Diazepam Zepose 10 White With Cross

March Says:

I take diazepam tablets every day as prescribed. I've seen at least 20 from india and say zepose 10 on them. I know they are diazepam but i am just wondering if any 1 else is also taking this brand? They are white with a cross on them in a tiny strip, each strip containing 10 tablets. Just want to know if any body else has been dispensed them out there?

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Pete Says:

Yes they are diazapram, made in India. Knocks me out basically. - - feel quite hungover the morning after on them. Don't drive on them, and I would keep it to 10 mg not 20 mg which to me seems a bit high. I not a Dr tho.

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Non Addict Says:

It sounds like you are addicted to them and should seek medical attention. Who knows what it really is. It could be a horse tranquilizer for all you know.

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BTusa Says:

I recently got zepose 10 from Cipia from India. Total rip off. They MAY contain 1-2 MG of something that makes you a bit drowsy, but that's it. Buyer beware.

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Irastas Says:

Zepose are the highest selling brand of diazepam in India. It amazes me how many folk never check or research these things on the Internet. Knowledge is power!

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