Diazepam Terapia

Leanne Says:

Can u please advise me about these pills? I have diazepam by Terapia and am worried that they are not genuine.

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Gorgie Says:

I have tried these very recently, a strip 10 of white tablets, labeled diazepam terapia 10mg comarinate and I am 99.999% sure that they are bad. Usually when I take genuine ones made by actavis, teva or roche (and I only ever need my prescribed dose to get the nice relaxed feeling), with every ounce of my anxiety that I have at all times without diazepam taken out of my body..

So I took a dose of these terapia and an hour later, absolutely nothing. So I took another dose and still no changer. So within an hour and 40 mins I still felt absolutely nothing. I had another dose in my bag but I thought there was absolutely no point in trying to take any more because I'd already taken 2 doses of supposed diazepam. I should be absolutely good because with any other brand I would never need to take that much. I would keep away and not waste your money. I didn't get any I'll side effects. Just absolutely nothing. I hope this is helpful.

My experience of this brand will be my very last. I'm dependent on diazepam and if not diazepam then any other benzodiazapines. And if I was really ill and in need I wouldn't bother with them. Only plus side is there was nothing in the tablets that made me get unwanted side effects.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Leanne,

Can you please describe the pill in detail so that I can do some research on them? Things that would help most are imprint, color and shape. It would also aid me to know if you had your prescription filled at a well known local pharmacy.

As soon as you get back to me with that information I can help you determine if you have what you need.

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Gavaldo Says:

Re: Gorgie (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Ditto. Exactly same story as me when I got them a month ago from well known pharmacy. And they do nothing. Obviously the whole website is fake. They only dispense ibuprofen and diazepam. Spanish company from panama. Now you can purchase the website in America for 15 grand or 5 g. They just don't work at all.

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Jackie Says:

I sent away for prodes and received terapia I've never heard of them ..in strips of 10 white with a score on one side an nothing on the other...I'm getting sick of being ripped off for my orders....are these safe does anyone know??....

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I just received these terapia diazepam thinking I was getting bensedine... Are they ok? Please let me know as I'm used to bensedine... Thanks.

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Nance66 Says:

Re: ALLISON (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I got these too. They do work but l am still not sure if they are diazepam. I took 10mg and could barely function the next day.

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Andrea Says:

They aren't genuine... They're absolute fakes. I got them from 3 different pharmacies and they were all fake. I flushed them... They're just chalk. Has anyone else received them lately?

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Aud Says:

What does "Diazepam Terapia 10mg comprimate" taste like and are there fake ones? Can you show a photo of the fake and real ones please?

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Karen Says:

Re: Aud (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

It doesn't let you show pics here but no matter what site you use at the minute they are ALL bad. Terapia have bits of chalk, stay clear my friend.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: Karen (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

IMHO Terapia Diazepam (once a long running pharmaceutical firm out of Romania, from reports I received from a trusted friend you used to take them, before, late 2006, when, sad to say, Ranbaxy of India, bought out the vast majority of this once small Romanian company, & diaz pills all white with no markings, went to Sh*t ! I tried some around late 2008 from a contact I once had Bucharest Romania, & they "had something perhaps in them" but they did not feel at all like "no where near" the original Roche Valium, I took for nearly a decade. Thus I never tried Terapia ever again! "Another Watson merger by Actavis US perhaps ruined a once well respected brand ! Imo Watson generics were very best diaz generics (for USA generic diazepam 10 mg) !

imho, every time TEVA merges with any other pharma firm (especially in the E.U, the meds, seem always go downhill (quality wise). From Teva UK diazepam to even Dutch alprazolam both in generic, neither of those by a F2F MD in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies or, London, UK all disappointed me. (compared to the once high quality Watson Diaz (which Actavis also ruined the Watson USA generic brand, from merger around 2012.

The only diaz still available that were high quality imho, were the few countries that still mfg Roche brand Valium (Mexico 2016) and, Eastern E.U. with Krka Apaurin for Slovenia, & Serbia, and other Eastern EU countries by post 2015/2016 +.

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Lexi Says:

Hi I'm just wondering people's experiences with ranbaxy terapia valium?

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Millhouse Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Any ideas where I can get Rx, finding it difficult

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Michelle Says:

Re: Lexi (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

They're absolute rubbish. I flushed 55 of mine. They're chalk.... Absolutely bad, stay away from them Lexi....

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Glenn Says:

Re: Ridgerunner007 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Do you know where I can fill a diazepam 10mg prescription with the roche brand?

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Reverselbow Says:

Yes I agree. Terapia Diazepam is useless.

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Soutz Says:

Re: Jackie (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Jackie, I have also been taking these terapia diazepam over the last couple of weeks, I get really bad anxiety atm round ppl so thought I'd try them. I was dubious when seeing they were white as we are accustomed to blue with 10mgn I gave them a try for a few days & yes they have a milder effect but this week especially i'm back doing life again instead of hiding away wasting my life' short. So I can only say that ive had a positive experience with them. Remember everyone reacts different even with the same components. Peace & light.

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Nolan Says:

Re: Kevin (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

10 mg white tablets with a line across it

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Janine Says:

Re: Nolan (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

They're absolute rubbish.... I'm sure they're counterfeit...

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Matty Says:

Re: Gavaldo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

They are from Romania and very good. You know they're a good brand when you bite them and they are very hard

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Margaret Says:

Re: Matty (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Matty the ones I got were rubbish ... Flushed them... Never again.... Waste of £60...

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