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Watson 795 imprint on a small blue pill

Small blue pill with Watson 795 on one side and nothing on the other. What is this pill? ## I need to know what they are? ## I have a pill that says watson 795 and i need to know what they are? ## i had two bottles of pills that had only two or three pills in them and i put them all together in another bottle tha was pretty much a full prescription and now i dont know what it is. can you please help me identify these pills it has watson 795 on the pill? thank you ## Pill Image This is Dicyclomine 20mgs, a generic for Bentyl which is used to treat certain bowel disorders, such as IBS. ## red capsule hpc one side 170 on the other please id ty ## This is a medication called Zebutal, it contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen, 50mgs of Butalbital, and 40mgs of Caffeine. This is headache med, used ...

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rugby 3377

rugby 3377 ## need name of following pill which my wife has used for ulcer pain.light blue round tablet,one side has imprint 3377 and other side has name rugby thank you ## This med had been discontinued by Rugby, it is Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 20mgs. It is still available, however, from other companies. One of the various brand names for it is Bentyl. If this was prescribed for your wife, isn't the name on the bottle label or prescribing information?

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