Detrol Vs Ditropan

Max Says:

Does anybody know which one of the two would be better for a severely overactive bladder? Have to go see a doctor on this but would like to have an idea before going and asking for a specific prescription.

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Andrea Says:

My personal experience, my doctor wanted to put me on Detropan, said it's highly effective. But my insurance would only pay for the Detrol LA. The first few days Detrol was great. Now, NOT so great so get a load of it: I had to make another appointment to discuss w/ my Dr. the drug he wanted to put me on in the FIRST place. He will, of course, have to fax my insurance company -- I don't know why he can't have that done WITHOUT me coming into his office?? It's not my favorite thing to have to wait a gazillion hours just to see him.

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Ashleigh Says:

I've been battling the same thing, and I mean SEVERELY overactive! Tried two drugs, now am on a third, Vesicare. I don't hold out much hope. Today my doctor tells me I should probably think about surgery and you know what? It would be SO worth it!!

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