Diazepam Tablets I P 10mg Tablet By Zepose

brick1981 Says:

The 10mg valium from India is totally legitimate. For me, with high tolerance, they work better than the US drugs. The manufacturer is Zepose. I highly recommend these. They are without imprints yet have scoring on the back so that you can break them into smaller dosages.

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David Says:

I've always been partial to the idea of having to order my medications over the internet versus obtaining a valid prescription from a doctor. But I am still glad to hear you were able to find a company that carries real medication and not complete fakes. That is a triumph in and of itself, considering all the fraudulent products that are out on the foreign market.

I did want to mention though, that Zepose is actually an Indian brand name of Diazepam and not who the manufacturer is as you may have been led to believe. Someone in another thread had mentioned that the manufacturer was Cipla Limited (out of Mumbai India). However, without imprints this pill is only as good as people say it is. There are no legitimate ways to ID something without a marking otherwise... But I guess all that matters is that it works really well for you.

Hope this helps!

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supernova Says:

Zeopose 10 is about 1 mg of phenobarbital and contains NO benzo at all. When taken they cause an onset of drowsiness with no anxiolytic or relaxant effects. None what so ever - only drowsiness that lasts about 1/2 hour followed by NOTHING. They aren't worth anything besides seizure disorder or sleep problems.

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Supernova Says:

Cipla is a basement company pumping out complete fakes including sending out compressed dirt in the form of clonazepam. CIPLA BEWARE, COMPLETE BULLS***.

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Mick Says:

There all snides been taking valium-diazepam for 20+yrs i have tried every form shape size and colour and no matter who makes the pills regarding branding or which company name is printed on the box bottle or blister pack they are all counterfeit and not properly regulated some are placebos others may contain valium but certainly not the amount stated on the pills so what makes up the rest of the formula???!!.be careful.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

I agree with supernova comments made on January 8th, 2016. Zepose is a brand name of India, but I have personally received fakes of blister packs of 10 mg Zepose mfg in India through a license from a Saudi Arabia entity. Effective Feb 2, 2017 there is now 60 different pharma firms in India, that manufacture 112 brands and generics of Diazepam!!! In the prestige Martindale The 38th edition (The Extra Pharmacopoeia) printed in the year 2014, by Pharmaceutical Press, the publishing division of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain covering 6,000+ ethical pharmaceuticals in forty three countries of the modern industrialized world, "Martindale" only lists, twenty two (22) brand names of Diazepam they have investigated, for the international bible for pharmacists in the modern world since the year 1883, yes, over 114 years! It is expensive, and has this info comes from page 1071 out of a two volume set of books of 4,596 pages and weights over six kilos including the shipping crate from London UK to my residence! Note: the 22 brand names are too many to list but are exclusively for the country of INDIA and, there are many other lists of Diazepam for other countries, on all 5 Continents.

The most common countries with the most brand names of Diazepam by far are Thailand, with, 32 brand names of Diazepam in year 2014, and, with, Brazil, with 14, and, Argentina with 12 brands of Diazepam. Martindale listed 40 of 43 total countries in calendar year 2014 who still manufactured brand name Diazepam under protected trade name products, including Russia, and Hong Kong!

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Mike Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Please tell me if it is legal to fill a Valium prescription online? If so, how? I have a Xanax script for back spasms. I'm having back surgery in two weeks and my doctor won't give me anything except the Xanax.

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Mike Says:

how do I go about filling a Valium rx on line? I have also had a Xanax script for twenty years now but I'm looking for a doctor that will write me Valium instead.

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