Did They Stop Making The Roxane 54 411 Buprenorphine?

AWV304 Says:

I have been getting the generic Subutex Roxane brand 54 411 Buprenorphine tablets for months now from Walmart pharmacy and the past two times I've gotten my prescription filled there, I was given a different generic made by Hi Tech with an 8 and an arrow. I asked them why the change because those little tablets just are not the same and they said the Roxane ones could not be ordered. I called around to other pharmacies I have gotten my prescription filled at before also and was also told that the Mylan M 924s can no longer be ordered either. What's going on with the Roxane and Mylan Buprenorphine tablets? Did they stop making them or is there some kind of shortage? I had the choice of getting the small Hi Tech tablets which seem alot less potent than the Roxane or the Actavis 153 half moon orange tablets which I cannot stand at all. Has anyone else had a problem getting the Roxanes or the Mylans or know for sure what's happening? I did see that Roxane merged with West Ward but don't know if that has anything to do with it or when the merge occurred and the 54 411 tablets are still listed on the West Ward site as a medication they manufacturer. I've heard everything from they are not making either of the brands anymore to there is just a temporary shortage of the brands.

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Sad but true Says:

I wish I knew. I am scared not to get my 54 411 buprenorphine.

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AWV304 Says:

A few people I know have been able to get the Roxane 54 411s so apparently they were on backorder or something. I did check the West Ward site (company Roxane merged with) and it appears they are still making the 54 411 Buprenorphine.

Also, I found the Mylan site regarding the Mylan M 924 brand Buprenorphine tablets and I did shoot them an email regarding why the M 924 tablets weren't available and they did respond to me in less than 24 hours via a phone call and left a voicemail stating that the M 924 tablets are still being made, they are just on backorder and should be available again starting the week of July 24th.

This definitely cleared some things up for me but there's still a question about the Roxane brand, I'm not sure whether some pharmacies had some of that brand left in stock and still have some to fill prescriptions with or if they have started delivering to all of their regular carriers again. I will attempt to contact Roxane/West Ward again and see if I can get any type of definite answer from them. I emailed previously and did not receive any type of response from them. I know I absolutely hate the Hi Tech brand and the Actavis brand both, neither seem to work like the Roxane or the Mylan Buprenorphine tablets.

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Cxxl9 Says:

Were you able to find anything else out about Roxane/westward? I called them and was told that they are available and being distributed so they aren't sure why the pharmacies aren't able to get them. I had a call so many pharmacies to find one that had westward. It's crazy bc I have been on it for years and have never had a problem getting it up until a couple weeks ago. I hope this is just temporary.

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Struggle Says:

I have been having the same problem at my pharm. I have been super tired and sluggish taking the little white ones and I was always on the 54 411s. Please post if u find out anything about the 54 411s. I am going to try to see if I can find a dif pharmacy that will order them considering my pharmacy acts like its a huge deal that I even ask for the 54s. Total BS!!!!! Keep us posted please. Im n ohio I dont know if its any dif here. Please help!!!!!#

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Luxor Says:

This is Nov 20th 2017. I'm trying to find out if the Generic buprenorphine Roxanne,54 411 are still available. or if they discontinued them? I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you.

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Luxor Says:

Re: Struggle (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I get mine In Ohio too and have been having the same problem.. if anyone out there knows if they stop making 54 411 let me know. I want to make sure pharmacies are not trying to control what medicine I spend my money on.

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Sutton11 Says:

Re: Luxor (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on hi-tech for years. Then this past weekend went to get my meds filled and was shocked to see they gave me the 54 411’s from Roxane Labs, which led me to this thread. So they are still making/distributing them. I’ve been in them for just 3 days and I don’t care for them as much as I did the Hi-Tech. I’m guessing it what you are using to. This pill is HUGE! And I usually 1/2 them, but these seem impossible to half evenly.

Good luck with everyone, I hope you get the MFG you want. I hate that the pharmacy chooses for us after years of brand loyalty!

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Jeff Says:

Re: Luxor (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on buprenorphine for 3 years. Publix recently switched to the brand that has the 460 imprint. I immediately started having upset stomach, withdrawal symptoms after 3-4 hours, no energy and felt terrible. I Live in Palm Beach county Florida. I went to my doctor and explained everything. He gave me a different Pharmacy who carries the Roxane brand. They even delivered the prescribed pills to me. So, Roxane either still makes and distributes them or they just had plenty in stock. The 460 imprinted tablets are horrible. The new Pharmacy is Not a major one, like CVS or Walmart. I pay a little more, $4 each compared to $ 2.75 each, but it's worth the difference.

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Vacationer Says:

Re: Jeff (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I am visiting Florida and we are leaving tomorrow morning. My pharmacy has never been out ever but of course they were today. Could you please tell me your pharmacy's name or phone number so I can GPS tomorrow when I get there to fill my script? I have one days worth left and need to find a pharmacy in Florida with a reasonable price.

