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Medical Says:
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I have given Darvocet to patients for over 50 years. It is much superior to the codeine addicting medications. I have been unable to find any pain medication as effective as darvocet on medium acute or chronic pain. How can we get this medication back on the market?

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Verwon Says:

Darvocet and it's related medications will not be returning to market in the U.S. or Canada. On top of the severe issues that caused it to be pulled from the market, it has been replaced with safer and more effective medications.

First, it was just as addictive as other narcotic opiates, including codeine and yet was found to be nowhere near as effective as the others that are available.

Second, it was found to be cardiotoxic, thankfully, most issues it caused were reversible, when the medication was discontinued, but if someone suffered heart failure or a heart attack due to the Propoxyphene, those are conditions that continue to have an affect for the duration of someone's lifespan. There were also some fatalities.

Learn more Darvocet details here.

There were also what the FDA phrased as 'an inordinate number of overdoses' among people taking it, which also included many fatalities.

Thus, it was deemed that the drug's risks far outweighed any possible benefits.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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John Says:
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I my medical practice there was no better medication for pain management than Darvocet. Your codeines, oxicodones and opiates much more addicting, debilitating and dangerous than Darvocet. What politics were involved in the removal of Darvocet from the market? How can we get it back for patients that don't want or need narcotics?

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cw Says:

I understand that there were risks involved with Darvocet. That is the problem with any drug. What I have to say is that when a person can not tolerate any of the codine based drugs nor Tramodol, which is supposed to be the replacement for Dorvocet, then what can a person do??? I know the risk of heart problems is an issue for many, but if I have to go without pain relief because I might get a heart problem, then what kind of life will I have anyway. Maybe the heart attack would be a welcome relief, if it were a good one! What is wrong with educating people on the risks and letting those who have no other choice make the decision?
It seems that there are a lot of states now allowing the use of marijuana for medical and recreational use. Is there no danger associated with that. Yet we can all make that decision for ourselves. Though I will not go that low. I need to keep my senses and want to avoid killing someone else because I lost control while driving under the influence of mj. Why is the FDA not concerned about me in that respect????

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bugsviking Says:

Regarding the comment, it has been replaced with safer and more effective medications... NOT TRUE! Darvocet was the ONLY effective pain killer for me personally when I had severe pain. Now, there is NOTHING that works for me except OTC Motrin, and I have to take 4 at a time. I recently had to have surgery, and I was in excruciating pain because the only thing offered to me was just plain inferior to the superior pain killing actions of Darvocet. Many drugs have cause MANY more deaths than Darvocet, so it makes no sense this was pulled from the market due to a legal suit.

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clementine Says:

YES! As a sufferer of chronic pain, DARVOCET was wonderful! I would do just about anything within legal boundaries, to have DARVOCET back on the market! How can we do that????

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Regina Says:
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The FDA is a corrupt organization and Dr Ron Paul said that it should be dissolved because all it does is keep good medicine away from the people who need it! Margaret Hamburg convened a panel and demanded a vote all in one day so there would be no input from anyone else. She told the panel that it was no big deal and chronic pain sufferers had lots of stuff they could take and absolutely everything she told this panel was a lie. Why can't we get another vote with testimony from chronic pain sufferers and get this mild and safe narcotic put back on the market?

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Kae Says:

This makes no sense whatsoever. If you have a reaction to a medication then just don't take it. But to take it away from the millions of people that it worked for without side effects was irresponsible and reckless. If there are medications to replace it then why didn't you name them? Because there aren't any. Darvocet was the mildest safest narcotic made, and again, if you have a reaction to any medication then don't take it but the arrogance it takes to remove a medication that worked for millions and only a handful of people complained is just unfathomable.

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Julie Says:

I wish I could find a doctor like you! I have been in 2 major car accidents, and fractured my spine while out on my daily 10 mi bike ride. The next day I couldn't move. Injections no longer work, I can't take NSAIDS, I'm allergic to opioid, I'm on Nucynta now but it's expensive and doesn't work well. Not only that, with all the new legislation, doctors are afraid to write prescriptions.

I've tried all the alternatives, and I've gotten to the point where most days I'm pretty non functional. I'm only in my 50s. Finally I filled papers w/OR for the right to die. I'm not ready yet, but I want everything in order when I am.

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Suzanm Says:
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Like you, I cannot take opiates; they all give me blinding headaches. Darvocet worked great for my chronic daily headaches and joint & muscle pain. There are many more dangerous drugs on the market today, so I truly don't understand why this drug was banned. For people who cannot take morphine and related products, it was the only drug that worked for pain. Untreated chronic pain carries is own risks (the idea that it's benign is a myth), so I'll take the risks of this drug to be free of the pain. I don't think the FDA should be able to make that call for me.

