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MSJ Diazepam

Small round blue tablet msj wrote on 1 side and a line on the other side. Are these safe and are they diazepam? ## MSJ with a score mark on the other side have been identified as 10mg Diazepam tablets from Sweden, this is the active ingredient in Valium. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizzines and irritability. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## There are pirate versions of these from Sri Lanka, look the same but strength (assuming it was correct information) varies from 8 to 30 mg. ## yes there safe and i bought 300 they are just as good as activis if trust me ## I just have a batch of MSJ and they're bloody strong, I normally take up to 20 Blues (u.k Actavis) but 4 of these knock me out. I'm not sure where they're f...

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Actavis Diazepam 10mg fakes

Hey I live in glasgow uk and there are plenty of boxes of actavis 5 mg yellow diazepam going around many different pharmacies are selling them by the thousand at around £135 to £150 or people selling them in single boxes for £10 a box . I have been using these for anxiety. and don't feel anything from them due to my high tolerance to drugs . But I soon notice if I skip a dose and feel the onset of withdrawal . But I wonder why so many different people have these by the thousand unless there's a factory churning them out and they are being rerouted to scotland. as you know there are fake pills going around and if that's what I'm taking I'd like to know what I am taking. ## I find it very strange that you would skip a dose of Diazepam and feel "onset...

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Diazepam by crescent pharma

Are the 5 mg A 273 diazepam tablets a good brand? I also want to know if these even work? ## Hello guys. I've gotten a prescription of crescent diazepam 5mg with box, Braille and leaflet. I know there are tons of bad actavis 10's out there so thought I would request these yellow ones instead. They have A 273 on one side and a half moon on the other. Just wondering if anyone has heard of them in Uk? Ty ## Were they fake 5 mg. Crescent diazapan in wider foil strips ## Because we all react/respond differently, the only honest way to know how you'll feel relative to other brands is to try it for yourself and be your own best judge based on prior experiences. What works well for some people may not be good at all for others... But if you find a certain manufacturer's brand or...

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Bensedin same lot numbers

Hi all. I've just recieved 4 packs of bensedin but a bit concerned as my previous lots have been the same lot number lot 54540 exp 12/2023. I've noticed that not all of the tablets taste the same. All i can say is if they are counterfiet (which i'm sure they are), they do contain diazepam (I'd say around 4mg). I can also assume they're even getting the replica hologram stickers. Yes it's a bit of work to go through but once they have all the set up they can churn out as many as they want. I'd say 3 to 4 yrs back they were the real deal but as soon as there is money to be made from a brand people trust it's game over. And they obviously check the forums for brands people say are less likely faked, hence they know people will go for those brands. Well at le...

Etizolam the same as Diazepam?

I’m currently prescribed diazepam (up to 20mg daily). Does any know if ATIZOLM Etizolam by signature labs made in India is legit and can help you lower your diazepam dose if done correctly? Do any diazepam patients have any experience with Etizolam? Brands? Doses? Effects? Etc. ## Have just received actavis 10mg diazepam but the company says they are actually ETIZOLAM.... are they safe?.. What does etizolam do? Is it very strong? Any advice be most helpful thanks.... Shona ## Hi why is etizolam called Street valium?.. Just received them thinking I was getting diazepam Indian company tricked me but at least I got something... Im bit scared too try are these OK friends?.. Any help is appreciated

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Neliz diazepam 10mg

I have some 10mg Neliz diazepam tablets. Flat white tablets with a dividing line on one side. No other markings. They come in foil strips of 14 tablets per strip. Has anyone heard of these or had any experience with them? ## Hello Barry, I was able to find some pills that matched your description. It seems that Terapia Ranbaxy is the manufacturer who makes these pills. Here is some useful information I was able to find on Diazepam according to the National Institute of Health. Primary Use: This medications primary use is to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawls, tremors and to control seizures. Warnings: Notify your doctor immediately if you develop a rapid heart rate, chest pain, yellowing of eyes or skin, mood changes, incoordination, strange thoughts, mental confusion or depres...

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How do I get Diazepam out of my system

I have been dealing with anxiety attacks and insomnia for years. Recently I have seen my physician to get a " Handle" on my anxiety and sleeplessness. The medication prescribed to me was causing adverse effects. So after contacting my physician and discussing other possible medications to treat my ailment another medication was prescribed to take the place of the previously prescribed TRAZEDONE. Being I go through the VA, I must wait for my meds to be mailed to me, sometimes taking over a week to get to me via mail, suffering in the meantime at night. So over the last 3 weeks I have taken 5 mg of DIAZEPAM to help me sleep as I still am waiting for my prescribed med.. Completly unaware that not only does DIAZEPAM have addictive properties but it also stays in your system for an e...

