Diacerein Glucosamine Sulphate -diacerin G.m.
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anand kumar Says:

dr. advised my mother or knee replacement. another dr. advised for taking diacerin g.m. for treatment of prob. Age-65 yrs.pl.advice ANUJ

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Abdul Rahiman Says:

I am aged 58 and I am having knee pain only when I fold my leg for sitting at the time of my prayer. This is only started 2 days ago. I am advised by the Doctor to use this tablets for period of 3 weeks. I want to know that the knee pain is curable with this medicine.

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Verwon Says:

Tahira, that is something that only you can decide, in discussion with your doctor. No one feels pain in the same way, some people have no pain tolerance and some can withstand a great deal of it and go on with their normal activities.

You need to take into consideration how it's affecting you and your life.

You can learn more about it and what it entails here:


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Tahira Says:

at what stage of pain i should decide for knee replacement

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Verwon Says:

Diacerein is an interleukin-1 inhibitor that is used to treat osteoarthritis. It may help with the pain and slow the progression of the condition, but it is not a cure all.


And Anand, the Glucosamine is just a supplement that is believe to help with joint pain and flexibility, because it is a substance that is naturally in our joints, that can be depleted as we age or by an injury.


Are there any other questions?

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Tahira Says:

I am female of 53 I have knee osteoarthritus and drs. asked me for knee replacement. will Diacerein will work for me

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