Dextroamphetamine Er Spansules Generic Experiences?

Anhedonia ADHD Says:

Hey all,

I take Dex IR for ADHD-C in the afternoons and it works great. I need to find an XR medication to take in the AM that works as well as my PM Dex booster. Pdoc and I have tried Adderall XR (made me fatigued, flat, and surly--I don't think my brain plays well on l-amphetamine) and Vyvanse (GI side effects and felt like a sugar pill--don't think I metabolize it correctly). I'm thinking ER Dextroamphetamine (the spansules) might be the next logical thing to try.

Generics are tricky and I know there is no longer a brand name Dexedrine Spansule. So, for those on the generic dextroamphetamine spansules, what generic brand do you use/have tried, and what do you think?


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Kevin Says:

Hello Anhedonia ADHD,

It would be wreckless of me or anyone on the internet to recommend a generic/brand to you, especially since you so poorly tolerated other similar medicines, without knowing your complete medical history and have access to medical records that would allow us to safely assess what you could take. While I understand the desire to get experiences and stories from those who are in similar situations, the results will simply not be attributable to your own. I strongly urge you to continue discussing these matters with your primary doctor and work with them on finding a solution that works best for you.

Now if you would like some information regarding spansules and what types of adverse effects you can typically expect when starting them I can help with that. If there are questions of that type of nature I would be more than willing to do the research and report back here with my findings. If not I wish you the best with finding a medication that works for you.

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Anhedonia ADHD Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Dex IR had literally no start up or side effects for me and worked great for my ADHD-C symptoms. It felt like a different class of drug than Adderall even though they are both amphetamine stimulants. What I mean by that is while Dexedrine helped my procrastination, avolition, task initiation and completion, concentration and impulsivity, Adderall only helped the latter because I was too flat and drowsy to do ANYTHING, much less anything impulsive.

I'm wondering if the spansules generally deliver the same experience as IR, but just with longer duration. My psychiatrist has a patient on spansules, but they have a hard time getting them at the pharmacy each month. She says to take this into account and also consider Concerta or Ritalin LA. However, I haven't heard of too many patients taking a methylphenidate drug with an amphetamine drug on the same day (no matter what I am sticking to my IR Dex). Another option is taking multiple Dex IRs throughout the day and evening. Due to cost and the annoyance (and possible lack of smoothness) of taking pills several times a day, it would be nice to find an ER/XR med that works.

Thank you for offering to help. Yeah, I know other people's experiences will not in any way determine mine, but it still is interesting as a psychopharmacology nerd.

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steve Says:

I would recommend stats then spansules (IR 5mg 1.5hrs 1 spansule). Unfortunately you are correct that there are no more spansules (time release like).

I have tried the dex spansule ER pills - they are garbage. They gave me diarrhea.

Vyvanse used to work well but this drug is also proving difficult. Have you tried coffee - it is probably more effective these days.

Sorry for the bad news.

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steve Says:

Re: Anhedonia ADHD (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

try a adderall with dextrostat (5mg). when timed correctly they work very well together...

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