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White d10 valium are they fake

Said to be from a chemist in a bottle this person gets them regularly and has had white ones before, she hasn't had them in ages and today she came back with the white D10s. Are these real? ## They're too soft to be real. They have the sweet taste but no chemical diazepam-like taste. It could be something else. In my opinion they are fake. ## I have some blue pills and are supposedly diazepam (valium). They have d/10 on one side and the other side it is completely blank. I dabbed my tongue on it and it turned the pale blue into a very dark blue. Suspected to have Etizolam in them instead but need verification. ## I have the same not sure if real came in a usp tub ## I have been given what is ment to be valium white d 10 on one side and nothing on the other . Are they safe to tak...

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Diazepam 10mg foreign

I purchased 10 mg diazepam some were light blue which were scored along one side and 10 on the other. The others were darker blue and said mono 10 on one side and scored on the other. These sed foreign pills coming to the uk through various means but ars still 20 mg diazepam. I find the light blue ones mentioned first are slow release therefore not as good tht darker mono 10 are far quicker to get into your system I find these better for myself but I have a very high Tolerance to prescription medication. These tablets although not made in this country are still the same but made differently, be careful find a buyer you trust as people will sell you anything nowadays. The best way is to travel and purchase in person as my friend does. But everyone is different please take as advised only...

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Crescent Diazepam box id

I know the colour of the pill. I know what the pill looks like & I know who makes it. But does anyone know what the box colour of the 10mg looks like? I have one box of 10mg red and white, but my new box is 10mg brown and white, with the 10mg in a green circle. This is the same colour of the 2 mg tabs. Does anyone know if they changed the box? I've looked all over the net and can not find out. Any ideas? ## Hi. I received exactly the same ones. Creamy/yellow and white box with the green 10mg Logo. When I looked it up these are the 2mg boxes. Inside though the tablets and red blister packets looks good. So I don't know what to think as I can't find this box on the internet anywhere. Tablets have 278 with A above on the one side and a ) on the other. ## Also, the gs1 bar c...

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Diazepam 10mg c dc are they legitimate?

Diazepam 10mg c dc light blue with the letter C above score line and DC bellow line. Says Actavis on strip. They do not look like other brands I have used in the past. How can I tell if they're from the manufacturer I usually get my scripts filled with? I would be grateful for any input. Thanks. ## yes they work these c-dc diazipan pills they are the 3 worlds top leading pharmacutical company in the world so i would say yes they're ok to use. actavis is the company who makes them. they are a top company. ## Please can u help?... I live in Australia, suffer terrible Anxiety & Panic Attacks... Doctor prescribes me 5mg Diazepam to take as needed, but as needed is not enough.. 10mg not available here... Long story short, bought online several times from different sites & eit...

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Roche 10mg Diazepam - what type of benzo?

So I have a few Roche 10mg diazepam. They are quite hard pressed but do break up quite fast under tongue but very little or no taste. From a psychological stand point this threw me a bit because all diazepam or benzos for that matter have had a slight bitter taste once left to melt under tongue, so I got the trusty test kit out and indeed found they did contain a benzo of some sort. I'd tested them for fentanyl to and it came back negative and they do work very fast in my anxiety and sure enough get me off to sleep just from one tab as opposed to the usual higher dose of actavis. Anyone know what type of benzo is tasteless and works so well? I'm under no illusion they are legitimate diazepam but just asking as the knowledge base here is quite high. Cheers in advance fellow stugg...

How can you tell if Teva + Actavis Diazepam in blister boxes are legitimate?

As above, filled in England and are in same boxes as you get from chemists. TEVA/MA HOLDER + ACTAVIS diazepam BUT HOW CAN YOU TELL IF THEY ARE LEGITIMATE DIAZEPAM OR COPIES WITH NO OR 1-3mgs OF DIAZEPAM IN THEM??? Have you had them too and do you know if they are a good brand please. Cheers. ## If they don't have a pharmacy sticker which a name on them they are probably counterfeit ! ## CHEERZ DB IN GLASGOW PAL.I THOUGHT THAT ASWELL. The benzo... Taste and wen you breakup 2-3 in your mouth is same BUT YOU FEEL NO BENEFIT FROM THEM AT ALL. I also wondered were they were coming from, e.g:- England or Europe or elsewhere. Thanks m8. I 99.5% KNEW THEYD BE FAKES BUT THEY COPY EVEN THE BOXES, BLISTER PACKS OF 2 x 14, AND LEAFLETS INSIDE EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. I ALWAYS THINK YOUD BE LUCKY I...

