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where to purchase

where would we be able to purchase the miracle mouthwash ? We have a dental patient that could benefit from this mouthwash. Please respond. Thank you. ## These are usually regional products, meaning the formula can vary from area to area and there is no set one that is universal throughout the U.S. The way it usually works is that the local pharmacist know what is commonly used in them and a doctor, or dentist writes a prescription for it, so it does need a prescription and must be purchased from a pharmacy. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have recently been prescribed by my doctor a prescription for miracle mouthwash due to blister pockets and sores due to my lupus and it was very easily filled at Rite Aid pharmacy Hope this helps

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mouth rinse for mouth ulcers

how can this be beneficial for mouth ulcers............i had s painful ulcer in my could that help. ## There are several ways it can help, actually. The Deasmethason is a steroid, which will help reduce the pain and inflammation, the Tetracycline is an antibitoc that will help get rid of any bacteria that may be causing the ulcers and prevent them from getting infected. Has your doctor prescribed this for you?

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