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Sudden dextroamphetamine price quadruple???? 108 REPLIES
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10 mg Dextroamphetamine (Zenzedi/Wilshire) drama 26 REPLIES
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Dextroamphetamine ER spansules generic experiences?

Hey all, I take Dex IR for ADHD-C in the afternoons and it works great. I need to find an XR medication to take in the AM that works as well as my PM Dex booster. Pdoc and I have tried Adderall XR (made me fatigued, flat, and surly--I don't think my brain plays well on l-amphetamine) and Vyvanse (GI side effects and felt like a sugar pill--don't think I metabolize it correctly). I'm thinking ER Dextroamphetamine (the spansules) might be the next logical thing to try. Generics are tricky and I know there is no longer a brand name Dexedrine Spansule. So, for those on the generic dextroamphetamine spansules, what generic brand do you use/have tried, and what do you think? Thanks. ## Hello Anhedonia ADHD, It would be wreckless of me or anyone on the internet to recommend a gener...

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dextroamphetamine and medicare

My mother was told that her doctor could no longer prescribe the dextroamphetamine that she has been taking, at minimum dose, for oer 50 years. She takes it for ADHD and narcolepsy. Her doctor tells her that it is no longer legal to "provide" it for her because congress has made it illegal to "provide" to any medicaid patient for any reason. Can someone help me follow this up? If the story she is telling me is true, I need to write my congressman to protest. Since when does the Federal government have the right to interfere in our private health care needs - she is not asking them to pay for the medication, she has simply LOST THE RIGHT TO HAVE IT PRESCRIBED TO HER. Is there anyone else out there that thinks this is WRONG?! ## This is not true. I take 2, 10mg dextroamphe...

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10 mg Dextroamphetamine (Zenzedi/Wilshire) drama

well, I went off Mallinckrodt after being back on that for awhile at 80 mg and I had to go on the hunt again. Well there is a brand called Zenzedi that has the same 10 mg tablet as wilshire and i find those to last a little longer... not as much mentally hardcore in the focus area but at least the urge to pig out hits every 3.5-4 hours vs 2... They all beat the rest away (vyvanse, dex spansule, adderall, ritalin....) Now they need to go to a higher dose because 180-270 pills depending on the brand per month is nuts. And I respect that long acting generation and that it helps but don't think all of us on them are crackheads. Speaking of which, I used to get the brand name 5 mg ones 420 per month during the adderall boom and they were $37 at my pharmacy.... lay off the prices. These a...

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Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals IR dextroamphetamine tablets

I was dxed with adult ADD 8 yrs ago--and precribed mallinckrodt 5 mg tablets IR--My daughter also has it and unluckily ended up with Bar-now Teva's dexedrine--2 yrs ago--I could not longer get Mallinckodt IR tablets and was put on Barr--hated them--now that teva has taken over--Im having a terrible time. Theses pills are garbage--First they were to strong--now the ones I get do nothing--took 3 this am and slept for 2 hrs. My life is becoming anightmare--I cannot take ER-and dont know what to do from here.Ive contacted Teva--practically begged mallinckrodt to resume making the IR tablets and nothing. I cannot focus--get nothing done and am becoming increasingly depressed--what on earth is going on? I slept 17 our of 24 hrs one day last week--they are beyone terrible-and ER is out of ...

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Dextroamphetamine 10mg Tabs

I am trying to find a pharmacy in my area that can fill my prescription for Dextroamphetamine 10 mg tabs. All the pharmacies I go to in my area are not able to get it. I live in Kirkland, WA. 98034. Please advise me where I can go to do so. ## I live in lady lake, fl and having the exact same problem. I have been taking Dextroamphetamine 10mg tabs for 1 year. I went to the pharmacy yesturday to have my prescription filled and they said it was on back order. I called around to several other pharmacies and they all said the same thing. Some haven't even been able to get the medication in 4 months. If anyone knows of a pharmacy in my area that has it please reply back. Thanks! ## Wow! If there is someone in Florida that has the same problem as I do in Washington State then it must be n...

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k 66 pink round pill

Is this Dextroamphetamine? It doesn't seem to work like the one I was on before. I have taken this medication for years. I don't know if it's just the manufacturer? ## Yes, this tablet is manufactured by KVK Tech and they list it as containing 10mgs of Dextroamphetamine. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nervousness, nausea, insomnia, headache, and anorexia. If you've been taking it for a long time, your body may have built up a tolerance to it, which means you may need to have your dosage adjusted, or you might need to try a different medication. How many years have you been taking it? ## I've taken dexedrine or dextroamphetamine sulfate for a long time. It's quite an effective drug, in...

