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Darvocet N 100 risks ?

Just heard Darvocet N100 is not going to be made any more. I have taken this for years. As of today, I have stopped. Can there be any long-term side effects? I can't seem to find much info. ## Yes, the FDA has decided to have any medication containing Propoxyphene withdrawn from the market. It's been known, for a long time, to be cardio-toxic, increasing the risk of heart attack and heart failure for some people that use it. They found that it increases the chances of some people experiencing heart rhythm problems. I did the research for you and no, any possible effects are not long-term, they have been found to disappear, when the medication is discontinued. Although, this is a narcotic medication, so if you stopped abruptly and it is not being tapered or replaced with somethin...

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inaccurate info on darvocet

I was told some time ago that DN100 had methadone in it, no info on that. my doc is afraid to give me pain meds so gives me this which really doesn't work but is full of aceto and i have bad liver disease. i don't know where to go from here. ## Darvocet contains the active ingredients Propoxyphene and Acetaminophen, if you picked up the prescription from a pharmacy, it should have listed this on the bottle and the patient advisory leaflet that you are given with all prescriptions. The Propoxyphene is a very mild narcotic, so it does not help with severe forms of pain. With the liver disease, it is generally not recommended that you use Acetaminophen or NSAIDs and your doctor should know this. If he prescribed this anyway, then I would suggest finding a new doctor. There are many...

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