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Irregular Periods Tablet

I have experienced this twice since last year when I encountered 3 months of irregular menstruation. The doctor says that a kind of pills would bring back my regular menstruation but I don't know what kind? Would you please give me an answer? ## I am a 22 year old girl and my last period was on the 13th of May. Pls suggest a good tablet to regulate my periods. ## Proper treatment depends on what's causing your menstrual cycle to be irregular and this answer refers to both of you. Learn more menstruation details here. What you need to do is see your respective doctors, so they can do an exam and testing, then they can recommend the proper treatment, if one is necessary. Are there any other questions? ## I'm just 18. I have had period irregularity for the last 3 months and som...

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Cyklokapron tablets to stop heavy period bleeding

Hi I'm taking cyklokapron tablets for my periods to stop them it says on the box to take 3 tablets 3 times a day does that mean I take 3tablets in the morning and 3 in the evening time and 3 more at nite so that's 9 tablets a day am I rite please help me thank u

prolonged used of hemostan

im experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding and had been usung hemostan for 3 days 2 capsules 3x daily. the bleeding is somwhat controlled but im worried of the side effects. is it safe to use hemostant for a long period? ## I'm experiencing heavy bleeding and cramps... Is it ok to take hemostan, and how long?

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Is my first time doing prevention in my life and im 35 yrs old. On the 3 november 2014 i went to the doctor for prevention and he gave m overal 28 pills and i only use them for two day after two days i leave them cause after using them i feel nausea, i have abdominal pain, headache. Then 3 days after leaving them i started t bleed then on the 11 november 2014 i went to another doctor she prescribed m for Cyklokapron tablet and arcoxia 120mg to stop the bleeding. Now i just want to find out how long does this pills wil take to stop bleding im using them seven days

Pause 500mg Tablet

Avaiability in USA - Irvine CA Whether the tablet available over the counter or under prescirption. What is the substitute for the same in case not availabale here ## Pause contains the active ingredient Tranexamin Acid, which is commonly used to help stop bleeding. Another brand name for this medication is "Cyklokapron". If you don't have any luck finding "Pause", I would suggest searching under that name as well as for "Tranexamin Acid". The only way to find out if something is available in your area is to go to (or call) your local pharmacy. More information about this drug can be viewed in the link below: Hope this helps!

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indication of hemostan

wala.. asar naq ## This is a name brand for Tranexamic Acid. This is not used in the U.S. so I cannot find much other information on it, I suggest asking your doctor or pharmacist. ## Indications and adverse reaction of hemostan ## indication of hemostan

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