Dangerous Combination: Neurontin And Opiates

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Lionyx Says:

One of the contraindications while taking Neurontin is using opiates such as Hydrocodone (Vicodin) and Oyxcodone (Percocet). The opiates potentiate the effect of Neurotin by 14%. With Morphine, it increases the effect of Neurotin by 44%.

My husband was on Neurontin at 900 mg a day (taken in three doses). At that time, he was not taking much of his pain killer, Oxycodone (Percocet), maybe one 5mg dose a night. My husband was originally took Neurotin for shingles nerve pain.

His doctor decided to increase his dose of Neurontin to 1800 mg per day (three equal doses). Before that time, my husband increased his Oxycodone to two 5mg tablets before bedtime and another 5mg tablet about four hours later.

Upon the increase in Neurontin, my husband started to experience some adverse effects. These included:
Mental Confusion
Severe drowsiness
Lack of coordination
Numbness in toes
Swelling in feet
Mood Swings
Rapid speech, slurred speech

He could not hold a sane conversation with me, keep track of time, walk without running into things, remember what someone had just said, interact with others without hostility and being argumentative, keep awake during the daytime, and could not speak and be understood.

The symptoms escalated from minor to major in a matter of days. It necessitated medical intervention, however, due to my husband's belligerent and confused state he refused to go to the ER. He did not want to spend the money.

My husband has a mental disorder. Caution is advised in giving patients Neurotin who have mental disorders. His disorder is a personality disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder ( *not* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ), which has some of the exact symptoms as Neurontin’s side effects. What transpired over two weeks, my husband’s personality disorder escalated into a monster. His behaviors were off the chart. Those symptoms from the list above are Belligerent, Hostility, Argumentative, Mood Swings, Rapid Speech.

His speech was so distorted, rapid and slurred, that the medical assistant who spoke to him on the phone was alarmed. Based on his distorted speech, the doctor decided he should go to the ER instead of seeing her.

After he essentially refused to go to the ER, my husband decided to reduce his dose of Neurontin and Percocet. Now he is going through withdrawals. I told him he should decrease it slower. However, he insists upon doing it his way, a behavior of OCPD. He went cold turkey on the Percocet, taking none now. In one day, he decreased the Neurontin from 1800mg to 900mg.

On my husband’s side is my background in nursing with a speciality in pharmacology. I started to read up on Neurotin on drug.com and the rxlist.com . I discovered that Neurontin’s effects are potentiated by Hydrocodone (Vicodin). Upon further reading, I found Oxycodone (Percocet) is a related to Hydrocodone and therefore would do the same thing.

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Verwon Says:

It is not actually listed as a contraindication under either medication, though you are cautioned to regularly see your doctor so your dosage can be monitored.

The problems your husband experienced could have been caused by either class or medications or the combination, it is hard to say.

Has he discussed this even with his doctor, yet?

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April Says:
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Thank you. I do not have a wife. Neither my doc nor my pharmasist made mention of this problem. My heart has been screaming that my work performance is suffering because my brain won't work right. I appreciate your plainspeak. Sorry for what you are going through.

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PeggyA Says:
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My husband, a diabetic in stage 4 renal, was prescribed morphine and vicoden for neuropothy. His healthcare provider prescribed gabapentin in addition to the two aforementioned drugs. Within two weeks of taking the gabapentin, he lapsed into a coma on May 16, 2014 and died on June 4th. Never regaining consciousness. Admitting doctor told me because the kidneys could not flush drugs quickly enough, they believe it was like an overdose. Why is a NP allowed to prescribed so much narcotic!

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PeggyA Says:
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My husband, a diabetic in stage 4 renal, was prescribed morphine and vicoden for neuropothy. His healthcare provider prescribed gabapentin in addition to the two aforementioned drugs. Within two weeks of taking the gabapentin, he lapsed into a coma on May 16, 2014 and died on June 4th. Never regaining consciousness. Admitting doctor told me because the kidneys could not flush drugs quickly enough, they believe it was like an overdose. I still can't understand why a NP is allowed to prescribed so much narcotic!

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Leigh Says:
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I am a 25 year old woman and was prescribed neurontin today for pain for auto amune disease, 800mg a day, before I was taking oxycodone and this pain medicine was working just fine by its self. this combination was giving to me by a pa-c because my doctor was not in to refill my pain medicine. I am scared to take this medicine. Im already allergic to so many medication penicillin, tramodol, codeine, shell fish, and latex. Could someone please shed light on if this something I should take, Or go back to my regular MD and let her know while she was out of the office the pa-c which by medication and now I'M scared to take it Especially having two young children I drive to school everyday? Please all opinions welcome Thank you

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Glen Says:
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The little-known effect of Gabapentin having an increased effect when given with opiates is probably what made it even worse on your husband. That and the fact that Gabapentin (Neurontin) is metabolzed and eliminated strictly through the kidneys. A person in renal failure should NEVER have been given this drug. I'm very sorry for your loss.

