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I have been taking oral Cytoxan100 mg/daily for 5 weeks and I have another 7 weeks ahead. I was wondering if anyone has taken this treatment and if the side effects will get better? I am taking the drug for advanced stage Nile Disease (Minimal Change Disease) and am dealing with water retention anyway - but with the drug it is very hard to control - and the water pill (2x 20g Torsemite/daily) is no longer effective as before. But the worst is the nausea that does not go away - I am taking Ondansetron - and it keeps me from vomiting, but all day long with - very short breaks - I feel nausea, bloating in my stomach, and overall live my days in a fog. I have returned to work and it is just miserable to just get through the day. In the evening I have no engery and usually go to bed around 7...

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