Diazepam - Watson. 10mg C/dc - 100 Tablets

SelfProclaimedDocta Says:

I recently filled my prescription. It all looks the same including the pills, however the pills themselves have a fairly strong odor, taste EXTREMELY bitter and leave a bitter taste in your mouth for a long time after swallowing. Pills are light blue, well pressed and have a score down the middle of C/DC. They have no colour difference on the inside and outside and they all appear identical. When dropped in water they stayed buoyant until submerged. They do not dissolve if left but begin to crack very slowly. Shaking them in water does not cause them to dissolve but they do fall apart. SWIM has found that they still have some effect on him when ingested however he is unsure whether the effect is the same as when he has consumed 100% legitimate Diazepam. Also the following day SWIMs stomach has felt uneasy (although this could be attributed to mixing with other substances).

The Front of the label reads:
NDC 0591-5620-01
Diazepam IV
Tablets USP
10 mg C/DC
Watson. 100 Tablets Rx only

The side reads:
Each tablet contains Diazepam USP. 10mg
Dosage: See packages insert for dosage and full prescribing information.
Dispense in a tight, light-resistant container with child-resistant closure.
Store at 20 -25°C (68 -77°F). (See USP controlled room temperature.)

Manufactured By:
Watson Laboratories, Inc.
Corona, CA 92880 USA 173057
Distributed By: Watson Pharma, Inc.

The Bar Code side reads:
3 05915 6
LOT NO. 07565
EXP 04/2017

And finally the underside has two symbols side by side (one of them is a recycling symbol) and beneath: 1898/9

SWIM has no idea what these tablets contain but that was the full information he has about them. Please use this as a reference if evaluating the same brand, cross-reference your barcodes, expiration dates, etc. with those provided in a effort to learn more about what you are consuming.

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MakeOne Says:

Ive just got the exact same bottle

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Swim Says:

Me too. What do you think? Did they work etc ? Have u heard they are deffo legit or not etc
Pls help as just bought mine.

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Markiimg Says:

Hi my brother just got these, I'm presuming that they are 100% fake and have no. Diazepam in them, or do they have a reduced amount?

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John M. Says:

I'm sure you figured out this by now since I saw the date. These are obviously bought through your prescription at the pharmacy and I'm a pharmacist myself with overseas experience and also work in the United States as well so I understand the people that fill prescriptions on the internet which is extremely dangerous. I know that you have gotten it through prescription and you could have returned them to the pharmacy and they would have taken care of you, even though it was open and they're not supposed to give you new medication. It will still give you your medication that is another brand. Also make sure you call the company directly. Hope this helps.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Watson generic Diazepam 10mg for long time users was the absolute best generic USA version of Roche Valium, for a long, long time. That changed in the year 2013, when Watson labs was purchased 100% by USA Actavis Pharmaceuticals, Cranford New Jersey USA in late 2013. Many of my associates grieve the loss of original Watson 10 mg Diazepam, embossed 5620 Dan 10 in blue 10 mg tabs. The quality is not the same due to buffers & fillers (hearsay) for the USA market. The worst Diazepam generic's are Mylan. Avoid at all costs!!!

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Smick Says:

Mine sound the same. Mine have 1896/10 on 4 1896/9 on one. Barcode: 05915 6 2001. Lots the same: 07565. Exp: 04/2017

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Smick Says:

Just found out there is actually 8.48 mg of Diazepam, some lactose n stearic acid.

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fragster Says:

hi i have lots of them how did you find out they had .8 of valium in them take it u got them tested any news on them would be great they look totaly legit except for the scan code on them dont understand why u would make them look legit and no have any valium in them sounds like a waste of money to copy them etc ??

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used them Says:

They have 0% diazepam in the at all. They are zopiclone & food colouring.

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booboo46 Says:

nothing wrong with these me and a friend as been taking 2 for the last few days and they are bittter but they deffintly work because my friend gets proper ones on perscription off his doctor and he keeps asking for more everyday,he also likes them even though he says that they have a bitter taste.

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Adam Says:

Thank you for the great detail I was just curious if you're in the United States overseas? It'd be nice to talk to you again I probably could help you out with some information to thanks.

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Cranbir Says:

I have the same ones as yours. They came in a packet label the same as yours did. NDC: 0591-5032-01 but no CDC symbol plus lot no. is WPDM and expiry is 01/2018. They're little blue pellets with a dash in between. After reviewing them I'd say they're OK just a little under dosed. I suppose u get for what u pay for. They've definitely got something in them.

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The man Says:

I tried them last night and they were fine. Looked ok to me and melted in my mouth like the real diazipam

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D Says:

Just got actavis, blue tabs. Are they fake or what? Please advise...

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macbenzo Says:

Trust me folks, I'm a 53yr old scottish benzo connoisseur. I've been prescribed diazepam/temazepam since I was very young. What you guys have was going around lanarkshire/glasgow last year. The chappie shouting that they contain 8 somethin' milligrams is talking s***, sorry troops.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Beginning in late 2011, all of 2012 and all of 2013, the UK was flooded with fake Actavis Diazepam tablets, in blister packs, I was a victim of over this time frame of at least 20 boxes X 28 tabs of 10 mg light blue diazepam, from
a pharmacy with a 13 digit tracking number, and, some of the batches were DC 266 and with expiration date good three years out of a pharmacy (mfg date 09/2011 exp 09/2014). I will only state located around Skelmersdale in the UK. All boxes each had inserts that look very real, in English, Actavis, Barnstaple EX328NS UK Date of Revision August 2010. More recently, a vast amount of fakes were still proliferating throughout UK during the year 2015 & 2016 with Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing, but, the ingredients range from harmless buffers to so called designer benzodiazepines, but not the real thing, like original late Leo Sternback of Roche discovery in 1963 of pure diazepam! Some were Actavis, some were still imports, from before 2015. Wales chemists no longer test products outside the UK, as of the past two yrs. IOP's that participated in past fake Actavis and fake Roche Rivotril are all out of business; all, formerly with branch offices out of the UK in 2011, 2012, 2013 2014, and a brief restart/stop late 2015, early 2016, out of business (again).

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I got the same batch it leaves a zopiclone\zimavane taste in your mouth and a few hours after taking them I spewed!!

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Patrice Says:

Re: Swim (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Why are you using the name SWIM..
Someone who isn’t me? It’s really stupid, are you afraid the DEA are coming after you because you are asking about Diazepam??

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Tim Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I always (including today’s three month refill) get Watson 10mg diazepam. I’ve had them all but only the Watson brand works for me. They have always been consistent and fresh lot number. This is ordered from the pharmacy at Walmart. Look up pictures of blue 10mg. DAN 5620 scores tab. From USA

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April Says:

Re: Tim (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I recently switched from a different benzo to exactly what you have, but mine says the manufacturer is now Mayne pharmaceuticals, which I've read are from India. I had only been taking for two weeks and the pharmacy switched me from Mylan, which I thought was working well. I had side effects, but now I have different side effects, so I don't know if they are the from the med itself or this generic. In several days, I have the option to refill with my choice of the two brands. I thought Mylan worked better, but I don't know if that was just because it was new to me...I've read bad things about them too. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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