Dextromethorphan For Pain Control

Ken Says:

I have been using Dextromethorphan 60mg Sr/ER for pain management. I was prescribed this medication, which is made in a compounding pharmacy by a doctor in California who is actively involved with the NIH(National Institute of Health. This pain management doctor uses off label medications, but is light years ahead of the traditional pain management doctor, who goes through their steps of the various epidural, nerve blocks, a multitude of other treatment that all the other pain management physicians practice, all the way up to a spinal cord stimulator or pump. I tried all of those treatments and was told no treatment remains, other than heavy narcotics, which do not work in the slightest for me. I heard about this doctor through my brother as I was in the hospital on a dialaudid drip for pain. This doctor has had patients who have tried Dextromethorphan with tremendous success, and have stopped all narcotics. In my particular case, it potentiated the opiates to work. This same doctor tries different modalities such a variations of low dose naltrexone(LDN), nasal Ketamine, etc. Those treatments have been very successful for others, but not for me. The Dextromethorphan has at least helped make the opiates effective. The theory of all of these medications is that they are powerful anti inflammatory medications that are specific in the central nervous system(CNS), and also work on free radicals. Mostly, they function on working on the micro glia cells. To make a long story short, for me living in the Las Vegas area, I have thus found it possible to find a doctor who knows about these medications off label, nor do they care about reading the literature as to why they work. They just do what they do,(nerve blocks, epidurals, pumps, spinal cord stimulators and heavy narcotics,and nothing else. Does anyone know of a physician in this State of Nevada or any other State where a doctor does or maybe prescribes this medication, or may be willing. The doctor who I mentioned, works in conjunction with the NIH and is light years ahead of the traditional pain management doctor. One note, is that the medications such as Dextromethorphan, LDN, Nasal Ketamine spray, are not cures. She states that there is no cure. But, it would be equivalent as people say taking a blood pressure pill per day. And, many of her patients who have been in pain 10,15,20 years have been able to be opiate free. Bottom line, does anybody know of a doctor in the Las Vegas area who prescribes or may be willing to prescribe Dextromethorphan. I'd be interested in other States too. Thank you in advance.

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Sylvain Says:

Looking for Tec Percocet I have a broken pelvis and full hip replacement also 3 screws in my pelvis I had operation at Sunny Brooke hospital in Toronto Ont but my doctor is away and closed is office for good I hv no doctor looking to get a script 2 every 4-6 hrs in bad need for pain relief

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Betsy Says:

Why a compounding pharmacy? YouTube has videos on how to compound. Costs nothing! I did the Guafenesin Protocol and Metformin too for fibro but neither worked except Kratom.

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