Danzen Tablets Serrapeptase In The Philippines

Emeliza Says:

Good day! I would like to know if the Danzen medicine contains serrapeptase, and is it available at mercury drugstores in the philippines? Please reply. I had a pulmonary scars and I need serrapeptase to clear the scars of my lungs.

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Verwon Says:

This site is based in the U.S. and does not manufacture, nor sell any medications, so I have no idea if it is available where you are located.

But yes, it does contain Serratiopeptidase, which is an anti-inflammatory enzyme, however, I also don't have any information on its being used for the problem you are describing.


Have you tried consulting a local pharmacist/chemist?

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ken Says:

Serrapeptase is available in the Philippines as Dalzen.

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Maverick Says:

Hi, Just want to know if Dalzen Serrapeptase 10mg is now available in the Phils? Where I can possibly buy it? Mercury and other drug store dont have this item. Please advise. Many thanks.

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Kevin Says:

A Filipino doctor gave me a prescription for Danzen to treat back pain. I think they do carry it at Mercury Drugs

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john Says:

I buy my serrapeptase at rose pharmacy

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Benjamin Layug Says:

Which rose pharmacy carries dalzen (serrapeptase) for my osteoarthritis? I've been calling a number of outlets and they don't have or heard of this medicine.

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eric Says:

Ritzen Philippines a local pharma manufactures dalzen serrapeptase here in the philippines. Maybe by October 2012 it will be available in selected mercury branches. But you can call ritzen to know some of the drugstores where it can be purchased 850-68-44, 805-66-36

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john pasa Says:

they find it hard since it is stored as DALZEN 10mg and majority of the branches are out of stock now I buy online dr. best serrapeptase 40k units instead of DALZEN 10mg which is twice the strength.

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eric Says:

Buying online may also do, but the quality may alter due to the shipping and handling of the medicines. The price do vary also it is more cost effective buying locally since you omit the shipping fee's etc., with online purchase you need to buy the whole thing, where as if you purchase it locally you can buy just enough of what you need versus what you can afford, and you can have them exchange anytime should you notice any compromise in terms of quality. But buying online serrapeptase will also do. I am a Ritzen employee and we are BFAD registered and we legally manufacture and sell Serrapeptase here in the Philippines.

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macario Says:

Where can i buy dalzen over the counter & how much does it cost? Thank u very much.

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eric Says:

Try to call Ritzen Philippiines @ 850-68-44 so they can help you find the nearest store to you, but if you are in Manila you can buy Dalzen @ Silver Drug and Emerson Drugstores in Benevidez Street, Sta Cruz outside Metropolitan Hospitals. I think they are selling it at 15.50P per tablet

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john Says:

yes they normally tell you that but unfortunately dalzen (serrapeptase is out of stock) in rose I now buy mine online dr. best serrapeptase 40,000 units.

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maiaxe Says:

is there a drugstore selling Dalzen 10mg in Pagadian City?

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joicie Says:

It is available at Mercury Drugstore my Mom bought her med-Dalzen there

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Charisse Says:

do you know the adverse effect/side effects of dalzen?
Thank you

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Callie Says:

I just want to ask if serrapeptase is used for lung scars does it help to remove the lung scar? or does it only treat the pain caused by the scar? Thank you.

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Sophia Says:

Dalzen serrapeptase is also same content to other serrapeptase product? I heard that serrapeptase will help to eliminate scar in the lung. If I take Dalzen how many tablets should I take everyday? thanks

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wiwin Says:

para san po yung DALZEN SERRAPEPTASE 10mg..dkc ng xplain yung doc. ko,bale bay sang box binili ko,,lumipat me ng bang doc.iba nmn sbi skn kya ng swap me ng bang gamot at pwde ko nmn daw yun epag patuloy pg take..na operahan po me sa ovary ng dec. last yr. paki xplain po sakin para san yun DALZEN SERRAPEPTASE 10mg. tablet..thankyou..wait me sa reply...

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Eric F. Says:

Hi Im a district manager of Ritzen to help you with your concern please call or text me at {edited for privacy}. Thanks

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eric fetalino Says:

dalzen is a digesting enzyme. it digest fibrocystic cysts and ovarian fibroids or cyst. Ritzen Philippines is the manufacturer of Dalzen (serrapeptase) locally. It is now available in most mercury in metro manila

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