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ymous anon Says:

I paid a lot for this garbage. The phramacy said they were going to send me rivotril -- same thing as klonopin, and sold in europe and elsewhere. Onapil, they say 2mg per pill, but they are really weak.

I'm really mad but nothing i can do about it. India has almost no control or regulations on "pharmaceutical" companies. This one company had this Lona-2. It was coated. you cut one in half or chew it and the fillers or binders taste like sand. I wonder if this chalk in the Onapil is going to cause problems with me. My gut doesn't feel right.

The strongest -- i use to take half a pill and it would do the job -- clonotril, you really got your money's worth. I am so angry. But you complain with a phone call or an email and its like "who the hell are you?" to me. btw, where is clonotril made? They melt in your mouth and tast like after dinner mints. i mean i really need this stuff for seizures but my doctor cut me off clonazepam -- i feel like suing him.

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Verwon Says:

I'm very sorry about the problems you've had.

However, as long as you were stable at the time your doctor saw you and not in life-threatening danger, then you have no case for a lawsuit. No doctor is required to prescribe you anything, or treat you, unless your life is in immediate danger. That is the way U.S. law currently stands.

The FDA classifies Clonazepam as a benzodiazepine, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

As to your seizures, what other medications have you tried? Do you know what's causing them?

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ThepissTKN Says:

You should sue that horrible human being as long as you really do need them. I know EXACTLY how you feel my friend. Don't you just want to go crazy to prove a point?

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GmanzalradyAg1 Says:

Email the pharmacy, tell them your youtube and reddit channels are going to name them, plus posting on all of in***mart 1 star reviews. I'm guessing you ordered from there. They will change their tune. If you filled your rx another way (as in not one of the online markets), suing him will get you nowhere, could take 50 years. Best bet to tell them you'll leave 1 star bad reviews and say your friend is a big star online with youtube and you're going to copy and paste the business name to 200,000 folks minimum.

I've had some amazing results with manufacturers from India. I put a 1 star review up on one vendor, they phone to say sorry and made it right in exchange for a 5 star good review. Fight back. Oh, plus your payment is covered if you ordered with a credit card. I'm not telling you to do any of this, just suggesting. Don't lay down. So many just let them off. I have never and will never let them mug me. Good luck. Post up how you get on as you put on a little pressure at a time.

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