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Lealea Says:

I purchased 10 mg diazepam some were light blue which were scored along one side and 10 on the other. The others were darker blue and said mono 10 on one side and scored on the other. These sed foreign pills coming to the uk through various means but are still 20 mg diazepam. I find the light blue ones mentioned first are slow release therefore not as good tht darker mono 10 are far quicker to get into your system I find these better for myself but I have a very high Tolerance to prescription medication. These tablets although not made in this country are still the same but made differently, be careful find a buyer you trust as people will sell you anything nowadays. The best way is to travel and purchase in person as my friend does. But everyone is different please take as advised only. I am not a doctor I just find this works for me.

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Gmanza1day Says:

Manos from Sri Lanka are very strong. I've had them for 2 years.

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Matty Says:

Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of or taken Alicon pharmaceuticals Diazepam 10mg? They are Indian and in strips of 10.

Also Alkem diazepam for the same reason. Diazepam 10mg.

Has anyone tried these? I believe they are fairly new Indian Valium.

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gmanz1dayG Says:

Not mono, it's nano from Sri Lanka and they can have 30mg per tablet. Thank god for galenka.

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GmanzalradyAg1 Says:

You sure they don't say mano on them? They have the strongest amount of diazepam I've had in 20 years. Bring back mano's

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Liisa Says:

Re: emma (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Did u get them from a chemist?
If you did no need to worry

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Adsajw Says:

Re: emma (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Very hard to tell. They can put them in blister packs now as well as fake pills. So look for the lot number and type it into Google :)

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Ollie Says:

Having had to acquire a brand new to me and that I am unfamiliar with I would be greatful for any experience from anyone who has information on 10mg diazepam by Martin Dow? Thanks

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Ollie Says:

I think it very unlikely that you have 20mg diazepam tablets. The regular strengths are 2mg 5mg and10mg. I know other stronger diazepam may exist in other countries or other strengths in different formulations, it also depends on your source, if they were bought by yourself in a legitimate foreign pharmacy then I would trust them more but then the tablets would be either marked with a 20 not a 10 or plain. Plus you would receive a drug information leaflet with the medication which would explain the different strengths available and a description of them. If however you have been told over the internet that you were ordering 20mg tablets I would be extremely skeptical about the truth behind the seller and the safety of the tablets.

One way to find out what active ingredient's or ingredient is in the tablets is for free you can have one analyzed by a UK company called Wedinos. Just type that name into Google and you will find it. They provide an absolutely wonderful service, very quick and easy to use. Just fill in the form and send along with your sample, I don't know how small the sample can be but one tablet is fine, half a tablet would be ok as well I imagine. You don't have to give any personal information, just the first part of your postcode. For the cost of a stamp you will have your answer! Please share the results with us on here if you go ahead with it. All the best!

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goodbutstillfakes Says:

R you sure there 20 mg and do they not say mano instead of mono??

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emma Says:

I'm an alcoholic in the UK and receive no help from my GP because I cannot attend these pointless 'recovery' sessions. I am severely ill and was told I have 3 years max unless I quit. But I can't quit without librium or valium. An online friend of mine from Israel sent me what he says is diazepam. The tablets are light blue, about 5mm in diameter, round, with TEVA on one side and a split-in-half score line on the other. I looked on google images and all the diazepam pills i saw there have the digits 3927 on the other side. My pills don't. Can i trust they really are diazepam?? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks

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