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Goozer Says:

They still make the 54 411 but roxanne sold out to westward and westward uses their own formulation with the same imprints. That's why you see a huge appearance difference in the two since last year. Old Roxannes are shiny coated and not as crumbly as the new 54 411 and by now I'm sure most if not all pharmacies have already dispensed the remaining sealed bottles of the og Roxannes. Now you will have to take westward 54 411 which are not good. Just compare the images of the same pill from two years back and you will see a huge appearance difference. I recently heard they may discontinue bup, hopefully not though. With all that being said, I suggest getting the Rhodes generic. It is the newest put as of Oct 2017 with imprints RP b 8. They are easily 2 times more efficient than Roxanes now westward pharma and are made by Purdue. Get those and you will be very happy for the switch. They are hard to find though. Will most likely have to ask your pharmacy to order it and if they say no take your business elsewhere to a mom and pops shop that is located nearby to meet your needs like all pharmacies should as they are only in business because of us.

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Jaydee Says:

Re: Struggle (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I am in Louisiana and we have got the 54 411, but not mylan m924, they have been on back order for months! Now we have sun pharma with 460 on them, and they do not do anything, i felt bad for a month when taking those! But luckily 54 411, is always on stock at 3 different pharmacies!!

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Mica Says:

Re: Jaydee (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Can I please ask which pharmacies carry the Roxanne's (54 411's)?

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Jackie Says:

I have been taking the mylan 924s they help me the best I've seen the orange ones and the ones with the 8 and arrow but didn't know about the 54 411s.Every CVS and Wal-Mart doesn't have any mylans 924s that I like the most but mylan still make Xanax no shortage on those so I do t see them not making the subs.I didn't care for the 54 411 they give me migraines but I dealt with it for a month and switched to the 8s with an arrow.They are what we will be taking until the 924s are back in the pharmacys.I was just wondering why mylan are in backorder on the 924 subs cause that's all that helps me I don't want to relapse or just withdraw I have a life still and things I have to do.I can't do that of I can't get out of bed.

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Jackie Says:

I have been taking the mylan 924s they help me the best I've seen the orange ones and the ones with the 8 and arrow but didn't know about the 54 411s. Every CVS and Wal-Mart doesn't have any mylans 924s that I like the most but mylan still make Xanax no shortage on those so I do t see them not making the subs. I didn't care for the 54 411 they give me migraines but I dealt with it for a month and switched to the 8s with an arrow. They are what we will be taking until the 924s are back in the pharmacys. I was just wondering why mylan are in backorder on the 924 subs cause that's all that helps me I don't want to relapse or just withdraw I have a life still and things I have to do. I can't do that of I can't get out of bed. Also im in Land O Lakes Fl. They have the 54 411s but no mylans that's all I care about is my 924s.

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Jackie Says:

Re: AWV304 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

July 24th - that's a couple months away and me and my friend only do good on the mylans. All the others can't compare but different people react differently to meds. We are taking the 8s with an arrow but those are just to get by and now we have to go another month or 2 til the pharmacies might start selling the 924s again. That's crazy.

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Krissy Says:

I am going through the same, it got to the point I had to get the dr to write I needed 411 's, now they are on back order with to be determined !!!! So mad and those tiny things aren't the same to much filler!!! I guess it's time to be done with them since we can't order the 54-411s!

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Certifiedaddict Says:

Re: Krissy (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Try getting the Milan brand.. I get them every month and yes every once in a while they are on back order but they always usually come threw... and they are just as good as the 54 411s. Or try activist... those are my back up brands.

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subs saved my life Says:

I saw your post and i was getting Mylan brand at my CVS here in northern California. They only had 30 available. I went back today and picked up the last 90 and got three bottles of Westward manuf. Buprenorphine and the tablets are the 54 411 and in my opinion are a little better and smaller than Mylan and taste lousy. But I am happy with them very much. Hi Tech are pure s***. So they are available out here but the bottle says Westward Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey.

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Colton Says:


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Daveyjones Says:

Re: Cxxl9 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I feel you. I was on the 54s for 3 years almost 4 straight without taking any other brand in between. Now all of a sudden my pharmacy switched to the newer high quality rhodes co. 8b RP ones. And honestly if you can't find your 54s in your area try asking your pharmacy to order these RP 8b rhodes company tablets. They are identical in shape to the 54s. And they are great. I made the switch to them from the 54s flawlessly after 4 years. Also they have less or more easily dissolvable fillers so when it comes to dossing. There's WAY less bunk left over. HOPE THE FEEDBACK HELPS. Coming from a long time 54 (roxanne) consumer.

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Mikey Says:

Re: Nikki (# 191) Expand Referenced Message

I'm from WV too. It's gotten worse now I've heard the little ones is all you can get now unfortunately I don't know what is going on as if we don't have it bad enough we now gotta contend with this BS.

