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Demerol 50mg tablets discontinued

I need to know if Demerol 50mg tablets have been discontinued? Pharmacists say only the liquid form is available but my doctor is not willing to prescribe the liquid form, so I need to know what an equivalent may be. ## Most Doctors will not prescribe Demerol on an out patient basis in any form. I had lung cancer and it was administered in the hospital but the Doctor said he would not prescribe it on an out patient basis. It will relieve my pain better than anything but I have only received it on an inpatient basis. ## Hi laura, unfortunately it appears that the demerol tablets have in fact been discontinued: ## I remember it being good for knee pain and that's about it. It has some serotonin issues or something. I believe it was popular among football (USA) players but keep that h...

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asthma inhaler containing no sulfate

looking for name of a regular asthma inhaler besides symbacort that does not have sulfate in it. I am allergic to sulfate. I use a rescue inhaler but I cannot use it all the time and my doctor doesn't know that much about asthma inhalers and sulfate its a low income doctors office. So again any suggestions. No sulfate. Thanks ## Hello, Theresa! How are you? Sorry about the problem you're having. However, I need to ask what exactly it is that you're allergic to? Is it sulfa drugs, sulfates or sulfites? What type of reaction do you have and how did you discover the allergy? These are all important details to determine what may or may not be safe for you to use. Do you see an allergist? ## I'm allergic to all sulfas per my primary physician and the diagnostics they ran. I b...

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42mg of hydromorphone & contin 2xday for 5 years, Dr died, now what?

I have chronic & debilating pain EVERYWHERE & after giving me Demerol & 240 percocet every 14 days, a pain management centre (after I PASSES "no drug seeking behavior, dr shopping or issues w/ random blood evaluations proving I only took what was RX'ed, don't drink/use rec drugs) but he is 86 yrs old & ill: expected to die & left me 2 find another Dr- after 8 yrs w/ him (Ambulatory Internal Medicine Specialist) & birth to 30 when my Dr retired w/ this referral- b4 I got sick, I was 13 yrs into my social work career in jails, nothing slowed me down ever. I didn't believe in FIBROMYALGIA but an arthritis specialist did diagnostics & said it's so severe, I scored all but one symptom (based on his exams/evaluations) I cannot do 85% of what I d...

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How Do I Get My Dr To Prescribe Me Demerol

i take dilaudid and tramadol and have been for a least 3 years, i take several 8mg dilaudid at a time. i reember demerol working nicely while i was in the do i gwt me dr to give me that? ## Hi shawn, Some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any 'specific medication' when you see a doctor. Just make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you if your doctor doesn't already have them. Then, the best approach in my opinion, is to discuss up front and honestly what has or hasn't worked for you in the past. Most doctors will then take it under consideration and hear you out if you approach them in this manner, with what you believe to be most helpful to your condition. I think a lot of patients don't get the medica...

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round white and x on pill

was told it is 75 mg. demerol ## what is a small white pill with a v on one side and 75 on the other ## To the original poster, is that the only marking on the tablet? Can you please post back and clarify? Tony, is it an A, or a V? If the marking is V 75, then the tablet is manufactured by Harris Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 10mgs of Hydroxyzine, which is used to treat allergic reactions, and as a sedative. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and sedation.

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Demerol/Promethazine? Can't find picture to confirm.

I found a pill in my cabinet when I was cleaning it out (my husband was very ill for 2 years and I guess it got stowed away for some reason) and looked it up by imprint and I only found one answer and NO photos. I would like to confirm the answer was accurate; I don't know what this thing is! Description Pill TABLET form, White and Round ONE side has a capital A The other side has 190 The only thing I found on the web that matched my description was that it is Meperidine 50mg/ Promethazine 25 mg. The answer had no photo. As I searched I saw some ppl say this is generic Demerol with Phenergan? Please let me know if you have an answer. My husband was in severe pain with a bad illness for 2 years, so obviously with all his hospital stays and dr visits, it's hard for me to narrow do...