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Slim Says:
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I am not a doctor but my experience with both nuerotin, & opiates. Since the oxvy's were working fine with out the neurotin. I would go back & explain your fears to you PC. I would not take something that is new due to your history of allergic problems.

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Wtfsara Says:
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I've been on gabapentine got urs fonts not help much I have to see rhumotholy in been in a and full aff accident s that I even have panic attacks when I get in a vehicle not I can't sit stand n sever pain on my neck what to do

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Jill Says:
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I looked on line to see if anyone else experienced the same effects as me. I am on a relatively low dose of neurontin 200 mg every 8 hours and 20 mg OxyContin ER post spinal fusion. Also 5 mg oxycodone q4hours pen. When they are taken together it totally incapacitates me for at least an hour to two hours. I just feel totally drugged and just lay in bed until it passes. Is this normal?? I am so drowsy, lightheaded, speech is slurred, blurred vision etc.

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Maria Says:
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My fiance had a back injury on a construction site and ended up having the back surgeries. He is also a type one diabetic. Well the doctors have him Percocet, oxycontin, morphine, and tizanidine. He is still in lots of pain and I keep telling him the doctors have him on the wrong mixture of meds. He was in the hospital for chest pains, they said his chest is fine. I'm just concerned with his cocktail of meds and he is anxious to return to work but is in lots of pain that is much worse at night.

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jr Says:
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I can tell u for sure that this med should be taken on a day u wont be driving Its pretty whoopass if over 200mg i think its now or soon to be considered a controled substance it can make you very tired or whoooozie it works pretty good for nerve pain i hope u arent being given 800 mg to start with that seems AWFUL high and will probably blow your mind maybe stick with your gut and talk to regular dr first good luck

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Linda Says:

Maybe you need to read this study that was published about neurontin and lyrica and what it does to your brain.


I was on 600 mg 4 x's a day until I read this. I have every side effect that is listed on neurontin/gabapinten and it scares me, the damage this drug is doing to my brain. So I'd rather have the neuropathy pain than to kill my brain.

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Frank Says:
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I know a great deal about neurontin because i went through the criminal justice system. It cant be checked for on a drug panel, hence all paroles eat them by the handful. These are some of the weakest harmless pills a human being can take. The only thing i ever saw was a kid get a seizure from almost 30 of them one time. He must have been allergic or something, the only thing they are good for is withdrawal. Few people know this, they work just as good or better than suboxone, and are non addictive. 1 800mg in the morning and 1 at night will get u off a bundle of opioids habit in 4 days. They are like a miracle pill. I have done it many many times.

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steve Says:
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I AM ON morphine for 7 years now,also lyrica,I had to stop taking lyrica because its too exspensive,So my doc put me on neurotin which does in fact work for nerve damage but Im experiencing severe joint pain in my hands an inner wrist area,just wondering if anyone else is having this side affect?

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AMy Davis Says:
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You shouldn't be driving on the original pain medication to begin with. For one it is illegal and two it is extremely dangerous.

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BnThrDnThat Says:
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Your post makes no sense. It gives off the feeling that you are either high or drunk...

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Nia Says:
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I'm so sorry for what you're going through.. I had a drunk driver crash my car of course he totaled it..my neck was broken 4 surgerys on left arm,two on right shoulder.. I am still taking oxcycodone 30 per day.all prescribed by a very good P.M. Doctor.. He's been giving me nerve blocks for the lumbar L4L5 and it's really helping.. My Primary, who has allllll of the meds I'm taking.. I don't want to go through what sad and horrible stories I've read.. This is what I did when the primary tried to add Gabapenton..I Googled it and showed him the possible side affects. And showed him..he said I've never had that happen, but thanks for telling me.. Now I'll be certain NOT to mix any opiates with Gabapenton.
I'm in no way being critical,, but please if your able,, Google every pill that goes in your body,,Have your Pharmacist look up interactions..I don't want to read about another death from these pills and the deafly interactions..
Pleeeeez ask anyone in health care just to be safe..
Prayers for everyone. J

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AnonymousMonster Says:
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First of all, all that study concluded was that there was little danger to adults but that pregnant women should not take this drug due to the infant just beginning to make connections through synapses in the brain. You COMPLETELY missed the point of the study and made your own conclusions that it was harmful to you and other adults and that is totally incorrect. Anyone with half a brain who actually reads the entire study would not come the the conclusion that you did. I'm sorry if this is harsh but I'm really tired of things like this.

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AnonymousMonster Says:
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No offense, but you COMPLETELY did not either understand what that study concluded or you just don't care to read through it carefully enough. It is a warning to PREGNANT women, and clearly states that there is no damage to adults whatsoever. Please stop posting things that are meant to scare people until you actually take the time to read what it says and not make your own conclusions that it's "doing something bad" to your brain. I encourage anyone to actually read what that study concluded and prove me otherwise.

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BB Says:

In reply to DM...My hope for you since your post on Oct 18 ' 16 is that you have found or will reach out to caring professionals who will help you in your situation. Do not hesitate to find help! There is hope...God loves you and does not want you to feel unwanted!!!

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