine or cocaine. In fact, when I started taking Adderall I quit drinking and smoking. I just didn't want to anymore.

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danielle Says:

I have a 13year old stepdaughter that has been on amphetamine salts for a few years. She takes this 20mg each day, 1 70 mg capsule of vyvanse , 900mg of oxcarbazepine a day, and .2mg of clonidine at night. She just came back to live with us and refuses to take any medications. I need to know the dangers of her just stopping these medications.

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Sam Says:

I went to rehab last year for this drug. Amphetamines. It's ineffable this chemical's potential ability to COMPLETELY rule your life. It completely blows my mind how easily a GP will write a script for "Adderall" (3 amphetamines mixed together, one of them being METHamphetamine) and there be almost zero dialogue concerning the abuse potential, the SERIOUS abuse potential, and how some people can take it their whole lives in a tiny 20mg dose, like its a multi-vitamin, while others can take it once and feel so "happy" about feeling "normal" like I did, that it is worth the sacrificing of every value, resepct of self, loved ones and family, to make sure you will never go without having that pill.
Long story short: started with mixed amps 20mg, Dr. upped it to 40mg, then another pyschiatrist upped it to 60 and saying even 75mg would be worth a try, then I was self-dosing at 90 and staying up for a whole day, then 120mgs, then two days, then 250mgs, with 100mg being the lowest I could intake daily without everything physically and mentally crumbling. Started making a tea out of certain "household" items because I knew the mixture was equivalent to L-Methamphetamine. Started constantly being in a state of hallucinations (even sober or dry) and psychosis, creatures and demons would follow me around my house. I broke everything in my life for it. Obsession/addiction started Jan. 2011. I went and got clean June 2012. Still fighting it.

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Momento Mora Says:

Hello everyone,
I'm a 30 year old woman who was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 8, because I simply was too bored in class due to having an IQ of 145. My mother wanted me to have a childhood, so she told the teachers to not move me up from first grade to eighth grade. My mother made a good choice, I actually had a lot of say in that conversation with her. I needed my thoughts to stop keeping me up for days at a time at that age. I wanted and needed to have a childhood that I was shafted for due to being smart. Ritalin made me black out and gain a LOT of weight that I could never get off(goodbye 90% of my self-esteem) and it wasn't what I needed. I had fights with my family, which ended in tears because of the bad side effects from that pill. It took the doctors years to figure out I needed a different kind on medication. Cylert was what worked for me, and it was the only other option at the time. I quit using Cylert at the age of 12, due to my teacher passing away. I thought maybe if I didn't take it, then the loss wouldn't hurt so much. Clearly, I was too young to realize I had made a mistake that would result in 18 years of hell. I have suffered Every Single Day since I had Cylert out of my system. Fighting with family, anxiety, phobias(I had to be homeschooled do to a few), OCD, dyslexia, my IQ suffered(never could grasp typing on a keyboard), and I lost every friend I ever made. I didn't get my G.E.D. until I was 25 years old, because I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't absorb knowledge like I did when I was younger(my GPA is too low for me to go back to college, which I suffered through), and time killed so much of my intelegence that I had problems with keeping any self-esteem I might have had left. I was dumped, cheated on, married and divorced (in less than 3 months), worked at so many jobs that I can't seem to get a job for going on 3 years now. I got lucky when I met a man who could keep up with my thought process, which is an utter mess at all times. He married me and loves me dearly. He stood up for me to my own mother for continuing to give me a hard time, even in adulthood. He gave me the best wedding gift, health insurance. Today is my first full day with this new medication, due to Cylert being discontinued for whatever reason. Either way, I'm using the immidiate release pill, and I've noticed that my nerves, anxiety, and fears have calmed down greatly. I've also noticed that I haven't really looked down at my hands much while writting this letter. So I hope this works out for me, if not I'll try a different pill.

As for Margarita, or whatever your name is (rude, judgmental chick with bad spelling), your are clearly a judgmental, close-minded, under-educated biggot. Everyone who comes to this page is already on this pill, they all know what it is used for, thus why it was perscribed to us all my a licenced doctor for treatment for our mutual issue. Our stories are mostly the same, the outcome will be different due to genetics and such. That is why we are here. Why are you here? It seems to me the only thing you have going on is you trying to get us all to admit to something we aren't guilty of, which is drug abuse of a substance most, if not all, of us need for us to feel, think, and function like everyone else who was lucky to not need to go through this anguish on a daily basis. We don't need to use more than what our doctors say we need, and it's not like it's hurting us. See, I don't know who else may have this problem with random things working backwards or not, I.E. Coffee makes me sleep, energy pills made me sluggish, diet pills made me gain weight, and pickles make me hyper. If anyone else has those strange side effects, let me know, but if you take that example into mind, Margarita, you'll see that sometimes peoples bodies work differently. This medication can cause a person without ADD or anything else to get hyper, but with us, it calms us down. It helps us think more rationally and logically. Don't just assume we are drugged up for the sake of getting messed up. None of the people on this page are using it for 'harmless fun'. Maybe you have in your life, but we aren't like you. Not in any way. So please, if you ever come back to this site and read my really long message, please turn around and walk out of this site. We don't require you to insert your misguided opinions into our lives, we are having enough trouble getting ourselves onto a more stress-free, sturdy mindset.

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