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side effect of regestrone and cycloset

i n suffering from irregular period problem,i m taking regestrone and cycloset for this problem.. i got some some hair on my chin n this the the side effet of both..while when i was taking only regestron i didn't have any problem..when i took both together i got wait gain and hair problem..what should i do??and for regular period cycle what should i do???plz tell me ## Hello, Rita! How are you? Are you trying to diagnose and treat yourself, or did your doctor tell you to use these? Your hormones are very delicately balanced, so it's just not a good idea to try to fix things yourself. ## i am 25.. in 2011 doctor prescribed me to take rerestrone for period..i was taking this for period but when i got weight gain and hairs on face and sleeping problem in October 2013 i sto...

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Cycloset and Weight Gain

I was on Victoza and was losing weight and my sugar count was way down. Then I started having stomach pain and backaches, so my doctor took me off of it and put me on Cycloset. Even though I do feel better I'm starting to eat like I was before and am also gaining some weight back. Is this normal? I need to lose weight badly. I've been on it for one week. Thanks. ## Cycloset contains the active ingredient Bromocriptine and it has not been shown to cause significant weight gain. How have your blood sugar levels been? This could be just a reaction to their fluctuating from switching medications. If they are higher, because of a rebound effect, while your body gets used to the new medication, then that could be causing more hunger, so you eat more and will gain some weight. However,...

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