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are pethidine 100mg ampoules over the counter

I had taken pethidine 100mg after 8th spinal operation. I am in a lot of pain and need relief, are they available over the counter? ## I'm sorry, but this site does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, this is an information only website. Pethidine, also referred to as Demerol or Meperidine is a narcotic analgesic. Did you doctor not provide you with anything for pain relief? That is very unusual for having had such major surgery. Since this is a narcotic, it can cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Read more: ## I have failed back syndrome I have just had my 12th back op and feel worse than before the op. About 3 years ago I had a morphine pump installed that constantly doses the damaged nerves with morphine via a catheter to...

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Does the way you administer pain meds effect a U/A test differently even if you are using the same amount prescribed

My sister goes to pain management for severe back pain from an accident. The medication prescribed has no effect if taken orally. A friend suggested administering them differently. She only takes the amount she is supposed to daily, but not orally. When she goes for her urinalysis test will it be inconsistent than if she was taking them orally? ## Oh yes. They can tell how much is in your system by a reflection light test. So only follow docs orders. Ask your doctor ## How is she taking the meds? I would give a package of hypos and a bottle of two of Demerol to an layperson. Security risks plus...have you ever had a BAD injection! Intramuscular injections can be easy to master If you're already MD, DO, RN or LPN with Meds License (also an NP) to start with, but sometime untrained ca...

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Demerol and Mexico

Has anyone had success getting their scripts filled in Tijuana, Mexico? I've heard from a couple people that it's a walk in the park. Too many American drs are too afraid to prescribe meds. I've heard u can go to a pharmacist there and get a script and fill it at the same pharmacy. Anyone else had success? Also, I've been on oxy 60mg for over 5 years. What's my choice from here if my insurance stops paying for it in the new year? Its $1,280.!!!! I can't afford that. Is there a med comprabable to the oxycodone? I need something as strong if not stronger. Please help! Super scared

small white round pill with letter d on one side and cross on the other side

demerol diazapam ## Letters that are on a tablet do not necessarily designate what the tablet contains, in many cases they are just the logo of the manufacturer. As to this one, I can find a listing for it among U.S. prescription medications, it doesn't match any of the U.S. approved ones for Demerol or Diazepam. Was it found/obtained in the U.S.? ## Pill is white, small, round has letter D on one side and cross on the other ## Small white tablet with the letter d on one side and and plain on the other side what is it???

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Demerol wasn't a good experience with my 11 year old son

After my son was given demerol he's only 11 years old.. My son has been having bad dreams daily and cries.. They took away he's appendix .. My son is recovering now but still has those bad dreams.. Tmrw they will draw blood to take to lab to confirm blood cells are back to normal to be able to get out.. But my question is why did they give him demerol that's a narcotic drug.. He's only 11.. Even when the sergeant doctor came the next morning after the surgery she wasn't to happy that the nurse gave them demoral.. They automatically have him a different pain med.. This was all through IV... And they even have him Tylenol right after the demoral.. Me n my wife was really scared because he was hallucinating.. Please help me and make me understand that my son will be nor...

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I have suffered for a long, long time the Evil, Painful, MIGRAINES. Back in the day, I was taken to the hospital to get a Demerol Shot. They don't use Demerol any more. as years went on I was taken to the hospital with migraine and was given some kind of medicine for my nausa, and my Migraine. I never stayed awake long enough to find out. Found out it was morphine. We move through the years and I've been Mexico where I had a Huge Migrain. My daring Husband ventured forth to find a Medication, in a strange country, only English language. He's my hero :) he came back with something called Neo-Melubrina (Metamizol sodico) suppositories. OMG! amazing med. No need to swallow anything if vomiting. I want to find some more of this product, but have been unsuccessful in our shopping...