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Actavis Diazepam tubs

Has anyone ever heard off actavis 10mgs in tubs not strips ? Just been offered them but can find no information on that particular packaging. ## They're fake! Also if the activis don't come in a strip it's also fake 2mg/c/da, 5mg, c/db,10mg,Cd/c, is always how they come. Activis taste fine no bad taste whatsoever, diazepam are rechid things. I've been on extremely high doses for 15 yrs. They've ruined my life, please listen if you are not getting them from a reputable pharmacy 98% there fake organised crime know the extremely large profits involved, they duplicate the boxes labels strips etc. it's not that expensive to set up a black market lab cause the profits are rediculousley high, take it from someone who's been there, and if you think big name pharmacy...

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Is this legitimate Diazepam / zopiclone?

Lost my husband four months ago and my doctor would not help me, so I went online and got 30 Diazepam and 30 zopiclone. It cost me £173.00 from a company called rx-mart. Has any one used this company? They say that there FDA approved. Tablets turned up and the Diazepam 10mg is a small round tablet no markings and the zolpiclone 7.5mg has a Z9 on it. It seemed a lot of money but I just keep thinking if you buy cheep then they're going to be fake. So can any one tell me if the pills are legitimate? I have not tried them yet so I am hope in that they will work - if you have any info whatsoever I would appreciate it as I don't have a clue and why doctors are so reluctant to give me this medication. So stupid. Thank you! ## I hope you got an answer, if you didn't and still n...

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Blue 10mg diazepam ma holder teva uk ltd 86644 u

I received Blue Diazapam with 10 on one side and a line in the middle on the other side ## Hi mate. I had the exact same stuff recently. How would you rate them? ## Well I thought they might be bad, but to honest I think there're the legitimate med as are effective at night time and I take 5mg. Hope that helps... ## I've just refilled my script with these MA Holder Diazapam. They are definitely doing the job. ## I have just received my Diazepam 10 mg from different manufacture namely TEVA and have a line in middle on one side and 10 on the other, Are these a good brand from my pharmacy as I've always recieved Actavis 10 mg? Im being prescribed these for Nerves and Anxiety. Would be grateful for reply as a person I know being prescribed them say they don't work the same. ...

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zepoze by nps pharmacy

anyone here of this pharmacy? in india? ## I received the same Zepoze from Nps Pharmacy. Big round flakey pills with no markings or line to separate. Has anyone tried these? They look totally fake. I have had a prescription for over 5 years and have purchased in many parts of Mexico and have always been happy. I hold on my Visa card. ## Zepose is listed as containing the active ingredient Diazepam, which is a benzodiazepine that is most commonly used to treat anxiety, and nervous disorders. However, since they are not available in the U.S., there is no way to be sure that's what you actually received. Unfortunately, there have been times when foreign sources have been unreliable, for example, a few years ago, there were some posts on here where quite a few people all received the sa...

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Diazepam 10mg zepose by cipla

Are these 10mg diazepam from india the real deal and has any 1 had any bad reactions off them? cheers, as i need them for alcohol withdraw. I'm grateful for any positive feedback. Cheers. ## No bad reactions, the Zepose I receive always are consistent in dose. 20mg is currently digesting in my system and is taking away opiate withdrawal symptoms nicely. Perhaps I've been lucky - however I've taken hundreds of Zepose from different sources - as well as real prescibed brands such as MSJ and Roche and cant tell a single difference. ## I think they are very good, Zepose 10mg in white, I havent had any side effects and have been safe enuff, i take 20 10mg a day and im ok, is it the Zepose ones ure using? x Hope this helps a little x ## No they are not real. If so very weak. I tak...

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Actavis diazepam

I have recently received through my pharmacy a bottle of Watsons diazepam but when I have gone to take them they are so obviously actavis and they do not work and taste like poison ie not diazepam has anyone else had this problem thanks ## tubs of 100 fake watsons goin about contain zopliclone i think say cdc on tablets blue 10mg look very legit ## Thanks I knew they were dodgy, they tasted like hell ## They taste vile but act as a sedative. A stop gap for Diazepam which seems unobtainable.

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Cost of diazepam zepose 10

What is the price in £ sterling to fill a prescription of zepose-10 diazepam? ## Zepoze are probably the best diazepam I've had, trust me I've had a lot brands filled over the years and they are quality.... ## £0.16 per pill if you can find a pharmacy that will fill it. ## Zepoze 10 mg from India not labeled Zepose or Cipro. Anyone else receive these? Are they truly diazepam? ## Sleepa last year did you post about Ziproze (not Ziprose) from India that is not labeled Cipro? ## Sleepa correction Zepoze (not Zepose). Sorry. Thanks. ## Have u got a website that would fill a prescription for these? {edited for privacy}

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