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Side Effects Of Daphne Pills

It's been almost 2 years since ive been using trust or lady pills. Until last MAY 19 2011 i decided to change it into DAPHNE PILLS. Until now its the end of JUNE 2011 wla pa rin ako nagkakaroon ng menstruation, i try to do PT but its NEGATIVE. Is it a normal side effect of using this pill? How can i start a new one, diba we have to take a pill on the first day of our menstruation? Pls help.. ## Oo, maaari itong normal, kapag pagkuha ng kapanganakan control, upang hindi magkaroon ng isang panregla panahon, kahit na hindi ka buntis. Sila naglalaman ng hormones at ito ay kilala upang gawin ito sa ilang mga tao. Sigurado ka pagkuha ng tuwid aktibong tabletas o mayroong isang linggo kung saan ikaw ay pagkuha ng hindi aktibo tablets o walang tablets? Dahil, kung patuloy na ikaw ay paglaan...

pre employment urine drug tests

I took a pre employment drug test by urinalysis exactly nine days ago. I was told the results take only a few days to come in. After 9 days I still have not heard anything back. Has anyone experienced this before? If so what was your outcome? ## A prospective employer said my urinalysis returned positive test results and disqualified me for employment. The employer claimed they were not told what the test was positive for, only that it was positive. I'm prescribed ibuprofen, methocarbamol, and a few others I can't recall at the moment. ## I know its stupid but I took about 36 doses of 75 mg lyrica in a 3 day period . I quit for 40 hours then had to take a pre-employment drug test. It seems they have decided to send my sample to a lab. I do not have a prescription. Is this going ...

medicine to prevent pregnancy after not receiving periods

I have not received my periods for 1 month and 10 days, and by checking I came to know that I'm pregnant now. Which medicine should I take to prevent pregnancy? Please help. ## I'm 23 yr old and i had intercourse with bf on 21st June 2013 and also take unwanted 72 but still i m not receive my normal period. time duration after intercourse is 1month 4days. now im worried why my period is not work if i m pregnant so please suggest me any medicine for prevent unwanted pregnancy. ## I have not getting periods from 1month onwards I think that I got pregnancy I want to remove it through medicines can u pls help me urgent ## I have never see my period for 1 month 17 days any medicine please. ## I had unprotected sex with my Gf. Several times last week. But I pulled out in tym.her cycle...

Valparin chrono 500

I'm taking valparin chrono 500 in the morning. I take 1 tablet and 2 at night side by side. I'm taking zen retard 600 in the morning and 800 at night but I am not satisfied from these medicines because my seizures are still coming and my doctor said that this is your last stage of increasing your medicine and my weight is gaining day by day and my self confidence is also losing and also dependent. My age is 23 and I'm taking my medicine since 2005, that day to now my doctor increased my dose because of seizures and now my dose is what I explained to you at the start of this post. Plz help me. My doctor is mr vinit Suri in applo in delhi. Plz help me to lose my weight and more important to stop my medicines. ## What's maximum disate of vaparin chrono for 73 khup person ##...

Zifi100 - fever

Hi, My both the son 3yrs and 10yrs are having high fever since 6 days. Now doctor has prescribed zifi-100 syrup 5ml for the 3yrs old and zifi-100-dt two tablets a day. Is this dosage OK. Thanks Rajendra Prasad ## SIDE EFFECTS OF ZIFI 100 ## Hello My 6 months old baby is having cough since 4/5 days Zifi 100 is ok for her

how can i pass drug test of SPASMO PROXIVON (Blood and Urine)

i will have to face this drug test day after tomorrow... i take 18 casules every day... (3 capsules after every 3 hrs.).. i can reduce this usage till 9 capsules... and i can stop using it before12 hrs of the test. how can i pass this test? ## I wnt 2 pas d medcl tst coz m in tabs m taking spasmo frm d lst 3 yrs. ill b going to arab bt m scared dt wt vil hapen in da medical tst. ## I have been taking spasmoproxyvon for the last 11 years...now the new one that is coming does not affect if i dont add nitrosun..the new one i take around 30 tab n arn 8 nitrosun...my question is how long does it stay in d systrm to reduce sgpt and gpt for medical test..wht should i take any medicine ## want to quit proxyvon in 24 hrs. ## Go to AA or NA meeting (NA.org) and find a meeting near by your place o...