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Leanne Says:

Re: Sad but true (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

A new company named Hi-tech is producing them in NJ. I had same problem but went to old pharmacy and they have 54-411

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Nikki Says:

Re: Struggle (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I am in WV and we have not been able to get 54 411 since May. June and July I have received RP b8 and I hate them so much. I hear that The end of July the 54 411 will be back

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Barney Says:

I know this is a very old post, but I just found this message board. I had been getting 54 for 11s for about eight months. I was on them longer than that. Yes, I need them to keep me clean off of other drugs, but I don't want to die over it. That's why I started taking the subs, to keep myself clean off of other street drugs. Fortunately, I found a doctor that accepted me as a new patient and everything was going well for the first eight months. June of this year made it the eight month that I was going to this doctor. The doctor hooked me up with a pharmacy, which was MedFast. I went there, just like I did several times before. But this time, they said that they didn't have my prescription. So I called my doctor, and they assured me that they did send it over to them.

Upon returning to the pharmacy, they admitted having it, however they needed to ask me a few questions. No problem, I said, and they proceeded to ask me if I was HIV or AIDS positive. I told them that it was a very personal question, but I answered truthfully that I was not. Let me clarify that I am a 35-year-old male, and I don't have any feminine features (I have to add this in because of the next part). To my utter surprise, the next question was if I was pregnant or breastfeeding! Feeling absurd, I asked if I looked like I was pregnant or breastfeeding. She said she had to ask me, which was alarming. Then she proceeded to tell me that I was no longer allowed to receive 54 411's, that I had to switch over to the strips.

I was taken aback and retorted with, "When did you guys become my doctor and start deciding what I can and cannot have?" I reminded them that if they were indeed my doctor, they would know that they had already tried to give me strips — to which I'm allergic. Despite my resistance, they refused to fulfill my prescriptions and implicitly suggested I find another pharmacy. To make matters worse, I was paying cash because they said that my insurance wouldn't cover Subutex. They were charging me almost $400 for 56 tablets! Eventually, I got a hold of Rite Aid. They filled it and only charged me $49 because I had a get well card and a GoodRX coupon. Now the only problem I'm having with Rite Aid, is they're running out of the 54 411's because I'm guessing so many people are going there. As a result, it's a hit and miss if I'll be able to receive my prescription on time, or if I'll have to wait five, maybe ten days. And every pharmacy that denied me is blaming it on the DEA.

I understand that they're cracking down on people, but what I don't understand is, we're trying to better ourselves. We use this drug to keep us clean, to keep us on a good path in life. I literally consider it a miracle drug because I don't have to chase opioids no more. Consequently, I get my prescription, I take one in the morning before work, and one in the evening. I don't abuse it, nor do I sell them because I need them. I'm literally doing what I'm supposed to do with them, and they keep me on the right path. Yet, the DEA is going to tell me no, I'm not allowed to have them because I don't have AIDS or I'm not pregnant. To me, that's absurd!

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Ruth Ann Says:

Re: Daveyjones (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

I was just told at my Pharmacy last week that the company that makes 54 411 went out of business so I had to get the RPs I miss my 54 411s hopefully it isn’t true

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Don Says:

What my pharmacy told me which is medfast That the 54 411are on back order They will have them in a few days so I went to giant eagle and asked if they can fill a 10 day prescription just to get me through and they said they had the 54 411Well they didn't lie but they kind of lied They only had 4 of my normal tablets and then they gave me the rest and 460 tablets I won't lie I'm kind of nervous on taking them I've been on my normal tablets for almost 3 years now and I hate switching I understand they're the same thing but yeah maybe it's a mind control thing I'm not really sure

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Taz Says:

They are made by hikma. I prefer the hitek brand but pharmacy just told me they are discontinuing hitek so i got the 54 411s by hikma. They take forever to dissolve compared to hi tek. I hate them

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Tarasme Says:

Re: Panink (# 185) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah i pay for mine and its expensive but to me its better than the alternative getting the orange ones or the little tiny ones because ill end up having to do a higher dosage and my dr that wrote 3 a day can no longer write tex in my state but can box makes no sense but i think too many were abusing the provider and getting them when dont really need them and got it fed off for everyone. So now i only get 2 a day unless i want to have to be seen i person. On top of that worrying about finding a pharmacy is even harder i just wish theyd lower their prices. You can find them cheap enough but you dont know what brand youll get from one month to the next its just whatever they have on handbwhich is why its cheaper i guess

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Panink Says:

Re: Sad but true (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yea I only trust 54/411 that's all I can trust. And all. Will pay for. If they start putting stuff in meds I don't think mylan or Roxane or westward needs to stop making there pills. People will get pissed. Bc there big tabs and there balanced better. I will go black market if it have to

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Mandi Says:

Re: Jj (# 169) Expand Referenced Message

Are the Roxane and hikma tablets exactly the same? I got the new ones through hikma that look the same as Roxane but it seems like they have a different taste. Wondering if they changed anything with them through this new brand. Also the pharmacy told me they were hikma but my bottle says mfg: glaxo smithKline. 54 411.

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