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white square pill 10 on one side m other

Is this pill for add patients or adhd patients. I was taking the small blue pill with 10 on it. It yave me energy an the pharmasit gave me the white square one this time cause he didnt have the other an it makes me sleepy tired an cant concentrait. What can i do!!!! ## I also notice a difference. Not as effective, shorter acting, and since you said it; there is a degree of being tired. Perhaps this formula contains less active ingredient. The pharmaceutical industry has a margin of error. +/- differential of 40% Meaning you may get 8 mg to 12 mg depending on the manufacture But in all honesty these things remind me of the shape with the same logo that was used following a car accident a long time ago. Maybe it truly is sedative and the pharmaceutical distributor messed up big time?? ## ...

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Dextroamphetamine Price

Ive taken Dexadrine tabs for a couple years. The price is now too much for me too afford. No inssurance. My Dr. gave me Rittalin but it is NOT as effective as Dexadrine. Any suggestions? ## Hi Brun, If you don't mind me asking, were you using the Dexadrine for ADHD? If so there are actually lots of natural/homeopathic alternatives to medications like Dexadrine and Ritalin. I'll link you to a few pages that offer more information on natural alternatives. :) I hope this helps! ## Go to Walgreens. Pay $20.00 /yr for Walgreens Pharma card. You will pay much much less with the card. ## Hi Brun, By the year 2010, G...

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M inside a square 10 on a round white pill

I have a small, white, round pill marked m inside a square on one side and 10 on the other. Is this Oxycodone? ## This is NOT Oxycodone. If the pill is more like a rounded square or a diamond with an M in a box on one side and 10 on the other, then it is most likely Dextroamphetamine 10 mg (NDC 0406-8959). Inactive Ingredients: - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Povidone - Silicon Dioxide - Stearic Acid Ref: DailyMed

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drugs that give false positive for Dextroamphetamine

I have recently taken a drug screening and it came back that it was positive for amphetamines so I did a conformation test and it came back dextroamphetamines which I am not taking any medication that has that in it however I am taking wellbutrin and zantac which I think can have something to do with it. ## This can be caused by the Bupropion in the Wellbutrin, so you may want to make sure they know you're taking it. Learn more Wellbutrin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My doctors office wants me to bring a urine sample today because i am prescribed large amounts of percocet. The only problem is that i will test positive for marijuana so my boyfriend is gonna supply the urine. He takes the same pain meds but he also is prescribed xanax twice a day. I just do...

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dextroamphetamine pictures

ROUND PINK 953/10 B ## picturea ## I cannot post a picture, due to copyright reasons, however, I can tell you from the imprint that this is, indeed, 10mgs of Dextroamphetamine, a generic for Dexedrine. This is a stimulant medication. Common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, decreased appetite and headache. You can read more here: Did you have any other questions? ## Most likely Shire. What I like about Shire is they use less fillers so their pills are small. Been taking Teva/Barr for years, Walgreens mysteriously ran out, after 6 weeks I had to go to Fred Meyers in Oregon, they sold me Shire. All subjective of course - I like Shire a little better then Teva/Barr. ## Just a short memo, (I realize this thread is on average, about eight years old). I have some target specific tho...

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dextroamphetamine instant release core 10mg

Has Core Pharmaceuticals improved their product since the year 2009? When I last tried the Core 10mg generic version of Adderall, is was most inconsistent, almost as bad as Ranbaxy, the latter now off the market. Core now has a license to manufacture 5 mg and 10 mg pure dextroamphetamne. Some Rite Aid chain stores in the USA carry this product. Any experiences with anybody on Core C-II stimulants? Core also is a subsidiary of Amedra Pharma, and under Amedra, they also have a fairly new license to make the Dexedrine Spansules in 5mg 10mg and 15 mg at a very high price. I was only interested in I/R tabs. ## Regarding experiences on Core Pharma's dextroamphetamine, Post #2 in the following discussion thread offers their opinion in a comment from 2010: Discuss/HOW-MANY-MG-IS-THE-PINK-RO...

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Sudden dextroamphetamine price quadruple????

What happened? Oh, no... I am f+#*ed. Went to Walgreens to fill dextroamph rx tonight. Instead of approx. $75 they said for me with self-pay it's $355+!!!! This is for ONE month. No way I can afford it! Suddenly? What the _ do I do? Taper down with the 2 more days of pills that I have? So, you just blow, they are saying to me. Just be sick, and here, we'll make it so you're much, much sicker!!! Are all the pharmacies going to have the same astronomical price hike? Has anyone got information about about this? ## The exact same thing happened to me on Nov 1st. I live in south florida. I have 60 dexedrine, 10mg tablets and always costs me around $27. I went in to Walgreens and he said $181. I nearly fell over. So of course I didn't get them. When I visit home in Colorado in...