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DarvocetFan Says:

It is completely FALSE that Darvocet was replaced by more effective and safer pain meds. We are seeing addiction and deaths to incredibly more dangerous opioids than Darvocet ever was. I have been in CLINICAL dental practice for over 30 years. I have treated patients for pain as a regular part of my clinical practice. NEVER once did any patient of mine ask for Darvocet. But I had numerous "drug seekers" ask for Vicodin and Percocet. Darvocet was extremely effective as part of my pain management for patients. It has analgesic, anesthetic and muscle relaxation properties that are unique among opioids. Too many patients cannot tolerate Vicodin or codeine. But they could tolerate Darvocet. Darvocet was all I needed for short term pain management 95% of the time. Now I have to choose between Motrin, Tramadol (weak), codeine (not) and Schedule II drugs. Way to go FDA, Sydney Wolf, and Hamberg. I no longer have a Schedule II or IV drug I can call in over the phone when I am out of the office other than Tramadol. I predicted at the time, and now we are seeing, an epidemic of opioid addictions and deaths to powerful narcotics than we ever had with Darvocet. Can you say Fentanyl?? Deaths up 72% according to the CDC: cnn.com/2016/12/16/health/synthetic-opioid-deaths

As far as cardio-toxicity, that was a false narrative. Subsequent to the Sewedish literature, a large study, with thousands of patients, demonstrated no associated cardio arrhythmias or toxicities to dosing as the prescription recommendations. All drugs have the potential to cause harm if abused. But the exceptions should not deprive the HUGE majority that benefit from a fantastic drug. The politicos, FDA, regulators, Public Citizen, the Sydney Wolfs, etc need to educate not litigate about drugs they are worried about, and not have the ability to determine the fates of others.


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Notallthatglittersisgold Says:
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Darv. Fan,

Doc, I can appreciate everything you included in your pro propox. Post however no where in any submission is there reference to addicts consuming propox in excessive doses to weakly mimic the effects of dolophine aka methadone. Overdose deaths were common unlike with traditional codeine abuse's. Darvocet for mild pain was a staple in most households back in the day so I can understand the nostalgic belief that this medication was all good to all folk. As reasonable thinking adults we know when they decided to take these off the shelves all the protests in the world are not going to reverse that call.

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KenieK Says:
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Doc dar fan,

Now that was one well presented posts advocating the return of a classic ally effective drug for many.Thankyou for sharing such an insightful perspective.I couldn't agree more

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This subject has been growing as questions return. Sites actually exist where action committees are being considered to readdress this issue. Also the implications of political action groups that caused the opioid crises are being researched as an intentional political act to cause the death of less than useful members of society. This would be a crime and any medical practitioners that colluded in such an act would be guilty of murder!

Here is a link to another topic related to this subject on this site for your review:

To search for more on this crime against humanity you must do so on search engines as I am not going to fill this site with what might be seen as spam, but will note that the best links seem to be low in some search engine results. Try DUCKDUCKGo.

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Betty White Says:

At long last I have Darvocet again!!! Had to get it at a COMPOUNDING PHARMACY! Had to get prescription from doctor(not easy) then had to give authorization and sign information disclosure notice at the pharmacy as well as agreement not to sue the pharmacy since this med has danger warning from FDA. But at last they made the darvocet for me. Am overjoyed, at last no side effects!!! Cost was $220 for 100 capsules, too high but happy to pay!

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DarvocetFan Says:

Re: Betty White (# 14)

What compounding Pharma did this for you? I tried one of my sources and was told he could not get the chemical ingredients.

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DarvocetFan Says:

There was never an opioid crisis when Darvocet was available, and no crisis to solve:

Food and Drug Administration announced on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 that immediate release opioids medications will now be subject to a “more stringent set of requirements” as part of the agency’s efforts to address the nation’s opioid epidemic. Immediate release opioids are “used to treat acute pain” and “account for about 90 percent of all opioid pain medications prescribed,” the article reports. “Many people who are currently addicted to opioids became medically addicted,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, in prepared remarks. “Their first exposure to opioids was from a legal prescription, and for many, that prescription was written for an [immediate release] formulation of these drugs.”

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PharTech Says:

Re: DarvocetFan (# 15)

Hello Darvocet Fan,

THE CHEMICAL INGREDIENTS are common! Check the patent for this drug and see how easy it is to make! If your compounding Pharmacy said they could not get the ingredients then there is something very off about that pharmacy. This was a very easy to make drug and hence very cheap to make. If not for one part of the process it could almost be made at home.

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OlDruggs Says:

Re: PharTech (# 17)

Do agree with ya tech, could make equiv. of about 1000 doses (N-100) strength for about $5.00 US. Problem is that compounding pharmacies are faced with the "damned if they do and if they don't", & could get sued either way. But until someone videos them saying something like that lie they told Darvocetfan about not being able to get one of the ingredients and challenges them for refusing to compound the medicine, (violation of law) by FILING for litigation, they will side with the lay of the land and try to slide. What is needed now is a real lawyer and not one that is trying to get payoffs from big pharma to sideline the suit.

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Itsacrock Says:

What a bunch of lies and drug company propaganda. Generic darvocet was, the highest volume pain reliever dispensed in the US for many years. Relative to the number of tablets dispensed it was the safest product on the market. Its removal was to increase sales of still patented narcotics that were way more profitable for the manufacturers. It's removal was and is the primary cause of the current opioid problems/epedemic. Never heard of any patients reporting problems or side effects. Very few patients ever showed any drug-seeking behaviour. Ask any older doctor and/or dentist and most will agree. Less patient-reported side effects than any drug. Is darvocet available in Canada?

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Sharon Says:
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Darvocet destroyed my heart. And they're not going to do anything about it. Don't take it

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