Is anaerobyl 400 safe during pregnancy

Please help me find out, is this antibiotic safe for a pregnant women? It's my sister, she's carrying twins at 9wks and she's having discharge and they told her to take anaerobyl 400. Please help. ## Hello, Kathy! How is your sister doing? Yes, the U.S. FDA says that there has been no evidence of risk shown if taken during pregnancy. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach pain. ## Hi. I was not feeling well and I went to the Dr and he gave me anaerobyl 400. Is it safe for pregnancy? ## Verwon, Thanx for the respond but unfortunately my sister lost both of her babies; after taking it she did have all the side effects and she started to bleed. Thank u though for ur time. ## Hi. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and have a yel...

Pill To Get My Periods Immediately

hmm actually i participated in sex with my husband using condoms last month...and my last period date is 10-may..till now i didn't get periods..i wann to get periods urgently please help me.......... ## Have you done a pregnancy test? The first thing you need to do is determine why you're late getting your menstrual cycle, then you can find a proper solution. Learn more menstruation information here. Have you consulted a doctor? Have you had any other symptoms, such as breast tenderness, or nausea? ## please help me to get my period immediately within 2 days i have function i enjoy freely .my age is 33yr old i m marrried but now a days i dont have sex .............. ## I was having the same problem, I used some yeast infection cream & I sarted my period in 2 days. If that do...

side effects of udiliv 300

Sir/madem. diagnoised with fatty liver kindly advise me good medicne Essential-L & Udiliv 300 is Effective or Cure my dises. Latest Blood report dt.1/3/2014 SGOT-75 SGPT-68 ## I have same condition. I m talking liv-52 and udiliv 300

Fat drugs for slim people

Hi Doctor, Please am very slim guy due to that no woman like to make love with me so please I want u to help me to grow fat, I want know the type of drugs that can make me gain fat for me to find my life time partner. (Am 30years old now) Thank u for helping me) ## Hi Doctor am a very slim girl and my boy friend always complain please I want u to help me with the name of the drugs dt can make me fat pls. tanks sir ## am very slim.. very very thin..plzz I nid drug to make mi fat..plss am in Nigeria.. Wat drug du I use??

b co vitamin tablets in pregnancy

I am 6 weeks pregnant and want to inject the vitamin b co tablets. Is it safe for me to do so? ## It is never safe to inject medications that are not intended to be used that way! Tablets contain fillers and some of them are not intended to be broken down by your body, they are normally just expelled in your waste. If you crush a tablet and dissolve it to inject, you are putting these substances into your body in a way that it cannot dispose of them. This creates the risk of blockages, which could lead to embolisms, stroke and etc. It can also be very dangerous for your baby. If you do not want to swallow them, as if the proper use, then you should speak to your doctor about how to get an injectable option. Are there any comments or questions? ## I'm feeling as if I'm a pregnant...

Are there any side effects of oleptal dt 150

My daughter is 3 yrs and 8 months old and doctor has prescribed oleptal DT 150 mg twice a day. So I want to know the side effects of this tab ## My boy is 1 yr 5 month old.doctor has prescribed olepet 150 mg morning 1 tablet nd night half tablet daily .so I want to know the side effect of this tablet for baby.


I want to get tablets for my wife for getting her periods early, a good tablet without any side effects. ## Not getting my periods. Pregnancy test also negative. Any idea why? ## My sister wedding is on aug 20th next month but on the same day only my wife periods date, So may I know the tablet name which has no side effect and get 3 to 4 days early peiods? ## Today is the 11th and i have my periods due on 16th. My bf is coming on the 17th. We r planning on being intimate. I want to get my periods early. Can you please suggest something asap? ## I have a family function next month..but the date which is selected for our family function is time of my periods.. please name the pills? ## You will want to speak with your doctor because it is possible that hormonal contraceptives can be presc...

