Dexedrine: How Much Is Too Much?

Patricia Says:

Is 30 mg of dexedrine (15x15) too much in one day?

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Verwon Says:

The maximum standard daily dose of it can go up to 40mgs and in rare cases 60mgs, where a higher dose is needed to treat certain severe conditions.

Learn more Dexedrine details here.

However, you should stick with whatever dose your doctor has prescribed. if it isn't working, then you should contact your doctor to discuss possible solutions.

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romith Says:

30mg/day is not too much. The prescribed dose is not limited by fixed daily maximums but by the clinical judgment and willingness of your physician.

The 40mg/day and 60mg/day maximums for dextroamphetmine sulfate were established long ago and for ADHD in children. (At the time the "experts" established these maximums, the experts also said ADHD was purely a childhood disorder that was always outgrown.) When weight based dosing as used in children is applied to adults, the doses may exceed these maximums yet may produce better results.

This is called "off label" dosing.

Is more better? It depends on the individual. It should be guided by response and side effects.

Many psychiatrists who don't blink at pushing, say, mood stabilizers above FDA maximums will never dare this with stimulants. Hopefully in time this rigid attitude will change to best benefit patients.

In 1989 Davy & Rodgers said, "the ultimate dose should be as small as possible and as large as necessary to optimize the selected outcome.... Recommendations not to exceed a specific dose of stimulant medications should be avoided, since there is no basis in scientific evidence." A 1996 article by Kessler notes, "Popper has asserted that statements on package inserts [such as maximum dosages] are not intended to limit medical practice. Rather, they are intended to limit claims by pharmaceutical companies.... [C]linical decisions are to be made by physicians and patients in individual situations."

Practical advice... It's possible that you are experiencing troubling side effects. You can more slowly and gradually increase the dose. You will probably gradually become tolerant to side effects. Until then, for nausea, Emmetrol is helpful. For sleep, try taking the second dose earlier, take Vitamin C (drink OJ) in the evening as it increases elimination, or your doc can divide the dose between instant release and extended release or can give a low dose of an antipsychotic drug at bedtime for a few weeks. (You're not psychotic but this will block dopamine and let you sleep.) In the end, what is too much depends on your response.

You might find this site informative:

Two published articles quoted above: (PubMed abstracts)

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Wendy Says:

What BS it is for anyone to tell you how much is too much. I was taking 100 mg of dexedrine for 17 years and then my health insurance cut me to 60 and it has been a struggle for me for the last 3 years. My first dr. was an ADD specialist and he let me decide what my body needed and I kept raising my dose until I got where I needed to be.. 100 mg. I do not have any additional problems, do not abuse medications, do not even drink alcohol and I was a functioning attorney. Now I am so much worse. No one has the right to tell us what we need to function if we are not having abuse problems, etc.

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steve Says:

The max recommended dose of spansules was around 60mg. Sometimes with a stat.

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