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Round Speckled Pill with diamond imprint

I found a white pill with red speckles on it diamond imprint on it someone told me it was demeril from mid 1900s but finding it hard to believe ## I have my doubts that any pill would survive that long, since they usually start to crumble once they get old and begin to degrade. Learn more Demerol details here. That said, there is a company that uses the diamond logo on their products and they only manufacture over the counter medications, so I strongly suspect this is one of them. Learn more OTC drug details here. Where did you find it? ## A closed doctors office in a glass bottle ## Ectacsy

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where can i get demerol in fayetteville nc

Just had surgery. Allergic to morphine codeine dilaudid and Lora tab. Walgreens refuses to fill script! ## Hello, Angela! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Why did they refuse to fill it? There is currently a shortage of some controlled substances, so that may be why it's hard to find right now. Have you tried any other pharmacies in your area? ## They said they did not have any. I asked them to check other stores and they said no one had any. I asked them to order it and the Pharmacist came to the window and said it would take a week and a half! Mind you this is Hopemills store where I have got my meds filled since 2007! I said order it just to call his bluff and he said my scrip needed to be initialed by the doctor it was unclear. My driver read it just ...

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Long term effects of Demerol

I was on this drug and taking it regularly for way too long. Where or does anyone know the long term effects are for this drug? Will my brain be permanently damaged? Anything I should be worring about? ## Hi, Britianyann! How are you doing? The brain issue with using an opiate for a long period of time isn't the type of damage that most people typically think of, as in having trouble with your cognition and intelligence levels. What it really causes is a problem with the brain chemicals, such as Serotonin, which is the happy chemical that helps create good moods and a more even temperament. When it gets out of flux, you may experience more anxiety and depression than you used to, because it can be hard for your body to be able to balance things back out. It may eventually rectify it...

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demerol, dilaudid and percocet wtih morphine

Demeral, dilaudid, and percocet which has a cross-sentsitivity. ## Is there cross sensitvitywith a morphine allergy with percocet? ## Based on my research, there are interactions that apply to the following drug combinations: Demerol (meperidine) + morphine Dilaudid (hydromorphone) + morphine Percocet (acetaminophen/oxycodone) + morphine Quoted below are the precautions you should be aware of: "may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may also experience some impairment in thinking and judgment. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with these medications. Avoid driving or operating hazardous machinery until you know how the medications affect you. It is important to tell your doctor about all other...

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White Round Pill With Yellowish Speckles

pill is large, white, with yellowish speckles. One side has a large M. the other has D 32. What is it? ## I can't find anything that matches this. There are some that are close, but none with yellowish speckles, they are just completely white pills that contain Demerol. Learn more Demerol details here. Is the letter you say is an M inside a box and stylized? If so, then this may be one of the Demerol tablets, but it's intended to be a W.

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Liquid Demerol

What's the color of liquid demerol ## I was unable to look up the exact color of the liquid, but I did locate a list of the inactive ingredients in the solution, which does suggest that there are no added colorings, just a flavoring agent... "ORAL SOLUTION: Benzoic Acid, Flavor, Liquid Glucose, Purified Water, Saccharin Sodium. The oral solution is a pleasant-tasting, nonalcoholic, banana-flavored solution containing 50 mg of DEMEROL, brand of meperidine hydrochloride, per 5 mL teaspoon (25 drops contain 13 mg of DEMEROL)." Referenced from: This is not to say that the solution is clear, but it may be wise to contact the manufacturer directly about this, if you have that information in hand? I hope this helps!

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Price For Demoral 50mg

price quote for 4171/v demoral 50mg. ## Hi Stacy, The price would also largely depend on the quantity of pills you are prescribed to take, and where you fill your prescription at. I do know that twenty 100mg Demerol tabs can cost "around" $75. So another ballpark figure for twenty 50mg tabs would possibly be around $35-$40 to fill the prescription. Keep in mind there are also coupons for prescriptions like this one if you search on google. Hope this helps! ## I was prescribed percocet 5/325 for pain. I have lymphoma and sometimes this pain is excruciating. I feel I am taking too many pills for the pain because they make me feel sick and they don't seem to be controlling the pain. Although they put me to sleep I still feel the pain upon wakening. Is there any other pain med I...

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pain medications that start with the letter d

orange pill ## Are there any markings on the tablet? That is what would enable us to identify them. There are several on the market that start with the letter D. Two narcotic examples are Demerol: And Dilaudid: Both can cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.

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