Ketorol DT

KETOROL DT is prescribed for dental problem-cavity & pain- one tab TDS for 3days Is it a antibiotic or pain killer S K Agarwal ## This contains the active ingredient Ketorolac, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Learn more Ketorol DT details here. Are there any other questions? ## IT IS A GOOD PAIN KILLER ## About drugs used in dentistry ## My wife is 5 months pregnant.she's having unbearable toothache.is it safe to have ketorol-dt in such condition.(I stay in a place a bit isolated and could not find a dentist on immediate basis)kindly help. ## NO. IT WILL DAMAGE THE FETUS. PLZ CHECK FOR THE SIDE EFFECTS OF KETOROL. ## Got injured left top corner of my left point finger through nail cutter then pulling by hand to remove ...

Norflox 100 Dt

my daughter had loose motions on tuesday night and after her routine stool test the doctor observed that mucus was present and occult blood was positive with 8 - 10 pus cells and 1 -2 rbc at microscopic level. family doctor suggested norflox 100 along with nutrolin B and another clinic medicine mehoulda. ## My child had stomach pain and doctor suggested norflox 100. Yesterday night had one tablet.but in the midnight the pain was increased. Shall I continue with the same. ## My 5 year kid was facing stomach pain and vomitting often. We gave deworming. Then also the problem was not resolved. Then we went for a stool cyst and ova culture test.. The result was normal except with very little mucus found.. He was having cold with stuffy nose for past one week. Today he got up with fever.. Lat...

Pill to get periods immediately

I had sex with my fiance 30 days ago... I was having papaya to prevent pregnancy... I'm now due to have my periods... Is there any pill for me to get my periods? ## Hi.. i m 21 yrs old,i want my periods back... i m doubt full bcoz of having sex before 5day at the date of periods n sex was done when i was drunk allcohal ... i m very much disturb becouse my mummy want me to get checked up by doctor n i had to hide all this situation.... my periods date is 9/08/13 ## Need help plzzz .... Actually its about 2 months nw i hvnt got periods. N mi n my bf hd sex within this 2 months .. V both are too much tencd ... Help mi up plzzz ## One month back me n my girl frnd had a intercourse at once.now she was not getting period this month .please suggest me the tablet to get period. ## Sir/Madam...

1st time user..delayed after two weeks using althea

Hi im joy.. Ive been taking althea for two weeks .i used it for emergency pill.i toke it 3x a day.bcoz dts my ob prescription.i started on sept.10 then end up on 23. I toke pregnancy test on 24. and its negative .. but on that day i stop.taking althea pill.. And now its 27 and yet no meanstration.ist normal to be delayed? Am i safe to be pregnant? ist necessary to.stop taking althea? Pls ans.my question..

Medicine To Get Period after sex

i am 18 year old i had sex on 31aug now am not gettin my period from last 10 days of sex my period tyming is 10 to 10 and i check the pregnancy result also it is also negative i chckd it atlease for 5times now wt to do ## There are many things that could cause you to miss your menstrual cycle, such as stress, getting more exercise than usual, a change in dietary habits, a sudden weight loss or gain. Learn more menstruation details here. A proper solution is going to depend on seeing a doctor to determine what's causing it and then pursuing the proper treatment solution, if any. Have you consulted your doctor, yet? ## i m 21 years old..i have done sex on 26 sep..and after sex i used i-pill and got the period within 2 days..my period timing is 28 to 28..but now its 29..but i didnt get...

oleptal DT side effect

oleptal dt 150 for concentration ## Oleptal DT contains the active ingredient Oxcarbazepine, it is an anticonvulsant and mood stabilizer. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, double vision and headaches. Read more: Do you have any questions? ## good ## i haven't seizure problem but i take oleptal od 600 regular..i dont wanna take it anymore plz help

oleptal dt 300 side effect

My daughter is 7 year old and her weight is 22 kg if she taking oleptal dt 300 what side effect we can see. ## The NIH lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and mood changes. My husband has been taking it for several years, without any problem. Is she on any other medications? How long has she been taking it? Does she have a seizure disorder? ## i haven't seizure problem bt take it regular..is this ok


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