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Stopping Detrol LA

I would like to stop taking Detrol LA. Do I need to stop at once or go off of it slowly. My eyes have been getting worse since being on the drug. ## It really depends on how long you have been taking it regularly, if it has been several months to a year or more, then you will probably need to slowly taper off of it. You should speak with your doctor about the problems you are having with it and they can probably help you with the best way to stop taking it. Anytime you are taking a med for a long period of time, your body gets used to having it, this is called Dependence and if you try to stop suddenly, you will suffer some mild withdrawal symptoms. ## I loved that Detrol let me sleep through the night Besides dry eye and throat I’m dizzy and exhausted a lot and I get out of breat...

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Cannot empty bladder but Dr perscribes Detrol anyw

My urologist prescribed Detrol LA even though he knows I do not empty my bladder. The instructions say not to use if you do not empty your bladder so I wonder what is the reason for this. I continue to have frequent urination problems. I see my Dr every 6 months and he is aware. ## It is very hard to say his reasoning for this. It could be because you are not emptying your bladder due to loss of muscle control and what the Detrol actually does is help you to control those muscles. ## I am female,59,diabetic Type II for past 10yrs.Sugars are under control with drugs.Frequent vaginal itching is there and is worse if a foreign object gets in touch with it.This is treated with PALMOCEF,FUMACIN and Flavospas tablets.I avoid sex because of this reason.Urination every 30min is very troublesome...

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