Diacerein Glucosamine Side Effects

Amit Rajput Says:

I m taking DGLM tablets of Proteger India Pvt Ltd since last month.
I am here to understand whether its a side effect of drug or not as i m getting Reddish colour of Urine since a long time when i started using it,
pls help me..

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Shama Says:

Hai! I was taking Diacerein for sometime and my urine color had become very dark yellow and then I started combining Diacerien with Bio Glucosamine and Bio Chondrintine and Bio MSM and my urine colour is pinkish or sometimes dark pinkish...reddish call it if you may. I am experimenting today (13.06.11) by not taking all these medications for 48 hours and if my urine color goes back to normal, then I know that these drugs are causing my urine to change color.

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Verwon Says:

You should consult with your doctor, it could be a urinary tract infection, or blood in the urine from some other problem. However, if the tablets contain a lot of dye, that could also cause it.

This medication combination is usually used to treat Arthritic conditions and normally, does not cause this as a side effect.

Have either of you checked with your doctors, yet?




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Daljit Singh Says:

I am taking Dycerin GM+ for last three months but the urine colour idark red . I am diabetic and taking one tablet of Triglimiprex 1 and sugar is under control.Urine colour is worring me .

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ksg Says:

I've just begun taking glucosamine since 1 day 750mg x2.
Urine is normal color but red in few seconds. My doc is unable to explain it ( asked me ifbate any beet root?)
Any body can explain?

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Mubashar Says:

Diacerein color change is natural, This is due to excretion of the drug metabolites.
I faced this problem too when I was conducting some experiments on Diacerein solution in beaker. This solution turn bright yellow in 12 hours and after 36 hours when I discarded/poured it into water it turned red immediately. Later I made the solution in slightly acidic pH and this color change did not happen. This color change also does not happen with fresh solution.

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Mostafa Says:

I am taking tilex max (glucosamine sulphate & diacerin) but after taking that my urine colour has changed by yellow colour. What should I do.

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Sanku das Says:

Re: Mubashar (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Even me 2...my urine become yellows after taking this medicine....is this normel?

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