Dezacor Oral Suspension 6mg

Ashu Says:

what are the uses and for which disease we have to take it

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MY 10MONTHS OLD SON CAUGHT WITH COLD& COUGH,PNEUMONIA,&HAD BREATHING PROBLEM IN AUG ...NEBOLIZATION 2TIMES FOR 1WEEK WITH GENERAL MEDICINE PRESCRIBED,BT HAD BREATHING PROBLEM THEN ALSO,BUDate 100 was prescribed for 3months....we were out of state for few days in oct.there i forgot to give him the same,he got cold &cough & trying hard for breathing ,we rush for doc.he recommende clavam,retus junior,monticope-1month,levolin for hard breathing time.....i'm very worried,he is not well for a single day by aug...i hv a sleepless night by then...he got vaccinated with flu &pneumonia in sep & 2nd dose in oct..plz help me,if he caught with asthma...i'm really worried....PRITI

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cece Says:

my child is 9 weeks old and formula feed exclucivly and is given nevirapine and illivitrim they didn't test till now. How long should he be on nevirapine. was supposed to be tested on 6 weeks but they didn't.

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