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Will dextroamphetamine and adderall show up the same in a UA

Had a urine test after taking dextroamphetamine. I have a prescription for adderall NOT the dextroamphetamine. What will the UA show? ## ADDERALL contains equal parts of the salts of both amphetamine and detroamphetamine. A U-Tox test would likely show presence of both amphetamine and dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine), since that's what you took. ## Dex will get never show as meth. Two sepatates. Dex-amphetamine, Meth-methamphetamine. This is how it reads on drug tests. If on med and in doubt insist on full urine screen esp if for work. Dex wont always show either and that has actually caused me probs in past being acused of not taking meds. Check local laws and if applicable like a doc once told me "none of their bloody business". ## Will adderall & vyvanse show as same thi...

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953 10

orange round pill. on one side there is a letter p. on the other side ar ethe numbers 953 than a slash with a 10 under it. pill color is orange. ## What is this? ## It's dextroamphetamine, 10mg - amphetamines being stimulants, nowadays often treating those with symptoms of narcolepsy or ADD, or ADHD. ## What Clint has posted is correct, according to the filing by Teva Pharmaceuticals. NDC code: 00555-0953 The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness, and anorexia. Is there anything I can help with?

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Round pinkish tablet with 353 on the top & 10 underneath. On other side is what looks like the letter b or maybe the number 9

My doctor prescribed this to me for my ADHD. The prescription read Dextroamphetamine, 10 mg Tab. Before I got pregnant I used to take D-Amphetamine Salt Combo 20mg's which really helped with my symptoms. My doctor acted weird saying he doesn't like to prescribe the D-Amphetamine anymore because it's an upper and a downer. Made absolutely no sense to me. I am now taking what he did prescribe, the Dextroamphetamine, 10mg's but it's not working. Other than the mg's can you please tell me what the difference is? Thanks in advance. ## When you switch brand names or manufacturers, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it. It's certain inactive ingredients that determine how the tablet is metabolized and used by you...

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what pharmacy carrys corepharma dextroamphetamine

ive tried practically all the pharmacies in my area in akron ohio trying to get corepharma dextrostat 5mg ir and 10mg ir and nobody can get it. its the name brand dexedrine molecular structure offered at a generic price ## Hello Justin! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. They may have difficulty getting it, at this time, due to shortages that typically occur this time of year. When it comes to controlled substances, all manufacturers have a limit on how much they can manufacture and produce, each year, under direction of the DEA. Once they reach that limit, they cannot manufacture any new product, until after the new year. Inevitably, demand exceeds supply and shortages occur the last few months of the year. According to the FDA, this medication carries...

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Mfg Barr dextroamphetamine

Why is my pharmacy is having trouble getting my dextroamphetamine 10 mg? ## What is they problem they say they're having? Is it just that manufacturer that they can't get in, or are they saying they are having trouble getting any in? There are almost always shortages on controlled substance medications towards the end of the year, due to mandatory manufacturing limits. Learn more Dextroamphetamine details here. The DEA and FDA are also enforcing the laws that control how much a pharmacy can order and keep in stock at once, as well as how much can be prescribed to any given person at once. These factors could be affecting your ability to get your prescription filled. ## The DEA in a "sneaky" attempt to control dextroamphetamine supply limited the amount of precursor (one ...

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dextroamphetamine for narcolepsy

used for 10 years for narcolepsy ## I have been useing dextroamphetamine 5mg tablets for 4 years for narcolepsy. I also use methadone for pain. Is this a bad together. ## I am taking 5mg Percocet (4 a day) and I asked my doc if there's any research that shows that may cause negative side effects. I was assured that the med mixed would cause no harm to my body. I also asked will this cause any damage to my liver or any other organs once again I was told no there will be no problems. I'm not a doc and I can only take the advice of the professional in that field. Hope it helps you feel better! ## I have been on stimulants since 1994. In 1997, I upgraded from Novartis Ritalin 20mg x 3 per day, to brand name Dexedrine Spansule (Smith Kline Beecham/later Glaxo Smith Kline) 15mg plus b...

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M 8961 10mg

white capsule M in a square 8961 10mg ## what is this pill for? symtoms? ## This capsule is manufactured by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 10mgs of extended release Dextroamphetamine, which is most commonly used treat conditions such as ADHD, and narcolepsy. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and weight loss. Is there anything else I can help with?

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