Diazepam Prodes Kern Pharma

Rachel Says:

Has anyone had these recently? Think Italian or French. Just received my prescription refill of 30 tablets and never heard of this brand. Its spelled diazepan prodes 10mg comprimidos by kern pharma. I understand the spelling is different as a different language, found the company website and it seems legitimate. Has anyone ever used this brand please and can you describe the pill and any side effects? Nothing else about it that I can find, although most of it isn't in English anyway.

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Julia Says:

I too have received them for first time..idk if they're ok I haven't tried yet but the pharmacy that I got them from has always been ok...

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VerFree Says:

Have either of you tried it, yet?

If it is from a licensed pharmacy, there shouldn't be a problem, but the way any given product works for any specific person can vary, since we are all different.

Diazepam is a benzodiazepine, so it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability.

Has anyone else tried this product?

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Mike Says:

Re: Julia (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have them myself from kern pharma. The 10 mg are under strength, more like 5mg. Pale blue small rounded tablet.

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Chinaman Says:

Mike (# 4) --

Yes I got them, seem decent enough, I'd say between 5mg and 7mg of the active ingredient in them.

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Chubby1 Says:

I have a prescription of 30 x 10mg Diazepam from Kern Pharma. They have a 10 on one side and are blank on the other side. Are they a good brand?

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Chinaman Says:

Chubby1 (# 8) --

Yes they are good in my opinion, I believe about 7mg of diazepam in the tablets, not the 10mg they should be, maybe that's just me.

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JohnnyjBelfastboy Says:

Re: Julia (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

No worries. I got a 30 package of 10 mg tablets. Very small with 10 printed on the side. Absolutely fine. They're no different from normal uk ones AT ALL. Taken 3 different times over a year n they're from kern pharmacy. Exactly the same printed on mine spelt DiazepaN... tho look near the bottom and it is spelt correctly, DiazepaM.. Weird I know.

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Le roy Says:

Kern prides are decent everyday vals. They are small light blue pills with 10 on one side. Caution: They are in strips of 30. There's been some counterfeits appearing as usual but they are strips of 10, so don't go near them. Not the best I've ever had but far from being the worst. They work for me better than galenkas and I'm am very happy with them. No issues at all. Hope this helps.

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Lewikern Says:

Mike are same but white with 10 on one side on blister sheet of 30... are they legitimate?

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Shy Ann Says:

Re: Lewikern (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I've only seen light blue ones with 10 on one side....

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Rachel Says:

I've used these before i found that they were real. I scanned the bar code on the box and straight away it came up as diazepan 10 ml prodes also had a info leaflet in the box everything matched there very small blue pill with just 10 on and also came in a 30 pill tray.

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Smokey347 Says:

If they come in 100s & thousands like they do then it’s not diazepam. If you’re a regular benzo user with a tolerance and go without diazepam for 2-3 days and 1 or half a pill does not hit you (and I mean hit you for long and like Diaz should even in low dose) then I can more or less guarantee they are just like galenika, actavis and other counterfeit brands just like the Xanax Upjohn 90s that supposedly come from Spain. 1mg of Xanax would wack you out of it. 1 of these d10 prodes would not do what 10mg valium/diazepam should. Again, like the rest of the brands mentioned street drugs like these are filled with Etizolam, phenazepam, flualprozolam, caffeine, etc. Pressed into a common name! People need to be careful!

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paulie Says:

These are nothing more than Caffiene and Etizolam. Yes there is a company ESP that produce these but they are not common. Walk into a chemist in Spain and ask what brands of Valium they have and their is your answer. Someone smart but still a scam if you ask me, illegal UK pill pressers caught onto these generics and started illegally making blister that look the exact same! They are not diazepam tho! As mentioned below they’re just like galenika and Xanax sticks ie. either laced with fentanyl, tramadol, anti-psychotics, anti-histamines, anti-depressants, melatonin & other reacher chemicals (benzos) that haven’t been approved by FDA. It’s false packaging.

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RachelG Says:

Exactly lol. People are taking what they think is a diazepam 10mg; the pill is blue with a ten imprint, the blister is labeled Diazepan prodes comprimidos by kern. Just like Xanax 2mg train tracks. People think they’re taking alprazolam / Xanax. In reality, like mentioned, most of the time it’s phenergan/promethazine & melatonin sometimes it’s tramadol and caffeine and sometimes it is these research chemicals I can’t understand it at all. Continuing testing pills as it’s shocking to find out what people are actually taking, I’ve witnessed Xanax bars been tested as two different antipsychotics, two different antihistamines, another drug for cancer, tramadol, pregabalin, etizolam or flualprazolam and all one one pill or bar it is sick! It’s disgusting what people are doing!

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Attila the hun Says:

Re: Chinaman (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

That is rubbish. The amount from a legitimate pharma is never wrong. If it says 10mg it's 10mg. I have never heard of them being faked so don't listen to the idiots. Kern Diazapam is legitimate 10 ml.

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Mike Says:

RachelG (# 17) --

Have you actually tried the product that is mentioned? I think people who have taken diazepam/Valium for long enough can tell if the tablets have diazepam or not in them. Surely. lol

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Danni Says:

Re: Mike (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I have them in pack of 10. I think these are the ones with Etizolam in them. Mine are white and have a bit of a bitter taste and turns to mush in my mouth lol.

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Danni Says:

Attila the hun (# 18) --

I got one tested and it had Etizolam in them.

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Danni Says:

Re: Danni (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Yup there the ones. Mushy mushy lol. I just found 5 under my drawer lol not had them since last xmas

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Dez Says:

Re: Attila the hun (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Lol I have kern Diazepam 10mg white blank on one side and a line on the other in strips of 10. I know the taste and feeling you should get they are fine. Neve had blue 10mg kern so don't know about those

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