Dark Blue Pill With Imprints 9 And Star On The Other Side

rony francis Says:

i found a blue pill with imprints 9 and a star on the other side can you please tell me what it is its for my son i am scared for it to be steroids

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Jason Says:

Did you find out what this is?
I found one the same!

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Concerned Helper Says:

These pills that you found are "E" (Molly) pills. In case you dont know what they are or what they do, these are the following common effects: increased energy, hot/cold temperature, feelings of a drunkenness to where things seem wavy and not straight, positive feelings and outlooks, possible outbursts of random laughter, constant talking, and lack of sleep. These are very dangerous drugs and if taken often or in large amounts, it can cause depression, paranoia, insomnia, overly anxious, and not to mention internal damage to brain, kidney, heart, and liver among many other things.

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Ghilmrtz13 Says:

Re: Concerned Helper (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Actually you're wrong. These are innovagen pharma, often times either steroids, relaxants, or some generic prescription drug. Don't get kids in trouble for things they didn't do - namely Molly. Research before you open your mouth.

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