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Leximal - side effects

I have been taking Leximal for the past 6 months and are suffering from excessive dreamings after the first month of taking it. Apparently sleeping disorders can be a side effect. Can this be the possible explanation for my dreaming. My dreams are busy and very active and I wake up (after 7-8 hours) totally exhausted. ## Its my third month on leximal 10mg and im suffering manic episodes, crying alot, walking in circles. I want to know do i need an increase in dosage?

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Nebulization of decadron

I have heard that some hospitals aerosolize decadron to treat asthma. I am trying to get information on the preparation that would be used and sge-specific dosages to use. ## Beth, From what you are describing, it sounds like the preparation which applies is called Decadron Turbinaire / Decadron Respihaler. Those administer Dexamethasone in an inhalant format. There is a useful article detailing this drug at: Can you please post back with any other questions or information regarding your use or experience with this drug? Thanks!

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